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10pc Wig Essentials for Synthetic Hair by BeautiMark

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10 pc Care Essentials for Synthetic Wigs
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10 pc Care Essentials for Synthetic Wigs

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  1. A Mix of Products for Synthetic Hair
    This kit is likely a good value for the money, and but some of the products aren't of great quality. The wig stand is terrible quality. It isn't strong enough to support my Elle by Jon Renau. One day the plastic split and rendered it useless. The shaping cream and shampoo are nice. I can't actually tell if the leave in conditioner does anything. The wig sure grip doesn't do a good job--it slides around everywhere. The Beautimark comb doesn't do as good a job as the Jon Renau wide tooth comb. I would start with one of the smaller Beautimark kits with the basics and see if you like the smell and quality before investing in this kit.
    By Brunette wig Wearer on 4/20/16
  2. Meh - The Products Are Nice
    The styling products for synthetic wigs are nice, though I haven't tried the shampoo yet. I especially love the styling cream & hair spray, as they lend styling versatility to the heat resistant synthetic wig that I purchased.
    The wig stand that is provided with this kit is a bit unstable and is somewhat flimsy. It does not serve well for longer length wigs & is more stable attached to a base with elevation.
    Overall, it's a well rounded, introductory starter kit that provides a decent sampler array of items - especially for someone like me, who is new to wigdom......I just started chemo not long ago.
    By Christina on 9/15/15
  3. Pros and Cons
    I'm new to the world of wigs so I don't really have anything by which to compare the BeautiMark products I ordered. I used the shine spray on one wig and probably used too much as it made it look dirty. My biggest complaint is the
    "fragrance". I would love it if they would make it fragrance-free. Hopefully once I get more experience using the various products I will be happier with them. Another thing I'm frustrated about is the Sure Grip. There are no instructions whatsoever. I have watched several videos and I take-it the plastic overlay does not come off of the strip. If that's true and I think it is then I don't see how the strip helps to secure the wig. It's soft and slippery. I thought it was going to be a "grippy-type" substance. Anyway I think with time I will become more experienced which hopefully will mean I'll become less frustrated.
    By Viviklou on 5/7/14
  4. Synthetic Products
    Product is amazing the perfect starter kit for your synthetic wig.
    By ST on 3/16/12

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