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Angie. by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Wig
  • Remy Human Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: 100% Hand-Tied, Ready-To-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top
  • SKU: JR707

Availability: In stock

List Price: $1,645.60

Price: Price: $1,398.80

Angie by Jon Renau | Color: 6F27
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  1. Beautiful Hair but some cap issues
    I have to say that after years of wearing wigs that this has been one of my favorites. I didn't expect the wig to be so wavy after washing, but I actually enjoy having a bit of curl to the hair. The hair has retained good quality for the most part after wearing it for about 6 months on a daily basis, but I still have trouble with the back of the hair tangling quite a bit. It's to the point that I have to brush the back out about every hour or it looks like I've got a lump of hair matted back there. I also have had issues with the cap stretching quite significantly. This may be due to the need to brush it so much, although I'm always gentle brushing so I don't damage the hair. I guess my biggest complaint with this wig has been the lace front. I have worn lace front wigs for the last 5 years or so and have never had issues with it coming apart on me before no matter how hard I've been on them. However this one the lace has become very damaged and frayed looking even after being extremely gentle with it especially while washing and brushing. The damage is so much so, that I've had to part it way off to one side just to cover it up. I hate to get rid of it at this point since the hair quality is still so nice, but it is definitely noticeable as a wig if I don't style it just right.


    Since Angie is a pre-permed style, it will feature a tighter curl pattern, as opposed to the natural waves Jon Renau's other SmartLace Human Hair styles have. This can result in more tangling due to the texture, however tangling at the nape area is always the most common, since this is where the hair touches and rubs on the neck/shoulders. This is common with any long hair (biological or alternative), and will need some extra care. We recommend using the intensive recovery mask by BeautiMark once per week to help the hair maintain its soft, smooth texture. It can be used less frequently once results are achieved. The stretching of the cap can be due to a couple different reasons: the cap can be stretched when placed on a mannequin or wig stand to dry-this results in the cap drying this way and staying in the stretched position, thus becoming larger over time. Another possible reason is that the wig cap is not completely dry when put on for wear. Lastly, just general daily wear will result in some stretching of the cap. Just like any elastic material, it will retract back the strongest when brand new, and slowly loosen over time. Most wig shops/hair replacement centers will offer some sort of alteration service to help fit the cap better. The adjustable straps at the nape can also help adjust circumference sizing. Please contact us if you need further assistance. We thank you for choosing!
    By Angela on 11/21/14
  2. So many compliments
    I have hair loss pretty extreme. Can't believe what this wig has done for my confidence. I get so many compliments and NO ONE knows that it is a wig!!!
    By Meams on 10/2/13
  3. No one can believe it
    I hate reviews that just talk about all the good stuff and doesn't mention the bad. Nothing is perfect. Well this one almost is! I will start with the negative.
    Unlike synthetic hair the style is not permanently set. This means I have to style it just like I would my own hair. I don't mind it however because I feel like I never lost my hair. Sometimes I am too lazy to do my hair but I have a nice synthetic (Zara) to wear for those day. Love her too btw!
    Now for the good news. This hair is perfect. It feels soft and moves so beautifully. I had to cut about a half inch or so to match mine. It was hard to cut any of that gorgeous hair. I can't find anything negative to say about Angie. Oh I should mention that the actual color of the 6f 27 is just a bit more ginger color than the picture. Don't know if this is my monitor but wanted to mention.
    By Jennifer A on 4/19/12
  4. Angie in 24BRH18
    Angie by Jon Renau has given me the confidence I once lost. It is so natural and I I just love it! I really love ordering from you guys because I know I'm going to get god quality and the best customer service! Of course I also love the wig TV reviews given as well!

    By Monica on 2/27/12
  5. more whispy than it shows
    The front was to straight and too heavy. The style is more whispy than it shows.
    By Jane on 2/15/12

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