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Annette | SmartLace by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top
  • SKU: JR5138

Availability: In stock

List Price: $320.35

Price: Price: $272.30

Annette By Jon Ranau | Color: FS26/31S6-Salted Caramel
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  1. So very happy
    Love this wig! Looks so natural, I got the color Carmel Ribbon, a medium brown with pretty highlights and I love this shade! Could not be more pleased with the color, fit and natural look. My only regret is that I don't find this wig sooner. Can't stop smiling :)
    By Karen on 8/10/16
  2. It fooled the barber
    When Ellen Wille's 'Risk' wig kept shrinking in size I had to find a new favorite...this is it! Perfect fit, had it a bit trimmed, and so natural looking you won't believe this...while waiting for my husband in a barber shop, the barber (looking for business) turned to me "who cuts your hair?...they do a great job...i can give you the same cut" Relatives have asked who does my highlights and someone asked how I got my hair so healthy!
    By Lisa on 6/10/16
  3. Jury in.
    This is a wondeful wig. Wasn't sure at the beginning as had a few concerns about the colour and shape. But of my two wondeful Renau wigs, this has been the one I wear the most. It's extremely light and very comfortable. As the other reviewer says, just run the fingers through the hair, and you're good to go! It's very natural looking ...get great comments about my hair....and now love the dark roots! Highly recommend this wig, and the model image doesn't do the wig justice.
    It's not as 'stiff' looking in real life.

    By Eva on 10/10/15
  4. Jury still out...
    Not entirely sure. The fit is great....very comfortable and obviously well constructed. The colour is the model's colour, but found the roots very dark brown and wish the sides were a tiny bit longer. That's why 4 stars instead of 5. One can't blame the wig if it doesn't suit as well as one hopes and one should never expect it to look exactly as the model.
    Some of my friends like it, some think it's a bit 'old lady' like, others don't think so at all. So will have to lvie with it for a while, to see what I think.

    This is my second wig...I recently reviewed the Kristin" wig But am learning now to study more the specs - weight, hair length at sides, crown etc. monofilament or whatever, rather than looking at the model.
    Amazing how a hairstyle can totally change one's look! Look at the other review and see a totally different 'me'! ;-) I think I will get one more, and that should tie me over, until my abused brillo pad hair grows out, so I can cut it off and start over again.

    By Sydney on 10/3/15
  5. Nothing but Compliments!
    I literally get compliments every time I go out. Even to the pharmacy. "Love your hairstyle!" or people who know me say, I LOVE your new haircut". If I tell someone it's a wig, they cannot believe it.

    I have other Jon Reneau wigs. They are the BEST! My "Annette" wig is the most light-weight and comfortable of all. And I never have to put a brush or comb through it. Throw it on and lightly fix it with finger tips and I'm out of the house.

    I won't even go back to my natural hair anymore because I no longer want to (or need to) spend time with products, blow dryers, curling irons, etc.

    Anyone looking for a short cut with a current style (and not look "ole-lady" will LOVE this wig. I highly recommend it!

    My blond-ish color has beautiful highlights. It's color number is #14/26.
    Looks 100% natural. Nobody could EVER tell it's a wig and impossible to find one so comfortable. This is too easy!
    By Carolyn on 6/5/15
  6. Nothing but compliments
    No one realized I started to wear a wig. I have purchased 2 of these so far in the same red/brown/blonde highlight color. I love it. It stays in place great, but I did add clips to it. I did not have it trimmed at all. I am really pleased. It can be styled with the hair putty for wigs or spray. It can be perked up for a little funky look or tamed down for the hairstyle on the picture.
    By MA on 1/11/15
  7. A true beauty!
    I love this wig and have had so many compliments on the style and color (FS26/31) medium brown base with blonde highlights. Everyone commented how 'real' the wig looked when I told them about having to wear a wig due to hair loss associated with meds I need to take. Thank you for making my 'hair' something I no longer have to worry about!!
    By Carla J Goetzheimer on 10/8/14
  8. Show me true colors
    I am rating the color. I chose 24B22 for the color of this wig and am very disappointed. The photo shows more of a strawberry frost but in actually it is a washed- out plain blonde. The other colors offer a brief description but none came with this color.
    I would have liked the wig otherwise. I did not return it because I wore it once. Friends said the color was blah and made me look washed out. This is not a cheap wig. For the price the color chart should be more accurate and detailed!
    By Sarah Mohr on 7/3/14
  9. Lots of compliments!
    Very natural looking not too full hair blows in the breeze! The only problem is the sizing cap runs small. My side hair lines are not even covered. Make sure your own hair matches wig color exactly. Too bad this cap isn't a 1/2 inch larger. Wig would have gotten 5-stars if cap was a little larger. Gray 56F51 is lovely color.
    By KW on 4/1/14
  10. Many Compliments
    I love this wig! I get 1 or 2 compliments every week.
    By Mary Catherine on 3/17/14
  11. Very Realistic
    This short wig has no perma-tease so it's not puffy and lays very natural like a short haircut would. I love the lace front it's dense so it covers my own hair but not so dense that it looks fake. Very light too.
    By W on 10/16/13
  12. small cap
    perfect style bad fit. i've owned several JR smartlace mono top wigs and they all fit great... except for this one for some reason. the cap was unusually small for a JR wig. i do have an average-large head size but again i've never had an issue before. had to return it. now im wondering if this style just runs smaller or if i got a lemon i really wish they made more wigs in average large and petite... sometimes the average just doesn't cut it for a lot of people. :/
    By Denim on 10/14/13
    By POYAH on 9/28/13
  14. Very realistic
    This is a quality wig and does not look wiggy. The density is believable on an older woman who likely would not have very thick hair. I actually have 3 of these but I could not bring myself to get it in grey which is my real color but I HATE the grey choices. Silverstone or 56/51 is too blue for my taste. I prefer something like sandy silver. I did not see that offered. I have FS12/24B and I have 22F16. Of the two I like the FS12/24B better as it has more depth of color and seems to look better on me but since this is quite a short style if you have a lot of hair or do not want to trim/shave nape or sideburn area I recommend you stick close to your natural color. I would like to try other colors in this but for now that's it for me for this style. As an aside it would be so helpful if put a descriptive color name with these color offerings. If colors are appropriately named they can be very helpful in helping a customer choose a color. I have never had much luck with swatches which I think are pretty useless.
    By Barbara on 8/19/13

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