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Bailey by Rene of Paris

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: RP2346

Availability: In stock

List Price: $138.00

Price: Price: $96.60

Bailey by Rene of Paris: Color Butter-Pecan
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  1. To fix the frizz
    Pull down the sides and put a hair tie on the back
    By joanne on 7/10/16
  2. Nice wig!
    I enjoy wearing Bailey, it's an adorable wig with a darling cut. People do think it's my hair and give me compliments on it. I'm not crazy about the perma tease in this one but I'm only 5'2" so I think because I'm small the volume kind of over whelms my face, it may need to be trimmed again by beautician. I do like it in this picture. I would buy again and did, I own two!

    By Lynn on 6/25/16
  3. Love Bailey!!!
    This Bailey wig is the perfect wig for me. I got it in the coffee latte and it's a beautiful color, a mix of dark brown, caramel and blond highlights all over. The length is a little below shoulder length and it is very balanced with the beautiful highlights, the layered top, perfect bangs, the flip in the back and the layering around the face. The hair feels like real hair, and not too much and not too little. The cap fits me perfectly (I do have a small head) and it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing a wig, just secure it with two pins and I'm ready to go. Really, it looks best right out of the box and a little flippy, so no problem with the wind. I have bought several wigs on different sites and this one is my favorite. I would highly recommend Bailey to everyone because of the great style/cut and the color I got, coffee latte.
    By Mariejoy on 10/16/15
  4. Love it!
    This is a great wig. Especially for the price. I bought Irish Spice which is my favorite color and it's closest to my real hair color. I notice very few wigs are in thus color any more so I've been buying backups in case the color is discontinued! Don't know what I'll do if that hsppens. Anyway Bailey is great. It looks beautiful right out of the box. I did have it trimmed a little to fit my face but could have worn it as is. The only thing I'd like that would make this perfect would be if it had a monofilament top. Wish they made wigs with and without mono top. It would be a great option.p
    By Marge on 7/19/15
  5. Bailey
    I love this wig! My friends are brutally honest and they love it on me. People from my neighborhood think I just got a new do, it looks so natural. This wig is my first and believe me when I tell you I was super skeptical about what I would receive. But, it fits well, stays put, looks fabulous and so natural, never mind the cut is fresh, sassy, sexy, very cool. Great price for so big a reward, nice quality! It arrived in a beautiful red box. Love it. Don't know why I was so freaked out to try oone. I'm already looking for my next one!
    By Kathy on 5/14/15
  6. Looks very Natural!
    I love this wig because it looks very natural and I could never get my hair to look like this! It was a bit snug for my head, but I watched a video about increasing the size. It worked! Now I can be a redhead anytime I want!.

    By Ali on 4/4/15
  7. Frizzing
    I love this wig as well. I have never had so many compliments. However, I will agree that the back gets tangled, which I don't really mind, but the only compliant I have is that is does frizz in the front. I have tried to carefully pick through, but it made it worse. Otherwise, I love it and plan to get another
    By Sandie on 11/15/14
  8. Love this one BUT...
    This is my absolute favorite style of any wig I've worn so far but getting very frustrated with how fast it gets tangled and frizzed out in back. I've bought several over the years and wear daily, but they only last 4-6 weeks before they start looking really frizzy in back.
    Any suggestions for a similar style or how to repair?


    We're so sorry to hear about the frizz you experienced! We recommend the following tips to prevent and correct this issue.

    1. Take thin small sections and spray the HD Smooth by Jon Renau
    2. Use a wide tooth comb to smooth and detangle We recommend the Hair Trix comb by Beauti Mark

    Some wig shops in your area may offer services that repair any frizzing using steam. Please contact our experts if you need further assistance. Thank you for choosing!
    By Frazzled ;) on 10/31/14
  9. Love the wig BUT....
    I get so many compliments with this wig and the color( iced mocha.) I have ordered many. My hair fell out I don't need the wig to be losing hair it has happened with the last one I got and the back does get snarly. But I realized its the heat coming off my neck it doesn't do it in the winter it also looks real cute pinned up.
    By Margaret on 9/17/14
  10. Almost Satisfied
    I love the natural look of this wig. The back does get matted though. I have two right now that are so matted in the back it looks as though I have split ends. I am looking for another wig but cannot find a similar style because I would like to stay with the same.
    It would be great if it could be made in monofilament so the hairline looks natural.
    By Celeste on 8/9/14
  11. LOVE IT BUT....
    i have been wearing this wig for years! i love the style and the color (Irish Spice). However the back does get matted and i haven't been able to figure out what to do or how to extend the wear. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful.
    By andrea on 6/27/14
  12. Matting
    I love this wig. The only problem I've had is the tangling in the back. Keep this wig combed and groomed and you should be fine. Also I made the mistake of wearing a pendant necklace and the back of the wig became very tangled. I recommend to forget the necklace while
    wearing Bailey.
    By Mimi on 5/10/14
  13. Bailey
    Interesting and I am excited to try it.
    By Donna on 5/3/14
  14. Adorable
    I have numerous wigs but Bailey is my favorite. I always get compliments wherever I go.
    By Ann on 11/12/13
  15. Bailey is BEAUTIFUL!
    I have been buying this one for many years. I call it my work wig as my co-workers have only seen me in it and those that know of my condition say they would never have imagined it was a wig. It always sits well and looks professional. And at this price I can afford to buy a new one each season and have more sexylong wigs for the weekend.
    By Melissa on 11/8/13
  16. Bailey by Rene of Paris
    Love the bailey color beautiful {chocolate} the only problem is the bottom back of wig seems to mat.
    By Ginny on 10/6/13
  17. comfortable
    Very Comfortable and natural. I have worn this style forever everyone thinks it is my hair that why I order so many.
    By Francis on 4/24/13
  18. got talked it to it... dont regret it!
    this wig is so cute!!! i was hesitant at first purchasing online but julie told me it was one of the most popular styles you have and so i went for it. although we didnt get the color on the first try i love the style and we will try for one shade lighter!
    By bette nelson on 4/21/13
  19. natural
    this layered style looks so natureal. great wig for the money. looks more expensive than it is
    By nancyt on 11/28/12
  20. Cute cut!
    When I wear Bailey I get so many compliments. This is a really good product. Would like to see a better cap construction. The monofilament cap looks the most natural so I prefer those. This cut is so cute and it is very inexpensive so I like this for my casual shopping days only. But it s cute.
    By Monique on 8/19/11
  21. Bailey
    I get lots of compliments looks really natural. This brand holds up very well. I get a lot of wears and washes.
    By E Hadey on 12/8/10
  22. my favorite
    I have ordered several wigs and I always go back to the Bailey by Rene of Paris.
    By maggie a on 12/2/-1

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