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Beguile by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Human Hair
  • Cap Size: Petite, Average
  • Cap Construction: Monofilament Top

Availability: In stock

List Price: $818.00

Price: Price: $695.30

Beguile by Raquel Welch | Color: R3025S
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  1. Second review from me
    After leaving a review with 3 stars I would like to say that I have now had the 2 wigs for almost 2 years and while they did lose hair on the top I was able to have my stylist cut deeper bangs which hid the loss of hair on top and I am still wearing them. To help with the tangling I had them cut off about 2 or 3 inches into a shorter bob and they are working nicely. I have just received my 3rd one which i ordered to replace one when necessary and I will have it cut the same way prior to wearing. The weight of the long hair was probably the cause for loss of hair on top. color is consistent. happy with purchase
    By Terry from Texas on 7/22/16
  2. Hair falls out rapidly
    I loved this week when I originally purchased 5 years ago. Now I have to say my last two wigs quality was not there. It dries out rapidly and the hair does fall out on the top. So disappointed because I loved my first few purchases.
    By Deborah on 2/12/16
  3. Pretty buuuutt
    I've been wearing this wig for several years. It loses hair on top pretty quick and shows the scalp too much. I don't know why I keep buying it... maybe because I'm used to it and it the most cost effective HH wig?? Overall it's nice and real looking.
    By MM on 6/13/15
  4. OK - would prefer them to last longer due to price
    Purchased 2 of these 7 months ago expecting they would last longer by alternating them. One is much thicker than the other. The thinner one is losing hair on top too rapidly so I'm going to have to stop wearing it. The thicker one is also losing hair on top fairly rapidly. A lot of money for an average of 3 1/2 months of wear. Had bangs cut in both of them and the stylist struggled because the hair seemed to be tied differently causing the hair to lay differently on each wig. You must thoroughly condition these as they dry out. I am also getting the friction tangles underneath. I wear them daily. (alopecia universal). Since I have 2 and alternate them I would think they would have lasted longer than this. I DO like the look of them. Receive lots of compliments on my hair.
    By Terry on 4/26/15
  5. Hair feels like it's synthetic
    I purchased this wig with high expectations. So many good reviews. The wig was beautiful and soft but to much hair. I'm petite so had to get it cut which was ok. However after the first wash it became very dry and feels like synthetic hair. I bought all the hair care products and followed all the directions and I still can't get the wig to be soft. Any idea's ladies?
    By Janet on 8/1/14
  6. Best wig for me
    First of all I love the quality of RW wigs and how they get the red color perfect (fiery glaze). This wig is thick but so was my hair befor it started falling out.
    I have alopecia and wear my wig daily. I started wearing wigs about 9 months ago. I discovered the synthetic hair wigs look fabulous but don't hold up longer than a month -- the hair frizzes and tangles. This wig was my second style of real hair and it is great. I like the original length and with washing and deep conditioning about once a week the hair that gets the friction by touching my back remained untangled for months. When the tangles started reappearing minutes after I combed them out becoming unmanageable I had the wig cut to lie above my shoulders eliminating the friction. I got this wig 3 months ago and the color is still great. I will have it colored (glazed) when it gets frizzy and faded. The glaze as opposed to permanent color coats the hair smoothing it.
    This is the information I wanted when I started wearing wigs so I hope it helps you. The first real hair wig I got was RW Knockout another great choice. Another thick wig like this one.
    By TJF on 7/13/14
  7. a blessing
    I wear this wig because of medical reasons. The hair feels so soft and moves like it's my own hair. I love the thickness and bounce. I get so many compliments. Even though my coworkers know about my medical conditions they have to look twice at how natural looking and beautiful the hair is. I own 2 and I am about to buy a third. I was so devastated initially at the loss of my hair; I tried several wigs before purchasing this one. I now feel good about myself again. This wig is a blessing!!!
    By ALS on 1/1/14
  8. Gorgeous
    I wear a wig for medial reasons and have found this wig in particular to be absolutely gorgeous very comfortable and very natural looking. Nobody can tell that I even wear a wig. Absolutely love it. Please never get rid of this style! Thank you for giving me back confidence!!!
    By Susan on 9/17/13
  9. Love this wig
    I have worn this wig for over a year now every one just loves my hair and no one knows I were a wig. I can do so many Different hairstyles with this wig up do's in a ponytail and all of it to one side.
    By Cyndy on 9/15/13
  10. bought it because i need it... wear it because i love it!
    I wear a wig for medical purposes and have found the Beguile to be the most comfortable and natural.
    By Steph on 5/28/13
  11. really beautiful
    I'm very happy with this wig. The human hair is high quality and looks like my own hair. It's really beautiful. Great choice!
    By AW on 5/17/12

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