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Blake Exclusive Colors | SmartLace by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Remy Human Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: 100% Hand-Tied, Monofilament, Lace Front
  • SKU: JR726A

Availability: In stock

List Price: $2,512.00

Price: Price: $2,135.20

Blake Exclusive Colors by Jon Renau | Color: 27T613S8
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  1. Great wig, my issue was the color
    I ordered Blake as I wanted a longer human hair wig that would be comfortable. The cap is comfortable and the hair is of good quality. I did not experience the problems with the hair as listed in another review on this website. However, there is some tangling/roughness just due to the nature of dyed hair and the origin of the hair type. That is completely natural. I'm wondering if the problems listed in the other review are related to the author being used to thinner/finer bio hair? If you naturally have thick dark hair, that is what this hair is like. If you naturally have baby fine light hair, you may not be prepared for this thicker hair cuticle texture. There were some small broken pieces, but they added to the believability and there were minimal. This wig, like most every wig, does not cover my hair line of the sides well, but it is better than most. Overall this is a great wig.

    I deducted one star for the color and knots in the front. The color I ordered, 27T613S8, is AWFUL in my opinion. The color does not look like the pictures and video. There are other internet reviews of Blake in this color and the color got great reviews. I have Courtney in this color and I get so many compliments on the color. Knowing that the color obviously would not translate exactly the same from synthetic to human hair, I still felt OK about ordering after much consideration, especially because of how pretty it is on Cortney. It arrived and I was disappointed, but decided to keep it as I thought the color would grow on me. Honestly I dislike the color the more I wear it. The roots and to the shoulders is pretty as far as the color, but the ends look like you were standing over a vat of bleach and accidently got the ends soaked. It's terrible, with almost a line of demarcation where the crazy platinum blonde starts. I wear a lot of black clothing, and the color only stands out even more against dark clothing. The other issue is the top lace front knots are very dark and visible along the hairline. This is Ok, but it could be better.

    My advice is if you are considering this wig, go for it. Just don't order the 27T613S8 color. It does not look as good as the pictures. It's just a terrible color, or at least the wig I received was.
    By Iwearwigsforfun on 10/9/16
  2. Other reviews very misleading...beware
    This review is very long but I hope it can help some other people thinking about buying this wig. If you are spending $2k you really need to do your research, more than I is my experience.

    I bought this wig a couple months ago because I wanted a nice, luxurious human hair wig to wear at work that looked as realistic as possible. I chose this wig despite the price based on the great reviews on this site. I had problems ordering online...the site was being buggy, so I had to call and order through the phone.

    Upon receiving this wig in the mail, I was SO excited. I opened the box and just held it, stroking the hair LOL. I ordered the champagne blonde 22/16s8, and the color is very nice, even though it's a little darker than I thought it would be based on the color swatch.

    This wig definitely needs to be cut and styled, because it just comes very long in pretty much one length with a few long layers at the bottom. When I first received it, the wig was very silky and styled nice and straight. The hair dries wavy. It does NOT stay secure with only a regular wig cap on, for me at least. After trying a few things out I figured out the best way to secure it is by wearing a cream colored velvet wig's like a hair band you wear under the wig and the velvet keeps it from sliding backwards. (got mine on Amazon for very cheap).

    I was so excited to wear this wig because it felt so silky and looked so beautiful. However...the very first time I wore it (wore it straight out of the box...I didn't even cut it until about a week after i got it)...I was shocked by how it INSTANTLY tangled. It magically tangled even though I was just standing there, finishing my makeup. Just the simple act of turning my head would cause the hair to literally mat up. This gave me a lot of anxiety..I wasn't sure how this could be possible for a $2000 wig, made with Remy hair. I wore it to work, where it instantly tangled into a big frizzy ball of hair. It is very embarrassing. It looks nice when I comb it out but the second I start walking it tangles back where I can't even get my fingers through it.

    The tangling is mostly near the nape of the neck but occurs throughout the entire wig, even the top layers of it.

    Fast forward to about 2 weeks later...I carefully washed the wig for the first time (I only wear it 2-3 nights per week so only wash it about 2-3x per month), using the technique and products recommended here on, let it air dry on my wig head, and proceeded to section it off to style it. I sectioned the very base of the head and carefully flat ironed it perfectly straight.

    The hair being very straight (with some static) caused the culprit of the problem to stand up: there are HUGE return hairs on this wig that travel in the opposite direction of the hair. I'm talking 4 inches of hair traveling in the wrong direction. I can feel the hairs with my fingers...just like with the hair on your head, you can feel the hair is smooth traveling along the cuticle, and kind of rough/squeaky traveling against the cuticle. As anyone who has bought human hair before knows, it is important to buy Remy hair because hair run in opposing directions will tangle badly since the cuticles lock up against each other.

    The excessive length of these return hairs cause the wig to mat up almost instantly, from the roots down. I was very upset about this and contacted through email, and received an automated message saying returns are accepted within 10 days of receiving the wig, and it cannot be worn or styled at all. I totally understand this policy from the point of view, but it sucks because I didn't notice these return hairs until after I worn it, washed and styled it, 2 weeks from the date I received it. I didn't return it right away because I was really hoping that it would improve after washing, and I just didn't want to believe that this wig was really that bad, considering how expensive it is.

    I figured I would just have to deal with it, and I have. Since I knew I couldn't return it, I took a pair of sharp scissors to it and VERY CAREFULLY trimmed as many of these return hairs off as I could, cut to a short length that wouldn't tangle into the other hairs. I highly recommend doing this as it solved about 30% of the tangling issues. It still tangles, but slightly less. To do this, I pinned the wig onto a wig head, sectioned the hair in very small sections, and carefully passed a flat iron over the first 5-6 inches of the hair, avoiding the ends. This causes the return hairs to "stick" up because they are very straight, so there is nothing to hold them in to the rest of the hair. I then held on to these tightly (only a couple at a time), ran my fingers along them to make SURE they were traveling in the wrong direction, and snipped them off, leaving about 1.5 centimeters at the root of the hair just in case the knots loosened up a bit in the future.

    As you can imagine, this took HOURS to remove most of the ones I could see. Obviously it's impossible to get them all since the wig has so many hairs in it. Every time I style it now, I keep a pair of scissors nearby to trim any hairs I happen to come across.

    Other problems with the wig:
    -no baby hairs, hairline only looks natural on me because I pull some of my own blonde hair out of the front and push it back over the lace. This gives me a bit of a 5-head (lol) but I'd prefer looking like I have a big forehead rather than having a fake looking hairline.
    -The knots are VERY visible and dark. Hair is tied in rather large bunches, knots are not bleached.
    -The hair on this wig is HIGHLY PROCESSED.
    -I have randomly found long hairs throughout the wig that are traveling in the wrong direction. This hair is NOT 100% remy as advertised.

    Conditions that make the hair slightly less tangly (though still tangled):
    -cool, dry air
    -no wind or movement
    -sitting still and not moving your head at all

    Conditions that instantly turn this wig into a horrible matted fluffy mess:
    -warm/hot/humid weather. If you sweat at ALL in this wig you will regret it. Rain will obviously cause this too.
    -wind (obviously)
    -moving around like a normal person and turning your head to look both sides before you cross the road.
    -do not even think about trying to lay by a pool on a warm day with this wig. I didn't even go near the water, but just the warm air made this wig frizz up like I've never seen before, and turn into one mass of hair that makes it super obvious you're wearing a tangled wig.

    Tips that help with this wig:
    -do not over-condition the hair. Too much moisture will cause the hairs to swell and tangle more. Gently condition it and only the length/ends...putting conditioner too close to the roots will loosen the knots.
    -Lightly oil the ends after styling. Do not use too much oil throughout the hair. This will make it tangle even worse.
    -Bring a brush with you everywhere you go....seriously.
    -Be gentle when styling this wig because it is very highly processed. Do not use more heat than is necessary to style it. Do NOT blow dry it...I tried this and it causes the wig to tangle even more once styled. Air dry it and then style it.

    TL;DR: This wig looks BEAUTIFUL out of the box. But the second it goes on your head, it will tangle horribly, due to the long return hairs and random upside-down hair. It is VERY processed and NOT 100% REMY.

    If I could go back in time I would NEVER have bought this wig. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for a human hair wig.


    Hello Sarah,

    We have been trying to reach you via email as we do not have a telephone number for you.
    We would love to fix this situation for you.
    Can you please give us a call at 800-581-2001 and ask for Megan.

    Thank you!

    By Sarah on 8/2/16
    I've worn human hair wigs for many years and have tried almost every type of cap design and style. I have worn most of the brands out there, but I must say THIS IS THE BEST! I have never felt more beautiful and classic in a wig before! LOVE LOVE LOVE this one-thanks Jon Renau!
    By D. Finley on 10/28/14
  4. Gorgeous but...
    This wig is beautiful and unbelievably realistic but the cap construction is horrible and it's very uncomfortable. I have to purchase one every other month and sew the velcro strips down to the cap... Wish you'd refurbish these caps somehow...
    By PAIGE on 9/1/14
    By PAIGE on 5/11/14
  6. My Ultimate Favorite Cant Live Without Wig
    I was hesitant about purchasing a human hair wig but once i received it i fell in love.
    Being a performer i am on stage and need movement with my wigs. This wig definitely gives that and allows me to take a bow with the amazing head flip and not ever having to worry about it coming off or looking like a birds nest!
    I feel beautiful and will be purchasing more human hair wigs by Jon Renau!!
    By Raquel on 12/2/-1

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