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  • Posted on December 23, 2013 by Wig Expert

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from!

    Christmas is almost here, and we know one thing every woman wants this holiday season - fabulous hair!

    Do you have a friend, family member or loved one in need of a wig? Or maybe you need a wig yourself and someone's asked you for a last-minute gift idea?

    If so, we have good news - now offers eGift cards! It's not a physical card so it can be sent in seconds. You simply choose the amount and it will automatically be emailed to the recipient with your custom message. It's that easy!

    eGift Card

    And eGift cards can be used on anything sitewide, including wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions, hair care products and more.


    Click here to give the gift of great hair!


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  • Posted on September 6, 2013 by Wig Expert


    f you have partial hair loss, fine or thinning hair a full wig might not be the best option. However, offers a wide variety of hairpieces which are ideal for coverage over isolated areas of hair loss and also give you thicker, fuller hair.

    Hair Solutions for Thinning Hair & Hair Loss

    Check out our recommended coverage options below to find the ideal hair solution for you!

    Front Coverage | Bangs & Fringe

    clip in bangs and fringes for front coverage

    Clip-in bangs and fringes offer coverage at the front hairline, quickly covering up an uneven hairline with fuller coverage.

    Shown above:

    1. easiFringe HD by easihair
    2. easiFringe Remy Human Hair by easihair
    3. Human Hair Bang by Raquel Welch
    4. Clip In Bangs by hairdo
    5. Swept Away Bang by hairdo

    Partial Top Coverage | Small base top pieces

    Small base top pieces for partial top coverage

    Small base top pieces are perfect to disguise thinning hair by giving you extra fullness at the part.

    Shown above:

    1. easiPart HD by easihair
    2. easiPart Remy Human Hair by easihair
    3. Chameleon by Raquel Welch
    4. Short Top Extension by Tabatha Coffey HOW
    5. Front Line by Wig Pro



    Full Top Coverage | Large base top pieces

    Large base top pieces for full top coverage

    Large base top pieces are perfect if you need coverage on the entire top area. These pieces often have a monofilament base that creates the look of natural hair growth where the hair is parted.

    Shown above:

    1. Top Billing by Raquel Welch
    2. Faux Fringe by Raquel Welch
    3. Sonata by Raquel Welch
    4. Milan by Noriko
    5. Berlin by Noriko
    6. NEW: Special Effect by Raquel Welch 

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  • Posted on April 6, 2012 by Wig Expert

    What's the difference?

    Have you ever found yourself shopping around at only to get stuck on two very similar styles with extremely different price tags? Take these two styles by Jon Renau, other than one being slightly longer than the other, why is there a difference of more than $400 between the two? Simple: Haute is a synthetic hair wig, while Nicole is a human hair wig. But you may still be asking, “Why so much?”

    Haute & Nicole by Jon Renau wigs

    Haute by Jon Renau – synthetic Nicole by Jon Renau – human hair









    The simple answer goes back to the basics of economics: supply & demand. As wigs become more commonplace, people are becoming more knowledgeable about the quality of wigs. Human hair wigs are highly coveted by customers; they know human hair wigs are the best, so they want the best. And the number of human hair wig customers keeps increasing every day. There are more people buying these wigs than there are human hair wigs available. You’ve heard the saying “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Well, guess what? Neither does hair.

    Where does it come from?

    Did you know that hair from eight different people is needed to make just ONE human hair wig? That’s right, you read correctly - eight. It may also take up to several weeks to complete one human hair wig. The number of people willing to sell or donate their hair to make wigs is not increasing as fast as the number of people who want to purchase them.

    The human hair used to make these wigs can be Chinese, Indian or Caucasian (European) hair. Chinese and Indian hair is the most durable due to their texture; they can withstand the most chemical processing. Caucasian, or European hair, is desirable because the fine texture is silkier, and feels the most natural.

    What’s so great about human hair?

    When it comes to the most natural look, nothing beats human hair. Nothing looks or feels better than the real thing. Human hair wigs can almost be treated the same as your own hair. You can cut, style – using a blow dryer, straighter and curling iron – and in some cases even dye your human hair wigs. If a natural and versatile look is what you are looking for, you cannot go wrong with a human hair wig. Also, human hair wigs last much longer than synthetic hair wigs – in some cases they can last up to a year!

    The use of remy hair is another reason why the cost is greater. Usually human hair goes through a process called ‘stripping’ in which the hair strand is stripped of its cuticle and forced to fall into an unnatural direction. Although remy hair does go through a cleansing treatment, it does not go through this stripping process. That means the hair strand’s natural protective cuticle layer remains intact, maintaining the hair strand’s natural health and strength. The resulting texture is the closest to your own natural healthy hair. An added plus to remy hair is it provides long-lasting, tangle-free wear.

    Human hair wigs are definitely an investment. This is why you should take extremely good care of your human hair wigs. You paid good money for them so make sure to give them plenty of TLC! If you have questions regarding how to properly care for your human hair wigs, please refer to this helpful guide.

    Human Hair Wigs We Recommend:

    Human Hair Wig - Angie by Jon Renau


    Angie by Jon RenauHuman Hair Wig - Beguile by Raquel Welch









    Beguile by Raquel Welch






    Human Hair Wig - Christina by Wig Pro


    Christina by Wig Pro

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