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  • Posted on July 30, 2015 by Wig Expert

    The Wig Experts at are proud of the work we do so we wanted to make a video that would offer you an inside glimpse at our people and our passion. Our team of experts truly care about our clients and it shows. We understand the needs of women with hair loss and our goal is to make every woman feel beautiful. Meet some of our key team members, from the CEO to Client Care. See what makes us different. We hope you enjoy our "About Us" video!



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  • Posted on July 29, 2015 by Wig Expert

    Christie Brinkley wigs have been a hit on for over a year, and now the Christie Brinkley Collection expands to include new hairpieces and extensions. They're great for adding length and volume to your own hair. With 8 new styles, from braids to bangs, you'll be sure to find one that's perfect for you. Christie Brinkley shows that supermodel hair can be super easy.

    Christie Brinkley Hairpieces & Extensions

    The 8 new styles include 3 extensions - the 16" Clip-in Hair Extension (pictured above), Full Sweeping Side Fringe Clip-in Bang and The Pony, as well as 5 hairpieces - the Natural Tone Hair Wrap, Corinthian Headband, Double Braided Headband, Fishtail Headband and Thick Braid Headband.

    16" Clip-in Hair Extension by Christie Brinkley   Thick Braid Headband by Christie Brinkley   The Pony by Christie Brinkley

    Pictured above: Christie Brinkely's 16" Clip-in Hair Extension, Thick Braid Headband and Pony


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  • Posted on July 27, 2015 by Wig Expert

    More new couture wigs from Europe are here! introduces Sunny and Gina Mono to the mix. These Ellen Wille curly wigs are the latest styles from Europe's top wig brand, just in time to cool you off during the haute summer. Sunny and Gina Mono join other best selling and top rated curly wigs like Jamila Hi, Switch and Stream. Sunny offers a lace front and Gina Mono features a monofilament top. You'll feel cool and confident in the European design of Ellen Wille.

    Cool Curls, Haute Summer by Ellen Wille

    Pictured above: Sunny is the latest of Ellen Wille's cool curls

    Sunny by Ellen Wille    Gina Mono by Ellen Wille    Gina Mono by Ellen Wille

    Pictured above: Sunny (left) and Gina Mono (center and right) are the latest curls of summer


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  • Posted on July 24, 2015 by Wig Expert

    The countdown begins! Next Friday is an exciting day for fans of Raquel Welch wigs. The Raquel Welch Fall 2015 Signature Wig Collection will be introduced here at on Friday July 31st. The collection includes 3 new wigs (Pure Allure, Cutting Edge and Chic Alert), but also the re-introduction of some of Raquel's personal favorites (can you guess which ones?). Spoiler alert - all three new wigs are ready-to-wear lace front! You'll also get to see new videos featuring Raquel herself. We hope you're as excited as we are... new Raquel styles are coming soon!

    Raquel Welch

    Cutting Edge by Raquel Welch

    Pictured above: a preview of one of the new styles, Cutting Edge by Raquel Welch


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  • Posted on July 22, 2015 by Wig Expert

    The Wig Experts have chosen Disc by Ellen Wille as our wig of the week. It's one of the best selling and top rated styles from Europe's top wig brand, Ellen Wille. It's also one of our favorite short wigs for summer. Disc is part of the Ellen Wille US Collection, and we think you'll love its European design. Clients are saying things like "amazing," "wonderful" and "natural looking." See for yourself why this wig is so special.

    Disc by Ellen Wille is a short, asymmetrical boy cut with a soft, tapered neckline and angled fringe. This modern short wig features a monofilament left-side part, and is ideal for a petite to average head size. The density of the ready-to-wear synthetic hair looks more like natural hair and requires little to no customization or thinning.

    Disc by Ellen Wille    Disc by Ellen Wille   Disc by Ellen Wille

    Pictured above: Disc is a couture wig that's perfect for summer and all year long

    "I have had Alopecia for many years; have tried every wig created, just about. This one is my keeper. It fits my head perfectly, which has been a difficult find. I have a petite head and usually have to use glue and do a lot of cutting and thinning to make a wig work. They have been uncomfortable and expensive. This wig is gorgeous in every way. Although I had also ordered glue, as usual, it fits so securely I don't need to ruin this beautiful piece. Will continue ordering because it's perfect in any way for me. Love this wig!!!!" - client review of Disc

    If you're already wearing this wig, please write your own product review to tell us what you think. Just click here and then click "Add Your Review." Your impressions, feedback and observations can help others make great shopping decisions. Please also share a photo if you can. We'd love to see you!


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  • Posted on July 20, 2015 by Wig Expert

    One very important wig accessory that some clients forget or don't realize they may need is a wig cap liner. Wig cap liners are worn over your head, underneath your wig. They have many benefits, whether you have total hair loss or you still have some of your own hair. They all provide a certain type of barrier between your head and your wig. Here we'll explain the main differences between wig cap liners.

    Nylon Wig Cap Liner by BeautiMark    Mesh Wig Cap Liner by BeautiMark    Sure Grip by BeautiMark

    Pictured above: the Nylon Wig Cap Liner, Mesh Wig Cap Liner and Sure Grip by BeautiMark

    The Nylon Wig Cap Liner by BeautiMark is made of washable, stretch nylon. This light, thin and comfortable wig cap lets one feel confident that her own hair is securely held under the wig with no revealing wisps showing. The cap also prevents wig slippage. This one is ideal for very short hair or total hair loss. It's available in different colors and is one size fits all.

    The Mesh Wig Cap Liner by BeautiMark is made of a thin, comfortable fishnet material and is also washable. It offers more breathability than the nylon cap liner so it's ideal for someone who still has some of their own hair. It helps wigs to fit better, prevents slipping and protects your hair from friction. It comes in different colors and is one size fits all.

    The Sure Grip by BeautiMark is a hypoallergenic comfort liner designed to cushion and comfort. Perfect for sensitive scalps, the Sure Grip will relieve pressure points around your head, preventing pressure headaches caused by extended wear or improper fit, while securing your wig in place for a reliable fit. The Sure Grip is easy to clean, self-healing if punctured, and non-allergenic. The Velcro® adjustment fits up to 24" circumference.

    No Sweat Liners by Headline It   No Sweat Liners by Headline It   10pc Wig Essentials for Synthetic Hair by BeautiMark

    Pictured above: No Sweat Liners by Headline It and the 10 piece Wig Essentials Kit by BeautiMark, which includes both a Sure Grip and Nylon Wig Cap Liner

    The No Sweat Liners by Headline It are a disposable sweat elimination set of liners. The individually wrapped packages are small enough to take with you anywhere and discretely packaged for your convenience. The nude back layer, is great for camouflaging the liner under wigs and headwear. The unique combination of micro-fiber materials are engineered specifically for your needs to stay dry and comfortable. The moisture transport system quickly draws perspiration away from the skin, wicking it into the transport layer.


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