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  • Posted on August 15, 2014 by Wig Expert

    The Wig Experts Present... Meet the Model: Megan. model Megan has been more than just a pretty face on our site for the past 3 years. She's also a Customer Care & Sales Specialist and licensed cosmetologist who works in our call center. You may have spoken to her on the phone to get her wig expertise or seen her pictures online. Either way, we hope you enjoy this Q&A with our model Megan.

    Twirl It by Forever Young NOW Clip-in Bangs by Sherri Shepherd PLF 001HM by Louis Ferre

    Pictured above: Megan modeling Twirl It by Forever Young, NOW Clip-in Bangs by Sherri Shepherd and PLF001HM by Louis Ferre

    Q: What was your first impression of wigs when you started working at

    A: I thought wigs were fun. They can serve as a confidence booster on a bad day or a quick little D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) makeover!

    Q: Did you have any preconceived notions about wigs before the day you came in for your first photo shoot?

    A: Yes, I wasn't aware of all of the natural features that were offered in some styles. It opened my eyes up to how many people have been wearing wigs that were too natural to notice.

    Q: Do you have a favorite wig style?

    A: I love any wig that I can wear up or down, in a braid, straight, or curled. I call it an all-purpose wig. An example is Jon Renau's Gisele. It's fabulous!

    Gisele by Jon Renau

    Pictured above: Another model, Carolyn, in Gisele by Jon Renau

    Q: Do you have a favorite wig brand?

    A: My favorite is Jon Renau. They're innovative and really consider the clients' feedback when developing new styles and colors.

    Q: Do you have a favorite wig color?

    A: 4/27/30, which is an even blend dark brown, medium blonde and medium auburn. I don't like to color my own hair so that is my go-to color when I want a getaway from the natural brown without a drastic change.

    Q: Do you have a favorite wig photo?

    A: Yes, this one of me in Glow Girl by Forever Young. It really captures the movement and color of the hair. I felt so pretty!

    Glow Girl by Forever Young

    Pictured above: Megan modeling Glow Girl by Forever Young

    Q: Had you ever worn or modeled wigs before?

    A: I modeled custom wigs in hair shows, but none were as natural as the ones I model now.

    Q: In your experience, how comfortable would you say wigs are to wear?

    A: I prefer to wear a 100% hand-tied wig for the highest level of comfort. A wig can be a little uncomfortable to wear ALL day without the right fit - so I would recommend a Sure Grip by BeautiMark to get the best and most comfortable fit.

    Q: Do you wear wigs in your personal life?

    A: Yes, on bad hair days! I own Gisele by Jon Renau, Glow Girl by Forever Young, Winner Elite by Raquel Welch and Christina by Wig Pro.

    Q: Do you have a special wig tip or trick?

    A: Before storing your wig at night, ALWAYS detangle and smooth the hair with a wide tooth comb. Begin detangling from the ends and work your way up. Always keep your wig on a wig stand when you aren't wearing it. Treat it like your baby and you're sure to get a decent amount of life from it.

    Thanks Megan! Stay tuned for more "Meet the Model" interviews.



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  • Posted on August 13, 2014 by Wig Expert

    The Wig Experts have chosen Switch by Ellen Wille as our wig of the week. This short, curly style is a new arrival, but it's already one of our favorites. Switch is part of the Ellen Wille US Collection. We think you'll love its European design. It features a lace front and synthetic hair, both ready-to-wear. See for yourself why this wig is so special.

    Switch by Ellen Wille Switch by Ellen Wille Switch by Ellen Wille

    Pictured above: Switch on the Ellen Wille model (left) and the models (center and right)

    Switch by Ellen Wille is a short, curly and voluminous wig. It’s a modern twist on a classic curl. The ringlet curls can be worn polished and tight or can be combed out to loosen the curl. This wig features a lace front, and is ideal for a petite to average head size. The density of the ready-to-wear synthetic hair looks more like natural hair and requires little to no customization or thinning.


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  • Posted on August 11, 2014 by Wig Expert

    Ellen Wille has been designing couture wigs in Europe for nearly half a century. In 1967 she completed her studies in Paris and opened her first wig shop in Frankfurt, Germany. And over 45 years later, she she made her US debut - right here at Today she is the force behind what is now a world-renowned brand of wigs and hairpieces.

    Watch this exclusive video with the legendary designer behind Europe's top wig brand and learn what inspires her.

    The ever expanding Ellen Wille US Collection includes a select set of stunning styles. Known for a passionate attention to detail, all aspects of Ellen Wille wigs -- from the hair fiber, to the cap, to the colors -- ensure the most beautiful look, natural movement and comfortable fit. With new styles added regularly, the collection continues to grow. See for yourself why customers are responding so positively to Ellen Wille and her US Collection.

    Ellen Wille


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