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  • Posted on July 23, 2014 by Wig Expert

    The Wig Experts have chosen Allure by Jon Renau as our wig of the week. This short and chic style has been one of our favorites for a long time. And customers agree - it's both a best selling and top rated style. It's ready-to-wear, easily styled and perfect for summer months. Allure also comes in petite and large cap sizes, as well as a "Mono" version with a monofilament top. We think you'll love Allure. See for yourself why this wig is so special.

    This just in! And now all 4 versions of Allure are available in Jon Renau's top selling shaded and syrup colors!

    Allure by Jon Renau

    Allure by Jon Renau is a refined pixie with short, feminine layers. It’s made with pre-styled, ready-to-wear synthetic hair that looks and feels like natural hair. The open wefting in the basic cap creates better air ventilation, which provides more coolness on the scalp. It's breathable and lightweight for a more comfortable fit. You can achieve several different looks with this short, layered wig. Use synthetic styling products by BeautiMark to achieve different textures.

    Allure by Jon Renau   Allure by Jon Renau Allure by Jon Renau


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  • Posted on July 21, 2014 by Wig Expert

    Jon Renau has been a top brand at for many years. Jon Renau is a family owned business that has become an international leading manufacturer and designer of wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions. John and Stella Reynolds, the founders of Jon Renau, began their entrepreneurial journey in the alternative hair industry in South Africa in 1969. When they transferred operations to the U.S. in 1984, the Reynolds continued to grow Jon Renau as a family endeavor. They've nurtured their business by nurturing their customers.

    Jon Renau

    “We have always cared deeply about our customers' well-being,” says John Reynolds. “We believe our customers respect our family values.”

    As a family business, Jon Renau is dedicated to creating products that truly improve the lives of their customers. They believe it is essential for a woman to have the ability to express herself through style and color, whether she seeks alternative hair for fashion or from need.

    Jon Renau

    The Reynolds Family

    The Jon Renau collection boasts over 125 different styles and over 100 salon inspired colors, giving women the freedom to choose. Celebrated throughout the industry for fantastic color selection and attention to detail, they strive to provide the finest quality, the best value and the highest customer satisfaction.

    Jon Renau

    John Reynolds, founder and CEO of Jon Renau, recently answered a few questions about his background in the alternative hair industry and how his family business has developed into an internationally leading hair manufacturer.

    John, where did your passion for alternative hair stem from?

    When I was an apprentice pharmacist during my teenage years in South Africa, I watched my boss do anything in order for his customers to be completely satisfied. Learning this early on made me customer-centric, which built a good foundation as I entered the alternative hair/wig business. Many of our customers suffer from medical hair loss. These people need confidence, nurturing, and understanding. What we do at Jon Renau comes naturally with my experience in the medical industry. I knew that I could give someone hope by rebuilding confidence and restoring their self image. That is the end goal for us here at Jon Renau every day.

    What is a challenge you face in this industry?

    When I first started in the wig business, I met a woman in Boston who owned a large practice for hair replacement. She told me two things: 1) People don't like wearing the hair 2) They don't want anyone to know they are wearing hair. After years of developing Jon Renau, I can say she is correct. Our best advertising is unseen.

    What is a typical day in the life of John Reynolds?

    My day consists of a variety of tasks in a day at the office. Emails are a blessing and a curse. Regardless, they all need to be responded to. I conduct daily meetings with various ends of the business and spend a lot of time planning and strategizing both current and future endeavors. My most important responsibility is to keep my hand over a myriad of things in the business. Outside of work, my passions are what I grew up with in South Africa: rugby union, cricket, squash, and golf. I also enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife, children and grandchildren.

    What makes Jon Renau unique?

    1) Innovation in any industry is ultimate. We have been very innovative with our wigs by creating an emphasis on special blends of attractive color used on our hair pieces. 2) The development of comfortable and functional caps are high on our product development priorities. 3) The blending of various fibers to create a more natural product is a major focus of our product development. 4) Consistency is a vital component that is required. Our choice of vendors have been critical. 5) Customer service with an emphasis on the customers buying experience is very important to us. We are furthering that with the C.O.R.E. (Certification of Renau Education).

    What do you treasure most about your company?

    The people that work here and the contribution I see them making each and every day. I really got great people and I really like them.

    Looking forward, is there anything new and exciting at Jon Renau?

    If you don't remain innovative and creative, you won't stay alive in any industry. With that being said, this year, we have quite a few exciting new projects. We brought out the new Evolution Collection in June and are working on several other products for release later this year. All of which are quite revolutionary and are needed in the market. Innovating and improving our products bring on a special meaning for us at Jon Renau. The more we can improve the buyer's experience, the more satisfaction we feel. Watching a customers confidence build after putting on one of our products has to be the greatest feeling.



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  • Posted on July 18, 2014 by Wig Expert

    The Wig Experts Present... Our Favorite Buns & Wraps. These hairpieces can be worn with your own hair and even some wigs (hint: mid-length to long, wavy/ curly and lace front wigs are best if you want to pull your hair back off the face). Buns and hair wraps create fabulous updo's that can be either casual chic for everyday wear or more sophisticated for a formal occasion. So whether you want to wear your hair up for a day at the beach, a day at work, or even a wedding day, these are our favorite buns and wraps to get the look you want. That's a wrap!

    Our Favorite Buns & Wraps

    Our top pick? Fun Bun by easihair. Fun Bun is a best-selling hair wrap on an elastic band that allows you to create fabulous updos. This curly, synthetic hair wrap adds an elegant accent to any bun or ponytail. Do you need an effortlessly elegant or casual chic look for a special occasion? Well, look no further, because this wrap creates an elegant chignon or ponytail accent that can be worn for a prom, wedding, or evening out. It can transform your look in seconds. It's that easy! Here’s a styling idea – wear the wrap low on your head as a fun alternative to the elegance of placing it high on your head. You can even wear more than one at a time. Try two (or more) to add more fun to your bun! Fun Bun has been a customer favorite for years. It’s even been featured on NBC’s The Today Show.

                        Fun Bun by Easihair        Fun Bun by Easihair


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