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  • Posted on April 9, 2010 by admin

    Revlon designed Heaven with luxe comfort in mind. Heaven is a short style, part of the 2010 Spring Wig Collection.

    Heaven is a short wig with all-over layers and great texture. This short style has pre-cut bangs which are softly rounded, along with soft layers around the face to frame it beautifully and provide extra coverage. You will love the natural body atop the crown and the all around fullness of the piece. While this is a classic short cut, the nape layers are long and tapered which brings a more modern quality to the wig.

    Heaven is designed with the utmost in advanced cap construction. Heaven boasts a full monofilament top which offers comfort, natural body and movement, and the ability to change the direction of the hair – just like your own. Heaven's cap has very few seams because it also features 100% hand-tied sides (instead of open wefting) for extremely natural and comfortable wear. Both the monofilament and hand-tied features are ideal for customers experiencing hair loss or scalp sensitivity.

    Short cuts are perfect for every season, and Heaven is both feminine and classic. To learn more about Heaven, visit here. You can also watch informative video on Heaven and Revlon’s 2010 Spring Collection on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned… we have 2 more gorgeous new Revlon styles to tell you about!

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  • Posted on April 8, 2010 by admin

    Today we want to show you a short shag wig from Revlon’s 2010 Spring Collection called Glory.

    Glory is a modern and feminine shag cut by Revlon. The all-over layers and texture are what make Glory so special; the wig features longer layers on top, shorter layers underneath, and long neck-hugging nape layers. Face-framing pieces are shorter around the face, accenting your best facial features. The nape layers are razored and point-cut for a highly modern look. Glory also comes with pre-cut layered bangs which are long so they can be side-swept or trimmed for the more straight-across style, if you prefer. Glory is a perfectly sweet shag cut wig that will flatter the oval, diamond, heart and pear face shapes.
    Revlon designed Glory with a full monofilament top, so the hair looks natural where it is parted. The monofilament feature offers comfort, natural body and movement, and the ability to change the part of the wig. The rest of the cap construction is open-wefted for breathable and lightweight wear. Glory in particular features the diamond wefting across the crown for natural volume where you need it with this cut. Synthetic-friendly shaping cream can also really help to define the individual layers. Glory is a natural looking, beautiful and ready to wear short wig.
    To learn more about this style, visit here. You can even watch a video here on our YouTube channel – WigsTV! More great styles from Revlon’s 2010 Spring Collection coming up...

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  • Posted on April 7, 2010 by admin

    Revlon brings a new and edgy twist to the bob with Gentle, part of the 2010 Spring Wig Collection.

    Gentle is a modern variation on the classic bob cut. Gentle is styled with attitude – chin length, longer layers in front graduate to shorter layers and angle up the jawline. At the ear, the longer nape layers begin for a multi-dimensional cut that is sleek and fashion-forward. This wig is designed with smooth, thinned texture as well as a short rounded crown and long tapered neckline. Gentle is almost like two popular cuts in one: a shag and a bob! The pre-cut bangs are slightly longer so they can be side-swept over the eye or behind the ear, and of course you can always take the wig to your stylist and have them feather or trim the bangs straight-across.

    Revlon designed Gentle with a full monofilament top, so the hair looks natural where it is parted. The monofilament feature offers comfort, natural body and movement, and the ability to change the part of the wig. The rest of the cap construction is open-wefted for breathable and lightweight wear. The bob cut just got even sexier!
    For more information on Gentle or to buy the wig now, visit here. You can also watch video on our YouTube channel. Check back tomorrow for another great style from Revlon’s New 2010 Spring Collection.

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  • Posted on April 6, 2010 by admin

    Today we want to spotlight another great bob wig from Revlon’s 2010 Spring Collection called Delightful – a classic bob with modern style.

    One of the best things about Delightful is the length which is perfect and flattering on almost every face shape. The salon-inspired cut and chin-length layers in front emphasize the jaw line to frame the face beautifully. Delightful is styled in a classic and sophisticated bob cut that is slightly graduated so that the front layers are a bit shorter than those in back. The subtle blended layers offer great movement, and the jagged cut ends in back give this bob a bit of a modern edge. Delightful is also designed with pre-cut bangs which are a bit longer than most will need; however, these bangs can be swept to the side for a sexy look or cut straight across by your stylist.

    Delightful features a full monofilament top, so the hair looks natural where it is parted. The monofilament feature offers comfort, natural body and movement, and the ability to change the part of the wig. The rest of the cap construction is open-wefted for breathable and lightweight wear. Delightful boasts one of our favorite textures –smooth and sleek – which is fashion forward, memorable, and offers natural thickness for maximum believability. Styles such as this even allow you the fun of accessorizing; add a headband, scarf, or clips for fun to change up the look.

    For more information on this salon-inspired look, visit here. You can also watch video on Delightful on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe! Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest in wigs today. Tomorrow, we’ll show you an edgy bob - another great style in Revlon’s 2010 Spring Wig Collection.

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  • Posted on April 2, 2010 by admin

    Revlon Wigs has just launched its new 2010 Spring collection. Revlon’s Simply Beautiful Collection offers 7 new styles by design guru Alan Eaton who went back to basics with the new line. In a season that has been inundated with overly trendy hairstyles, Revlon wants to prove that glamour does not need to be ‘over the top’.

    Revlon took the wig industry's top-selling cuts and gave them a personal and modern twist. In the collection, you will find three bob cuts, one shag wig, two short styles, and a long wig. All of the wigs in the line were designed with technologically advanced cap constructions; a bob wig named Ease is designed with a monofilament top and is 100% hand-tied – features that provide a highly natural appearance, movement, and comfortable wear. A short style wig named Heaven is both 100% hand-tied and lace front – a feature that Revlon promises looks just like your own hairline. With other wig styles called Delightful, Timeless, Gentle, Glory and Jewel, customers are sure to find a style in the Simply Beautiful Collection that suits them.

    Revlon boasts that their 2010 Spring Wig Collection is ‘supremely comfortable, incredibly natural and simply beautiful’. To learn more about the collection, watch video, and discover the 7 brand new styles, visit here. Remember, you can also follow on Facebook, Twitter, and our YouTube channel. Check it out!

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  • Posted on March 31, 2010 by admin

    Louis Vuitton took hair to new heights at Paris Fashion Week which took place this month in the fashion capital.

    The models wore oversized afro wigs to strut the catwalk this season. The afro wigs featured an assortment of natural colors – brunette, blonde, black and red – and were often embellished with a bow. The fresh, bright pastel garments for spring paired sweetly with the afro wigs for an overall whimsical silhouette.

    The combination of Louis Vuitton handbags, Marc Jacobs’ designs, and fun afro costume wigs allowed this high-fashion look to make a memorable statement!
    We love that wigs are becoming a staple on runways and in the fashion world. To try your hand at huge hair, visit here. Louis Vuitton model or not, afro wigs are super-fun and superfly!

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  • Posted on March 30, 2010 by admin

    Famous sex symbol-turned-entrepreneur Raquel Welch appeared on Oprah yesterday. At age 69, she looks better than ever! Raquel and Oprah discussed beauty and life in the spotlight, as well as sex, men, and her new book. Raquel gives advice to all women about aging and how to do it brilliantly – as she has. We'll let you in on a little secret... Raquel was wearing a wig! She wore a top-selling wig called Spotlight from her 2010 Spring Signature Collection.

    In Raquel’s interview with Oprah, she talks about once being ‘every man’s fantasy’. After all, several million copies were sold of that famous picture of Raquel wearing the doe-skin bikini (from the 1960s movie One Million Years B.C). She lamented, however, that she felt highly objectified back then – as though she were to be “seen and not heard”. Raquel said that she had to throw away her serious, artistic side. Oprah also inquires about the time Raquel spent with many of Hollywood’s biggest stars of the day – Dean Martin, Burt Reynolds and Elvis, to name a few.

    We were even invited to reminisce over a brief clip from 1984 when Raquel first appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show! Oprah read many excerpts from Raquel’s new book appropriately titled Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage. One of the main topics in Raquel’s book is aging. She says that a woman must decide when she is older whether she is going to "get in the game or check out", whether to "play it or bow out". Raquel also advises, “Just as you maintain your home, your car, your garden…you should maintain your greatest asset – your body.”

    We were very pleased to see Raquel wearing Spotlight beautifully (in the color RL30/27, shown at left). Spotlight is one of Raquel and parent company Hair U Wear’s top-selling wigs. It’s a favorite among customers too. Raquel also wears a style called Always in the cover photo of her book. To view Spotlight by Raquel Welch, click here.

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  • Posted on March 29, 2010 by admin

    Let’s check out Brooke – a fresh and trendy bob wig by Noriko.
    Brooke is a perfect look for spring and offers endless charm with an updated bob cut. Brooke’s fashion-forward style is designed with tons of fun layers and longer pieces at the front and neckline. With this bob wig, you get full and modern side bangs which can be swept to the side, pulled forward and over the eye for a sultry look, or pushed back behind the ear with your fingers. You can also take the wig to your stylist and have them trim the bangs for a more brow-skimming, blunt bang, or simply thin the bangs for a more feathered look (as shown in image at left).
    Brooke features a full monofilament cap construction which allows for natural movement and the appearance of a natural part – whichever direction you decide to part the bangs. The longer face-framing pieces beautifully emphasize the jaw line. Brooke’s flirty layers are razored from crown to nape; these layers are well-defined and can be finger-styled. Brooke is designed with longer pieces that hug the neck for a multi-level cut that is salon-inspired with great texture. The combination of smooth bangs and top, heavily textured back, bangs, and face-framing pieces on the sides makes for a gorgeous and captivating cut which will flatter virtually any face shape.
    Get more information on Brooke here. You can also watch one of our wig experts on WigsTV to learn more about this style by clicking here. On WigsTV, you'll see what Brooke looks like right out of the box. And remember, is also on Facebook and Twitter! Stay tuned for more great styles from

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  • Posted on March 26, 2010 by admin

    Watch one of our favorite style divas appear on Oprah! The 1970s sex symbol, now entrepreneur and style icon Raquel Welch will be making an appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s show. The show airs on Monday, March 29th, 2010 at 5/4pm central on ABC. Raquel is going on Oprah in part to promote her new book titled Raquel : Beyond the Cleavage which will be released the same day.

    Raquel will also be showcasing Spotlight – a top-selling long wig from her 2010 Spring Collection and her entire wig line. Get ready to hear about Raquel’s inspiring wig collections and the hair empire she and parent company Hair U Wear have cultivated, bringing confidence and glamour to countless numbers of women. Don’t miss the show!

    To view Raquel Welch’s fabulous wig collections, visit here.

    (Right image: Raquel Welch wearing the Spotlight wig)

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  • Posted on March 25, 2010 by admin

    Today we want to spotlight a long and luscious wig called Angelica by Noriko.

    Layers add a sexy and free-flowing appeal to longer hair. Angelica by Noriko brand wigs will surely turn heads with the captivating length, movement and style. This wig was designed by world-renowned wig designer Noriko Suzuki who has been in the biz for over 2 decades. Her pristine attention to detail and precision cuts are stunning, believable and memorable.

    Angelica has been a top-selling wig for both the Noriko brand and, and it’s easy to see why she has been a long-lasting favorite. This long wig offers over 16inches of graduated length styled in a layered cut that is longest at the back and beautifully frames the face. Angelica even has built-in volume for amazing sex appeal. The flowing layers come with a slight wave pattern at the ends and offer natural movement. They can even be customized; trim the layers to your liking, or have your stylist cut bangs into the wig. Try sweeping side bangs or a straight-across, brow skimming style.

    Long styles like Angelica allow you the versatility to accessorize as well; pull the hair back in a low or side ponytail and add hair accessories such as clips, scarves, and headbands. The durable, open-wefted cap and the comfortable top allow for cool, lightweight and long wear. So let yourself glow in Angelica – an absolutely gorgeous long wig by Noriko.

    Learn more about Angelica or buy it here. You can even watch a video for styling tips and the full scoop on Angelica via our YouTube channel on WigsTV. And check out other Noriko brand wigs here. Stay tuned, will show you many more of our top-sellers and favorite styles.

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