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  • Posted on March 16, 2015 by Wig Expert

    2015 marks the 20th anniversary of and we'd like to say thank you for 20 years! As part of our anniversary year celebration, we’ve selected the styles we love the most and highlighted them in Top 20 lists. We chose these Top 20 wearable hair products because they're both Wig Expert and customer favorites. Our pick for #1? The Hair Trix Comb by BeautiMark. It's your wig's best friend! The comb helps keep your hair detangled and frizz free, and it's also made to prevent shedding and split ends. We know you'll love these stand-out styles as much as we do.

    Top 20 Wearable Hair Products

    The Hair Trix Wide Tooth Wig Comb by BeautiMark is a must-have for any wig wearer. It can also be used with hairpieces and hair extensions. Prolong the life of your wigs, hairpieces and extensions with this high quality styling wide tooth comb. Made from special steel aluminum rounded teeth to eliminate frizz, breakage, and static electricity problems. This wide tooth comb is easy to clean and is safe for both synthetic and human hair!

    Hair Trix Comb by BeautiMark  Hair Trix Comb by BeautiMark   Hair Trix Comb by BeautiMark

    Pictured above: The wide tooth comb is a must-have for all your wearable hair needs


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  • Posted on March 13, 2015 by Wig Expert

    Our clients are always asking us what we like because they trust our opinions. After all, we are the Wig Experts! We regularly share with you what we consider our top picks, from our Top 20 Hairpieces for Hair Loss to our Top 20 Wearable Hair Products. But we thought you might also like to get a little more personal with us. Each of the Wig Experts at has our own personal favorites. And today you get to meet 3 of us and learn what each expert loves the most in the world of wigs. The Wig Experts Present... Our Favorite Things!

    Wig Expert Valerie

    Wig Expert Valerie

    Favorite Wig: Spirit by Jon Renau. You can customize the trimming of this cap to match your exact hairline!

    Favorite Hairpiece or Extension: 18” Top Form Exclusive Colors by Jon Renau. It is the most natural looking piece I’ve seen yet!

    Favorite Wig Tip: Always keep an extra wide tooth comb in your purse.

    Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Tip: I recommend washing your piece every 6-8 wears. Use the BeautiMark care line to pro long the life span of your item.

    Favorite Care Product: Pure Care line for human hair by BeautiMark

    Favorite Wig Brand: Jon Renau

    Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Brand: EasiHair

    Favorite Celebrity Hair: Khloe Kardashian

    Fun Fact: Valerie just had a beautiful baby boy. He's adorable!

    Wig Expert Antoinette

    Wig Expert Antoinette

    Favorite Wig: Gisele by Jon Renau

    Favorite Hairpiece or Extension: The new EasiPart hairpieces by Easihair

    Favorite Wig Tip: Think of your wigs as a new hairstyle, not a wig, and having the versatility to change whenever you want.

    Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Tip: If you're new to extensions, start with a one piece. Once you get comfortable applying and wearing them, try a multi-piece set.

    Favorite Care Product: Paraben-Free Brilliant Shine by BeautiMark

    Favorite Wig Brand: Jon Renau

    Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Brand:  Jon Renau

    Favorite Celebrity Hair: Raquel Welch

    Fun Fact: Antoinette is our Sales & Client Care Manager who's worked here over 10 years!

    Wig Expert Jennifer

    Wig Expert Jennifer

    Favorite Wig: Zara by Jon Renau

    Favorite Hairpiece or Extension: Top Billing by Raquel Welch… it has a lace front!

    Favorite Wig Tip: Always have a back-up wig in case of an emergency. And always keep a wide tooth comb with you at all times.

    Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Tip: Hang your extensions on a clothes hanger when you’re not wearing them.

    Favorite Care Product: The Wig Stand by BeautiMark. Keep your wigs at home on the stand, not in a box!

    Favorite Wig Brand: Jon Renau - they have something for every stage of hair loss, from hairpieces to wigs!

    Favorite Hairpiece or Extension Brand: Easihair - they have fabulous ponytails, bangs and volumizers!

    Favorite Celebrity Hair: Raquel Welch, of course!

    Fun Fact: Jennifer is a wig expert, but she's mostly known an extensions expert. She hosts HairTalkTV, the YouTube channel for our sister site

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  • Posted on March 11, 2015 by Wig Expert

    The Wig Experts have chosen Code Mono by Ellen Wille as our wig of the week. It's a best selling wig that's straight from Europe. Code Mono gets its name from the monofilament part in the cap that creates the appearance of natural hair growth. This long and straight style is part of the Ellen Wille US Collection. We think you'll love its European design. See for yourself why this wig is so special.

    Code Mono by Ellen Wille is a long, layered, and super straight synthetic wig, found exclusively at The straight layers extend mid-back and have jagged ends to add a natural, flat-ironed look. The lace front is hand-tied and extends into the part for the most natural look. You can have the side bang trimmed by your stylist to frame your face and make it flattering for you. The open wefted sides and back keep the cap feeling comfortable, light, and cool.

    The lace front is placed temple to temple and each hair is individually hand-tied to create a natural looking hairline. The monofilament part adds to the extremely natural look and creates natural volume. The cap is designed with openings throughout theback to allow air to come through. The super straight synthetic hair is pre-styled and ready-to-wear out of the box.

    Code Mono by Ellen Wille   Code Mono by Ellen Wille   Code Mono by Ellen Wille

    Pictured above: Code Mono is one of our favorite longer styles

    "Just a gem! This wig is of exceptional quality... The lace front is perfect and the color is fabulous." - customer review of Code Mono

    If you're already wearing Code Mono, please write your own product review to tell us what you think. Just click here and then click "Add Your Review." Your impressions, feedback and observations can help others make great shopping decisions. Please also share a photo if you can. We'd love to see you!


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