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  • Posted on July 30, 2014 by Wig Expert

    The Wig Experts have chosen Brie by Vivica Fox as our wig of the week. And coincidentally, today is Vivica Fox's birthday. Happy Birthday Vivica!

    Vivica Fox

    This long and layered style is one of our favorite wigs for many reasons. And customers agree - it's both a best selling and top rated style. It offers fabulous length and volume, it's ready-to-wear, and best of all it's a great price. We think you'll love Brie. See for yourself why this wig is so special.

    Brie by Vivica Fox   Brie by Vivica Fox  Brie by Vivica Fox

    Pictured above: Vivica Fox (left) and our model (middle/ right) both look gorgeous in Brie!

    Brie by Vivica Fox is a gorgeous, long and layered cut with flipped ends. The Pure Stretch Cap stretches along the perimeter for the most comfortable fit while eliminating pressure points. A center skin part creates the illusions of natural hair growth at the part. And the heat friendly synthetic hair fiber gives a look, feel, and responsiveness much closer to human hair then other synthetic fibers.


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  • Posted on July 28, 2014 by Wig Expert

    The Wig Experts Present... Our Favorite Ponytails. These hair extensions can be worn with your own hair and even some wigs, if they're long enough to put in a hair tie. Ponys create a timeless and classic look that can be either casual chic for everyday wear or more sophisticated for a formal occasion. So whether you want to wear your hair up for a day at the beach, a day at work, or a night on the town, these are our favorite ponytails to get the look you want. Pony up!

    Our Favorite Ponytails

    Our top picks? Simply Straight by Hairdo and Provocative by Easihair.

    The Simply Straight Pony by Hairdo creates a thick, natural looking hairstyle. This 18 inch long pony made of Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic hair can be styled for different looks. Flat iron it stick-straight or add wavy texture to match any occasion. With the comb and clip attachments, the Simply Straight Pony can be placed high, low or to the side for different styles. To conceal where the ponytail meets your own hair, a strip of hair wraps around and fastens with Velcro. Secure the section of hair with a bobby pin provided. You'll have a beautiful ponytail in seconds with the Simply Straight Pony!

    Provocative by Easihair is an extra long, versatile ponytail that clips on or attaches with a reversible claw-clip attachment and an optional drawstring bun base. Since it's reversible, you can wear it one of two ways: wavy and layered or smooth and sleek. You can also wear the pony low or high - it's up to you! It's up to 20 inches long so it provides plenty of fabulous length and volume. The ready-to-wear synthetic hair that looks and feels like natural hair.  Provocative gives you an instant pony in seconds!

    Simply Straight Pony by Hairdo                                        Provocative by Easihair

    Pictured above: Simply Straight Pony by Hairdo (left) and Provocative by Easihair (right)


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  • Posted on July 25, 2014 by Wig Expert

    The Wig Experts Present... Our Favorite Summer Wig Tips! Don't let the heat keep you from looking your best. You can look haute and stay cool this summer. We all know that wigs can be less comfortable during the hot summer months but there is no need to sweat it! The Wig Experts have many of our top tips to help you keep cool and have fun in the sun.

    Summer Wig Tips

    Pictured above: All That Jazz by Raquel Welch (our featured capless wig)


    Capless wigs are a fantastic summer hair solution because they are among the lightest and coolest wigs available. A capless construction is made with open wefting throughout the cap to help air circulate for maximum ventilation. Don't let the name fool you — there's still full-cap coverage, it's just designed to be lighter and airier!


    Capless Wigs                    Natalie by Jon Renau

    Pictured above: A capless wig (shown inside out) and Natalie by Jon Renau (a best selling capless wig)


    Like capless wigs, short wigs are ideal for the summer heat. They'll keep you looking chic and feeling cool in warm weather. Short wigs are perfect for summer because they're lightweight and they keep hair off your neck and shoulders. Most have open wefting in the cap for better air ventilation, which makes them more cool and comfortable to wear. And they're easier to style and maintain. Best of all, short hair is totally on trend!


    Our Favorite Short Summer Styles

    TIP: GO 100% HAND-TIED!

    100% hand-tied wig caps are made of a breathable fabric that can be extremely comfortable. Each hair on the entire cap is hand-tied onto the base, creating a smoother surface. These wigs offer the most natural appearance and movement. If you prefer longer hair, long wigs can be worn in a side braid or low updo. For ladies who love long locks, 100% hand-tied styles allow for more styling flexibility. You can easily pull hair up into a low ponytail or bun and feel the breeze on your neck.


    100% Hand-Tied Wigs                    Upstage by Raquel Welch

    Pictured above: A 100% hand-tied wig (shown inside out) and Upstage by Raquel Welch (a best selling 100% hand-tied wig)


    Just as prolonged exposure to the sun is bad for your skin, it can be equally taxing for your wig. Avoiding the summer sun entirely is almost impossible so be sure to treat your wig with some extra TLC. We recommend the BeautiMark line of hair care products. Spraying Leave-in Conditioner by BeautiMark on your wig will protect it from the sun and prevent the fibers from drying out in hot weather. Brilliant Shine and Shine Serum by BeautiMark restore sheen and moisture to the fiber and refresh wigs between washes. Washing your wig every 4-5 wears will help manage build-up from increased perspiration during warmer months.




    Wearing a wig doesn't have to hold you back. These wig accessories will prepare you for everything your summer brings. Hats, caps and scarves protect and shield your wig from the sun and can be trendy summer style solutions on their own. Add a pretty summer hat or scarf for lounging by the pool. Keep your wig from slipping out of place with the Sure Grip by BeautiMark. And No Sweat Liners by Headline It are designed to absorb perspiration during sweltering days in the heat. No slipping, stains or odors. Anyone can handle the heat with the right accessories.


    Sure Grip by BeautiMarkCasual Softie by Jon RenauBraided Wide Brim Hat by Jon Renau

    Pictured above: The Sure Grip by BeautiMark, Casual Softie by Jon Renau and Braided Wide Brim Hat by Jon Renau


    When it's time to travel, the secret is as simple as reusable zip-tie plastic bags. They take up less space than wig boxes and keep your wigs clean and dry with no frizz-causing friction. Pack them in your suitcase and take them anywhere!

    During the day, consider a designated "summer substitute wig" so you don't fret about the inevitable splashes of chlorine and sunblock at the pool or saltwater and sand at the beach. When you go from day to night, be sure your regular favorite wig is ready and waiting. You can keep it clean and dry by storing it on the Wig Stand by BeautiMark.

    Just because you're wearing a wig doesn't mean you should do without sun kissed highlights! Choose your favorite styles in a shade lighter than the one  you usually wear. It's another way your wig can look more like your real hair.

    Consider applying an antiperspirant on your scalp before you put your wig on. Sounds kinda weird, right? Well, it works! This keeps you drier and cooler underneath your wig.

    Wig Stand by BeautiMark                     All That Jazz by Raquel Welch

    Pictured above: The Wig Stand by BeautiMark and All That Jazz by Raquel Welch (our featured capless wig)

    What are some of your favorite summer wig tips? Please comment and share with us! We hope you're having a fabulous summer!



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