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  • Posted on October 31, 2014 by Wig Expert

    The Wig Experts Present... Our Favorite Gray Wigs. offers over 400 different styles available in shades of gray and silver. Our favorite is Noelle by Revlon in color Silver Lining. It's a natural looking shade of silver and light gray blended together with just a hint of chestnut brown. So which one is your favorite? Please write a review to tell us what you think. We love these gray wigs, and we think you will too!

    Our Favorite Gray Wigs

    Noelle (formerly Nice Touch) by Revlon is a short style that features all over layering with tapered sides and nape. The loose layers give this romantic boycut style a casual, light look and feel that is both attractive and fun. The open wefting in the sides and back of the cap is breathable and lightweight. It’s both cool and comfortable. This wig feels so light and airy, you’ll barely know you’re wearing it (it actually weighs less than 2 ounces)! And with the pre-styled synthetic hair, it’s ready-to-wear!

    Noelle by Revlon  Noelle by Revlon  Petite Portia by Revlon

    Pictured above: Noelle by Revlon (left and middle) and Petite Portia by Revlon (right)


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  • Posted on October 29, 2014 by Wig Expert

    The Wig Experts have chosen Elizabeth by Jon Renau as our wig of the week. This supremely natural looking style from the brand new Jon Renau Fall 2014 Collection is simply gorgeous. And customers agree - it's already one of the best selling wigs from the new collection. It's ready-to-wear and looks incredibly realistic. We think you'll love Elizabeth. See for yourself why this wig is so special.

    Elizabeth is a mid-length, layered, and versatile heat stylable synthetic wig. Wispy layers add a bohemian feel to this girly bob. The longer side bang gives a feminine and flattering look to any face shape. It is designed with all of the best wig features, including a 100% hand-tied cap, lace front, and monofilament top. Whatever style you choose, it will surely turn heads!

    The ready-to-wear SmartLace™ front creates a natural-looking hairline and allows you to style the hair off the face. The hand-tied monofilament top provides multi-directional styling and looks extremely natural up close. The detailed hand-tied cap gives the ultimate look and feel. The heat defiant synthetic fiber is styled straight out of the box but can be curled or waved.

    Elizabeth by Jon Renau   Elizabeth by Jon Renau  Elizabeth by Jon Renau

    Pictured above: Elizabeth looks great out of the box but can also be heat styled for a different look

    "Elizabeth is great for a flirty short style that can be curled or straightened as desired. Very nice for a professional who wants to be feminine but doesn't want to deal with long hair." customer review of Elizabeth

    If you're already wearing Elizabeth, please write your own product review to tell us what you think. Just click here and then click "Add Your Review." Your impressions and observations can help others make great shopping decisions. Please also share a photo if you can. We'd love to see you!


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  • Posted on October 27, 2014 by Wig Expert

    No Sweat Liners by Headline It are commonly used in the summer months during warm weather to absorb perspiration, keeping your head cool and your wig dry. No slipping, stains or odors. It's a must-have in the summer (or at the gym) but did you know they also have an equally important benefit in the winter for protection from the cold?

    No Sweat Liners by Headline It  No Sweat Liners by Headline It   No Sweat Liners by Headline It

    The average person who wears a wig loses 1/2 tsp. to 1 tsp. of perspiration per hour in the winter time, while running errands or being active in the cold weather. The cold wind touches the sweat, lowering the core body temperature and making your body much colder. The award winning, patented No Sweat Liners by Headline It are made from high tech wick wear, which pull the cold sweat away from the head, into the liner, for maximum cold stress protection. The sweat is filtered through the SMS material, trapping oils, makeup, salts and odors in the liner, not your wig. Use two liners for maximum comfort; one in the front of your wig and one in the back.

    Watch the video below for more information about this amazing product and inventor Jodi Pliszka, M.S.

    Each package consists of 10 liners, and the average use is 10-14 days per liner.  The individually wrapped packages are small enough to take with you anywhere and discretely packaged for your convenience. The nude back layer, is great for camouflaging the liner under wigs and headwear. The unique combination of micro-fiber materials are engineered specifically for your needs to stay dry and comfortable. The moisture transport system quickly draws perspiration away from the skin, wicking it into the transport layer. No Sweat Liners are one of our favorite wig products. Don't sweat it, Headline It!


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