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Monofilament Wig Types: Top, Part & Crown

Posted on June 1, 2012 by Wig Expert There have been 1 comment(s)

As we’ve learned before in our previous monofilament wig post, wigs made with a monofilament cap construction are super natural looking wigs. The monofilament wig hand-knotting process is long and tedious, but the result is incredibly natural! Since each strand of hair is manually hand-knotted into the monofilament material this allows the hair to lie and flow naturally. There’s much to learn about monofilament wigs, so let’s chat about the different types of monofilament wigs!

Hand-Tied Monofilament Wigs

Monofilament Wig: Top

The first we’ll talk about are monofilament tops (also known as mono tops). A monofilament top covers the entire top part of the wig. This is where you would naturally part your hair. Also, these wigs have open-wefted sides and back, which are machine made. The mono top is a mesh-like material with individual strands of either synthetic or human hair hand-knotted into it. In terms of flexibility, these are the kinds of wigs you would get the most out of.


monofilament wig - Human Hair Wigs - Beguile by Raquel
Beguile by Raquel Welch

monofilament wig - Human Hair Wigs - Diamond by Louis Ferre
Diamond by Louis Ferre


Monofilament Wig: Part

A monofilament part is a part line located at a fixed location on the wig. The designated section features a thin strip of monofilament. So, you can purchase a wig with a left, right or center monofilament part. A mono part has a more affordable cost compared to a monofilament top wig. The part, however, cannot be changed – so choose wisely!


monofilament wig - Opening Night monofilament wig
Opening Night by Raquel Welch

monofilament wig - High Society - monofilament wig
High Society by Gabor


Monofilament Wig: Crown

As the name suggests the monofilament is placed at the crown of the wig. This construction is more commonly found in bob wig styles. The benefits of having a mono crown wig are that it distributes the hair evenly and naturally at the root. Also it gives the look of natural hair growth at the crown of the hair, which makes your bob wig much more believable.


monofilament wig -  Nicki
Nicki by Jon Renau

monofilament wig - Deluxe by Gabor
Deluxe by Gabor


FAQ Monofilament Wig

Are monofilament wigs durable?

Yes, they are but remember the monofilament material is delicate so it should be treated carefully. Do not pull harshly on the hair because this could loosen up the hand-knotted strands of hair.

Can I wash my monofilament wig the same as my other wigs?

Yes, you may wash your monofilament wig but do not add conditioner at the root. The conditioner will loosen up the hand-knotted strands of hair.

If I color my human hair wig, will it stain the monofilament?

Because the monofilament material is sheer and thin it will add a hint of color but will not stain the monofilament wig completely. The monofilament top, part or crown will still have a realistic look.

Want the look of a monofilament wig for less? A Skin Part wig gives you a natural looking part without the high cost. However, these wigs are not to be confused with hand-tied monofilament wigs because the part is machine-made. The appearance of skin is simulated with a polyurethane section in which a machine inserts the fiber to create the look of a scalp. Although less common, skin part wigs are an affordable substitute to a monofilament wig.




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