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Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Posted on February 17, 2012 by Wig Expert There have been 0 comments

What's your face got to do with it?

As much as you covet Michelle Williams' perfect pixie or Rose Byrne's blunt bangs and bob combo, for one reason or another you hesitate. Something inside tells you that not only do both of those styles imply drastic changes, but you know they simply don't go with you. "I can't pull it off," you might think. And honestly, you probably can't. The culprit is your face shape. Therefore while some hairstyles are perfect, others… not so cute. Hey, we can't have it all!

That's why today we're giving you the scoop on what hairstyles to avoid and which ones to rock for your face shape:

Round Face

Round face shape






If you fear the roundness of your face will make you appear bigger than what you really are, don't fret! The key is to elongate and cut the width of your face.


  • Chin-length bobs, exaggerate the roundness
  • Short curly hairstyles create a round shape around your face
  • One-length cuts, accentuate the roundness of your face, especially when parted down the middle


  • Layers help soften wide cheeks
  • Side-swept bangs add length to a round face shape
  • Height at the crown lengthens the face

We recommend these wig styles:

Infatuation by Raquel Welch Jennifer by Jon Renau Bobbi by Envy

Any hairstyle that increases the height of your face is favorable.

Heart-Shaped Face


Your face has such a unique (and loveable) shape that will work with most hairstyles. However, having a wider forehead and pointy chin, you'll want to divert the attention from both.


  • Blunt bangs, draw attention to a pointy chin
  • Short full styles that emphasize the upper face
  • Height at the crown, draws the focus to a wide forehead


  • Rounded bobs fill out the chin by creating width to the jaw bone
  • Cheek-level layers/bangs soften a harsh pointy chin
  • Layered and wavy curls add fullness to the chin and help round out the face.

We recommend these wig styles:

Carrie by Jon Renau Upstage by Raquel Welch Roll With It by Forever Young

Don't forget your goal is to find a hairstyle that offers balance to the face.

Oval Face


Your face shape is among the most common and the most versatile. Aren't you a lucky gal?


  • Short layers can make face appear long
  • Curly blunt cuts, these create a pyramid effect
  • Voluminous hair hides your proportioned features


  • Short bobs give the illusion of a square face shape
  • Layers or waves to accentuate cheekbones
  • Updos and hair pulled back, show off our face

We recommend these wig styles:

Scorpio by Revlon Christina by Wig Pro Caressa by Forever Young

Your features are balanced and proportionate – don't be afraid to try different hairstyles!

Square Face


Worried your face is too harsh and may appear masculine? It's all good. Haven't you heard? It's hip to be square!


  • Chin-length bobs, will make your face appear boxy
  • Pixie cuts emphasize the squareness of your flat chin
  • Straight heavy bangs will only accentuate your jaw line, making it appear heavier


  • Textured hair (curls, choppy ends, soft & flowy) soften hard angles
  • 'Lobs' with side-swept, layered eye-grazing bangs give a diagonal illusion and keep the focus away from the squareness
  • Center parts make your square brow appear more narrow

We recommend these wig styles:

Destiny by Henry Margu Nicole by Jon Renau Limelight by Raquel Welch

Some of the most beautiful women have square shape faces. You're in good company! Just remember to soften the sharp angles and minimize attention to your squared-off brow.


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