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Gabor Color Chart

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Gabor Wig Colors

See all colors available for Gabor Wigs and Gabor Hairpieces with available descriptions.

Browns | Blondes | Reds | Grays | Highlights | Plus Colors

Browns To The Top

L2 - Ebony

L4 - Midnight Brown

L6 - Dark Chocolate

L6/30H - Chocolate Copper

L8 - Dark Cinnamon

LG830 - Ginger Brown

L10 - Chestnut

10C - Medium Ash Brown

LR12 - Pecan

12C - Light Ash Brown

LR14 - Sun Kissed Brown

Blondes To The Top

LS13 - Iced Toast

14C - Dirty Blonde

L16 - Honey

L1627 - Butterscotch

LR21 - Sandy Blonde

L22 - Swedish Blonde

22C - Pale Gold Blonde

LG25 - Ginger Blonde

101C - Pearl

Reds To The Top

LR27 - Ginger Red

27C - Strawberry Blonde

LR29 - Russet

L30 - Irish Red

LG33 - Dark Auburn

LG130 - Dark Copper
Highlights To The Top

LF825 - Gold & Cinnamon Mist

LG1020 - Buttered Walnut

LR1223 - Buttered Pecan

L12/26H - Honey Pecan Mist

LR1416 - Buttered Toast

LR14/88H - Golden Wheat Mist

17/101C - Pearl & Walnut Mist

18/22C - Golden Pecan Mist

24/14C - Golden Mist
Grays To The Top

36C - Smoked Mink

38C - Smoked Walnut

44C - Steel Gray

48C - Walnut Mist

51C - Pewter

56C - Smoke

56/60C - Silver Mist

L60 - Snow

60C - Snow Mist

119C - Gradient Smoke

192C - Gradient Charcoal

34C - Espresso Mist

305C - Sugared Smoke

511C - Sugared Charcoal
Plus Colors To The Top

G4+ - Dark Chocolate Mist

G6+ - Coffee Mist

G8+ - Chestnut Mist

G10+ - Nutmeg Mist

G11+ - Mocha Mist

G12+ - Pecan Mist

G13+ - Cappuccino Mist

G14+ - Almond Mist

G15+ - Buttered Toast Mist

G16+ - Honey Mist

G20+ - Wheat Mist

G25+ - Butterscotch Mist

G27+ - Ginger Mist

G29+ - Cayenne Mist

G30+ - Paprika Mist

G38+ - Sugared Walnut

G48+ - Sugared Pecan

G56+ - Sugared Silver

G58+ - Sugared Almond

G60+ - Burnished Snow

G101+ - Platinum Mist

G130+ - Dark Copper Mist

G135+ - Chianti Mist

G627+ - Hazelnut Mist

Disclaimer: Only certain colors are available for each item, therefore always check the item's color availability. The color quality may vary depending on your monitor's resolution. Therefore, these colors can be used as a guide only. For the best color match, try one of our Color Help options. read more

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