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Camera Ready by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top

Availability: In stock

List Price: $264.00

Price: Price: $224.40

Camera Ready by Raquel Welch: Color R3025S+ Glazed Cinnamon (Medium Reddish Brown with Ginger hightlights)
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  1. Somewhat disappointed!
    My hair has been thinning on top since I was in my early 30s, but within the last year, it's gotten so bad I decided to try some toppers. They were okay, but not the answer I was looking for, so I decided to try the camera ready wig by RW. I had actually ordered a Curve appeal, in another color and hated it, so I sent it back and got Camera ready. It's very similar to how I wear my own hair, but much thicker. When I first put it on, I thought it would be okay and could be my "perfect" wig. I've worn it a few times, now, and have to say, I'm disappointed in it so far. The hair feels coarse and tangles horribly! I have gently brushed it before and after each wearing, used Jon Reneau's HD conditioner on it. But although it's tangle free before I put it on, as soon as it goes on my head, I can't get my fingers through the hair strands. I have 2 noriko toppers and the hair on them feels much softer and lifelike than the hair on this wig, and they don't tangle much at all. I know long wigs tangle and i realize that my Noriko's are only toppers, and that my bio hair is between then and my collar/clothes, but i don't think this wig should tangle this badly. I plan on having it thinned, maybe have a few inches cut off (because the ends feel like damaged hair) and hopefully, will be able to enjoy this wig, I definitely won't buy this wig again, but I might try another RW wig. Maybe spotlight or showstopper if I can get them on sale.
    By Pam on 7/5/15
  2. very nice
    This is probably the most comfortable wig I have ever worn. The cap is comfortable and light weight. I have hair so I trim back the lace front a bit, and pull out my own hair along the hairline. I do cut off some of the length and thin it out a bit - my personal preference. I have been wearing wigs for 30 years. I wear color 8/29s+, which has nice highlights.
    By Marie on 3/17/15
  3. Camera Ready
    I have purchased three so I obviously love it however it does get tangled at the nape of the neck.

    By Kelli on 6/6/14
  4. Great wig!
    This is a great wig at a low cost. Lace is virtually invisible. Cap is comfortable not itchy not tight - just right. Style is very pretty. I have found that the new Raquel Welch wigs have the only lace front I can wear. Jon Renau's lace wigs are visible. I actually cut one of these into a pixie cut because I cannot find a Raquel Welch lace front pixie I like. Raquel Welch please make a stylish and modern very short realistic non- bushy not puffy not spiky pixie with a mono part and lace front that can be styled off the face!! Something similar to a shorter Jon Renau's Annette or the Ellen Wille's George. Why is it so impossible to find a wig like this anywhere?
    By Christine on 6/6/14
  5. Amazing
    I love this wig. The lace front lays flat and does not iritate or itch. The mono part adds realism without the added cost of a full mono top. The curls are great but may be a challenge to keep from tangling and frizzing.

    By Julie on 6/1/14
  6. love love love
    I absolutely love this wig! I cannot tell you how often I get compliments and a few Wolf whistles as well. I feel so feminine and sexy when I wear this wig. I have two and will be ordering more.

    By Joanne on 9/26/13
  7. Best Wig Ever!
    I have had to wear a wig since I was 18 years old. I have worn many
    styles and colors through the last 43 years. This is the one that has
    given me the most compliments and is the easiest to wear and care for.
    I have ordered two and am going for two more in color 29s.
    If I could change anything about this wig it would be to make the monofilament a whole cap instead of just a part and to add perhaps two more inches in length. If and until those changes are made I plan to keep ordering Camera Ready. Perhaps you could name the revised wig Ready for My Close Up! Thanks!
    By Kaye on 9/19/13
  8. Even my siblings can't tell that it's a wig!
    I have purchased two copies of Camera Ready to date. And the reviews from family and friends are in--they love it!
    When my brother saw me wearing Camera Ready he said Isn't that your own hair? I bought it in color R13F25. The coloration is perfect for me.
    Don't hesitate to add some glam to your life with Camera Ready. This wig is almost carefree. I have made my go-to copy last for many months with loving care.

    By Miroslava on 8/31/13
  9. Great wig
    I just ordered my second Camera ready wig. This wig is totally natural looking; I get compliments on it all the time. The cap is comfortable and the lace front is very natural. The way the hair lays on your head helps to cover up some of the lace anyway - so the little you do see is a very realistic hairline. I like the fiber of the hair and find it quite easy to wear.
    I use Woolite to wash it with and Downy Free to condition it in and the wig is in great shape.
    You will not regret this purchase - it's worth every penny.
    By Katie on 8/30/13
  10. It's perfect!
    This Camera Ready is the best for me.
    Almost no care during wearing this wig.
    Front lace give us really natural hair line. Nobody finds it is a wig.
    I love it so much!

    By Tomoka on 8/18/13
  11. Hard to tell it is a wig
    This is my 3rd purchase of this wig. This wig looks so real on me that I have to tug on it to prove to very close pals that it is not my hair.
    I was going thru these at a rate of 1 per month but I've discovered that if you wash it in Woolite and condition with Suave Naturals conditioner it adds spring to this wig and definitely adds life to it. It also seems to keep it from becoming a tangled matted mess in the back.
    By Sissy on 8/17/13
  12. sophisticated
    treat her like a Lady that's all.
    If you want compilments wear it!!
    By Puppie on 8/13/13

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