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Carley by Envy

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Monofilament Top

Availability: In stock

List Price: $275.00

Price: Price: $233.75

Carley by Envy Wigs : Color Light Brown (2 tone color with Light Golden brown and dark blonde highlights)
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  1. Used to be my favorite
    This was my favorite wig. I wore it every day. Reordered and the wig I received was not the same beautifully cut wig that I was used to wearing. Not sure what the problem is but the cut was SO different it looked like a different product. I sent it back so hopefully I will get the same top_notch product I was used to. It is truly a fabulous wig except for the monstrosity I received last time.
    By Kimmy on 7/22/16
  2. Natural looking and cure
    When my wig arrived it was a little darker (frosted) than shown on the model. I had my beautician trim and style it but the bangs were thinner on my wig than in the pictures. I do however like the wig and ordered another in a lighter color. I am getting my remaining hair shaved today so I will be wearing it all the time now.

    By Nancy on 4/19/16
  3. Absolutely LOVE this wig
    I am wearing the third one I got. Same style, same color. Got it out of the box, trim the front a little (could have just wear it right out of the box) and ready to go. I got so many compliments wearing the wig it's embarrassing. I already order another one as spare.
    By bet3 on 1/22/16
  4. Long Lasting and Beautiful
    I had to make some modifications out of the box so it wouldn't be in my face too much but then it was the most comfortable, sexy, put on and go wig I've ever had. Many compliments and it lasted 9 months with almost every day wear. Currently I'm looking for a different style but it looks like I'll be getting another one of these since it's starting to develop a bald spot in the front. Even with that, people are still saying, "Wow! I love your hair!"
    By Willow on 1/17/16
  5. Disappointed
    This costs way too much to arrive with an entirely itchy, wire headpiece.
    Very happy with customer service who helped me make a fast exchange for a different brand-Ellen Wille.
    By T E D on 9/15/15
  6. Favorite Wig!
    Love this wig.. Just like my own much thinner hair style!

    By Christine on 6/11/15
  7. Love It
    Best wig I've had, and it looks very natural. It was a bit longer than I thought it would be, but a stylist can take care of that. The part and fall of the hair is wonderful. Went back for another color to change things up a bit....
    By Cheryl on 4/28/15
  8. Beautiful and comfortable
    I just wear wigs for fun to change styles, or when I have bad hair days or am lazy which happens a lot. I fell in love with Carley the first time I saw it on the website, but it took several orders before I got the right color for me. The color range is limited in this brand, and the chart online is not true to the actual colors. Finally the Light Blonde was the right color for me. Love the style, lace front, mono part, etc. My only complaint is that the bangs are slightly long for me but that is always fixable. The hair at the back along the nape tends to separate which makes it less natural.looking and sometimes drives me crazy The fiber though is perfect and not too shiny. Looks like real hair. I do love the style but wish it looked as perfect as it does in the photo on the website. On my it appears a little longer than online but otherwise it is a winner!

    By Carole on 3/15/15
  9. You can almost wear it right out of the box!
    A very natural looking style. Didn't have to do much to it before I wear it. Just trim the bang a little and you are ready to go. Hopefully this one will last longer than 2-3 months.

    By bet on 3/14/15
  10. Love it!
    I absolutely love this wig. It is bouncy and flatters my face. I get lots of compliments on it.
    By Patricia on 1/13/15
  11. Comfortable, natural looking, durable
    I've had this wig for five months and the look and feel is still new. I wash it gently every five days/air dry/apply light amount of spray shine and no one knows its a wig. The Light brown is perfect for my medium skin tone and I'll probably purchase a lighter shade this spring.
    By Jacqueline on 1/9/15
  12. Love It
    It's a natural, beautiful wig and no one can tell it's a wig
    By lydia on 11/30/14
  13. I love it!
    Awesome wig it looks so natural.
    By Leeann on 9/13/14
  14. Got so many compliments!
    Totally love it but think I may need to get it trimmed as it's a bit thick for my face.

    By MsJo on 9/8/14
  15. Very Natural Looking
    I have just ordered my second Carley wig in the color called Toasted Sesame. It flatters my face (long forehead) and looks like human hair. The Creamed Coffee is a beautiful color but it sells out fast. I get many compliments on my style and when I tell folks it is a wig they are very surprised. The Carley does not last much longer than a year so be prepared to order new ones when you notice the ends getting brittle and stubby looking. I take very good care of my wigs but let's face it. They do need replacing. Look for the great discount sales that has to offer. Get on their mailing list and you can find some good buys.
    By zesty2sday on 9/6/14
  16. Looks just like my own hair!
    This is the first wig I've ordered. The wig is very real looking. I modeled it for several of my friends before I wore it out and they all told me that they honestly would never have thought it was a wig. It was beautiful right out of the box but a little heavy at the bottom. I had my stylist texturize it and add bangs to frame my face....and I LOVE IT!! After she thinned it out a bit it became lighter and I don't feel like I'm wearing a wig at all!!
    I will definitely buy this again.

    By Cassandra on 9/5/14
  17. Looks real
    I have been wearing wigs for over a year due to partial alopecia. This wig is very comfortable looks like natural hair and moves like normal hair also. I was able to style it with a partial pony tail and the parting at the front looked completely natural even when you look at it closely. I had to cut the bangs and trimmed the longer hair at the front. I did not need a stylist and the wig retained its style. I would buy it again!
    By Minerva on 6/26/14
  18. very good choice
    I'm new to wigs. I have 3. The first two I ordered at the same time. One was Giselle and I forgot what the other one was but they were both highly rated. Unfortunately my brother said the Giselle was too poofy on top and made me look like I was from some other past decade.. 80s? i wouldn't know to be honest. The other wig tangled easily and layed pretty flat on my head after a while.
    This one is a keeper. If it weren't for this wig I may have given up on this search all together. I'm lucky I found and chose this one online. It looks pretty natural on me. It does not tangle too much. I've had it for around 6 months now give or take... and I wear it every single day. I'm not the best at taking care of wigs-- I started using regular shampoo and doing to the wig whatever I wanted like washing it like normal hair spraying perfume etc. It still holds up fine. It did lose a bunch of hair since the beginning... through brushing and stuff but honestly I think it just made it look more natural.
    The first few months I wore it around my mom would randomly stare at me-- whether it was at Target or at home-- and when I asked her why she would say how my hair looked so real it was mind boggling to her. She only has 2 other images to compare this one to since I only wore 2 other wigs but I can tell she is more comfortable with the idea of me wearing a wig after seeing this one.
    I'm going to look for other styles as well-- this gave me hope and my hair has been the same length for 6 months at my new job lol soooo time to search again. I will however be buying another one of this. I don't want to be left carley-less if this were ever to be discontinued or sold out.
    Oh and my bangs on Carley did not come as thick as it appears on the above pictures but every wig is a little bit different and you can always trim or style it however you want. I put the sticker you can stick on the underside of the wig to keep you cooler/less sweaty in the summer. It's blue on one side and flesh toned on the other. The flesh color is the part that peeks through the mono top. It looks great and makes it look more realistic.
    I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because I'm sure there is something else out there that is worthy of a 5. It's also because the state of my "hair" is a 4 right now-- it may have been a 5 when I first got it but it's been through a lot :)
    By worry less about my head/living a bit more comfortably with one less worry on 6/5/14
  19. Wear it all the time.
    This is my daily wig. It's pretty and natural comfortable and as you can see by the picture even blowing in the wind it looks great.
    By Tina on 11/8/13
  20. I love it!
    OOPS! Forgot the picture!

    By Tina on 11/8/13
  21. Looks so natural
    The Carly is such a nice style it looks so Natural.
    By Doreene on 3/2/13

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