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Carrie | SmartLace by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Human Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top
  • SKU: JR708

Availability: In stock

List Price: $848.00

Price: Price: $720.80

Carrie by Jon Renau | Exclusive Color: 6RN
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Carrie by Jon Renau | Exclusive Color: 6RN

Write a ReviewCustomer Reviews

  1. It's great... for a few days
    Once the silicone washes off in the first or second shampoo, it is a mess. Best go with a cheaper synthetic.
    By Alopecia sufferer on 9/9/16
  2. It gets frizzy fast!
    I am so discouraged. I have worn synthetic Paquel W. wigs for years, but of course they get frizzy and cheap looking fast. So Iot so tangled and frizzy at the base of my neck. And washing it? What a nightmare. No matter how careful I am, it is a real rat's nest. I follow ALL the directives and use the proper products to no avail. Really folks, can't you make something that lasts and is beautiful for at least 6-8 months?
    By Kim A. on 9/9/16
  3. It is Real Hair Beautiful!
    This is the 1st human hair wig I have purchased after 13 years of wearing synthetic. I've only had it for 4 days but it's so much more "real hair" looking than anything I've ever had. I'm not sure if I'm going to like the maintenance side of the human hair as I will have to style it each day instead of throwing it on and running out the door, thus the 4 stars. But that goes with the territory. I live in a really humid climate and didn't consider that before I purchased. BUT! I do love the color and the cut. Everyone on FB loves the picture and now to see how it fares in real life!
    By Cindy on 8/31/16
  4. Love love love it!!
    I purchased the 32F color. I wI'll have to admit, I was a little shocked at the color. I was expecting quite a bit darker. I tried it in and after the initial shock I fell in love with it. I receive so many compliments. Thank you for bringing my confidence back.

    By Oceangirl on 7/31/16
  5. Cap is pretty large
    For me (with total alopecia) the cap is too large, the Ellen wille caps are a better fit and the human hair ie from EW have anti slip polyurethane or silicone in strategic places, so I don't need any tape. Carrie is otherwise a beautiful wig,the color is vibrant and beautiful (6F27) the hair comes pre styled and is ready to wear out of the box. It's also pretty long, but that's an easy fix with the right stylist. I sent it back, because the cap was too big and did not have any anti slip elements, but if you don't care about that, then this is a pretty good value wig.
    By Beatrice on 3/4/16
  6. My favorite!
    This wig is my favorite. In fact, I've ordered a second one to wear while my hair grows back post chemo.Although I've had to have other human hair wigs customized, I wore this one straight out of the box, and it is quite flattering and comfortable. It is not too heavy on my head. The cap fits perfectly and is stable enough that I can wear this wig and do my pilates class without any slippage. It doesn't look wiggy at all and the hair feels soft, but full when you touch it.
    By Jane on 1/24/16
  7. Feels and looks wonderful
    My review is much like Jessica's, but I thought I'd write one anyway. I love Carrie. It feels great, I love the way it moves, and it's so easy to wear. Like Jessica, I am wearing it out of the box and it looks very natural (just like Jessica's photo). I ordered FS27 and I love it. My Gwyneth is also FS27. Didn't notice that Carrie came in 4/27/30, or I would have gotten it in that color, just for variety.

    I get tons of compliments whenever I wear Carrie.

    I do agree with Cassandra that Carrie is just a little big, but it's not noticeable.
    By NWDryad on 9/18/15
  8. Looks great
    I just received my Carrie wig and this is what it looked like directly from the box...I love it and is looking at other Jon Renau styles.This was a perfect fit and so light, I don't feel like I am wearing a wig.

    By Barbi on 9/17/15
  9. Superb Quality!
    This is my first time trying this particular style by Jon Renau. I chose Carrie by Jon Renau in colour 4/27/30. I have to say it definitely surpasses everything I was expecting in terms of quality, fit and colour!! I have had alopecia since I was six years old. I've tried many styles of wigs from a variety of companies and I have to say so far this one is second to none! The hair is very, very soft. Also, the fit of the wig is definitely the most comfortable I have experienced thusfar. I absolutely love the length! In the picture I posted I am wearing it basically right out of the box. I honestly have no criticisms about this style so far. Thank you ao much!!

    By Jessica on 7/3/15
  10. I'm in love with one!
    I ordered Carrie in color 14/26 and I love it!! I did have pretty thick brown hair but a hair colorist over processed my hair blonde so bad that some of my hair melted off! I had to cut my hair into a pixie cut and it looked horrible and didn't want to leave my house for about 3 weeks. So, I decided to order a real hair wig to wear while my natural hair is growing out and getting healthy. I'm so pleased that I took a picture of it straight on out of the box with the tag still on it! Thank you and Amy who helped me place the order !! Now I can leave my house with self confidence again!!

    By Sally on 6/5/15
  11. I feel normal agian
    Since having alopecia for the last 11 yrs I haven't really felt beautiful. I was only 15 and my mom didn't make a whole lot of money. So I never got to experience anything but the synthetic wigs. I just ordered my second Carrie wig and I couldn't be more excited! This hair got me confidence back a my anxiety over people looking at me has improved alot. I recommend this wig to everyone and hope it helps u feel like u as much as possible :)
    By sherri on 11/20/14
  12. In love with Carrie..more In love with myself thanks to Carrie
    I purchased this wig many months before realizing how great it was simply because I was way to afraid the to cut/style it on my own. I found a lace wig special salon and for a small fee they washed, styled and cut it to fit me and I never felt like I was wearing a wig. The stylish even complimented which was impressive because all their wigs start at $800.00. What I like best about this site, the models are wearing the wigs not a site where the styles are of sample hair styles worn by celebs. Also you know it's not being shipped from China making it ever so difficult to return..
    By Gail on 10/23/14
  13. A little big
    I am very happy with the quality of the wig. The hair is beautiful and after my stylist cut it it looks just like my own hair. My only complaint is that the cap is too large and is "lumpy" in the back. I constantly feel like I need to be tugging on it so that it is comfortable. It's not noticeable to anyone looking but makes me aware that I am wearing a wig.
    By Cassandra on 9/20/14
  14. I'm thrilled!!
    I just got my Carrie wig today and at first I wasn't sure what to think. So I cut bangs which is what I normally wear and styled it with my curling iron and oh my gosh!! My hair has never been more beautiful!! I absolutely love it also after feeling real human hair I will never go back to a synthetic!! Also it is very comfortable you would never know it is not my own hair except that it is much thicker and 100 times more beautiful!!
    By Sherri on 8/29/14
  15. So natural
    I felt so beautiful in Carrie. Even my husband said it was worth every penny. I went to two events wearing it. None of my friends could tell it was a wig. They just thought I had finally found a good hairdresser. I am buying another one for backup.
    By Betsy on 8/26/14
  16. Looks very nice
    I purchased this wig couple of weeks ago (color 6/33) It looks very nice and it is very soft. I used to have synthetic wigs and this one can't compare to those - it is very soft and natural looking. I would recomend it to everybody! (it doesn't itch either!)
    By JD on 7/30/14
  17. Very Nice
    I was impressed with the packaging. They took the time to style it with curls and rollers to keep its shape. It could have been worn right out of the box. Very soft and beautiful hair. The cut and style look amazing. It feels very real and gives a very authentic look and feel. The length is slightly below the shoulders and has great movement.
    By Sarah on 10/18/13
  18. Feels so good!
    The hair feels so good! It makes me look like a movie star!
    as for as i know ;-)
    By Kathy H on 6/4/12
  19. looks like my own!
    This is a Beautiful wig the hair feels great I love the fact that it looks like my own hair.
    By Wendy on 12/14/11
  20. looks so natural
    I love this wig because it looks so natural its made really well
    By IP on 3/4/11

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