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Codi by Amore

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Double Monofilament
  • SKU: RP2543

Availability: In stock

List Price: $273.00

Price: Price: $191.10

Codi by Amore | Color: Macadamia LR
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  1. Love Codi
    I bought Codi in Maple Sugar - rooted. I had my heart set on Macademia-LR, but it was back-ordered, so I went with Maple Sugar. When I first opened the box, my heart sank. The colors were darker than I expected, and it wasn't love at first sight. I gave it a chance, though, and now I love it! It really is a beautiful color. The very first time I wore it I got compliments. A woman even pulled over in her car in a parking lot to tell me that my hair was awesome and to ask who my stylist is. She said she bet I heard that all the time. I plan to order another Codi soon.
    The fit is a little large for my petite-sized head, but maybe when my post-chemo hair grows in a little more, it will fit
    better. I had none of the quality problems other reviews mentioned. The style is a gorgeous, sleek Bob, and the highlights are salon-perfect. The hair feels silky and soft and moves naturally. I love the double-mono top. It looks like my scalp and, unlike some wigs, it shows enough in the part that the wig looks like a normal head of hair. People are stunned when I tell them this is a wig. Five stars!
    By Shirley on 8/16/16
  2. Many compliments!
    I get stopped all the time asking where I get my hair cut and colored. It's a running joke in the family now every time I go to the stores. I would agree with the other review that the more I purchase one the worse they are looking. I cut bangs into mine and the last one it was harder because a lot of shorter fly always. I would give a 5 but because of that I can't. Go back to the way they were. Please!
    By Jennifer on 4/11/16
  3. cute, realistic bob
    I love Codi. It is a little full on top for my head but that is easily remedied by a bit of thinning and plopping a hat on top of my mannequin and the wig. Very natural looking top and Codi comes in some fantastic colors. Mine is in Chocolate Frost, which is my favorite color in this line. This would be a fantastic Summer wig!

    By Kayree on 4/3/16
  4. natural looking with awesome coloring - but quality changing?
    I have had aloepecia for over 25 years. I am always on the look out for natural looking wigs. This has been my favorite for the past several years. The scalp looks natural. Get lots of compliments on color of auburn-sugar. However i noticed on my last 2 orders, more and more short fly-aways. Now I am reading about a new mfg?? Please go back to the original suppliers. I don't want to have to move away from this great wig.


    We are sorry to hear you weren't happy with your purchase. We assigned a representative to contact the manufacturer about your concerns. We look forward to helping you in the future. Thank you for shopping at!

    By Rose on 1/19/16
  5. Codi update - Still love it but hate the fly-aways
    Codi is still my very favorite style but my latest one has ALOT of short fly-away hairs in the crown. I don't know if it is just this particular wig or if they've changed how they manufacture it, but there are soooo many little hairs sticking up no matter what I do (water, BeautyMark hairspray, leave in conditioner, etc.). It really looks ridiculous at times. The past 3 Codi's I've had, have had some fly-aways but nothing to this extent. It is disappointing to have a style that is so great but has this issue, which is why I'm updating and giving 4 stars.
    By Michelle on 11/25/15
  6. I love Codi!
    Code is a fantastic wig. I love the style and it looks very natural. I get many compliments on it and people don't realize it's a wig.

    It is my first synthetic wig so I have no perspective on how long it should last. After about 3-4 months, with washing about once a week, it started getting fuzzy on the ends (fibers bend or curl due to stress on the hair shaft). I occasionally take a scissors and carefully clip off the damaged ends one-by-one to help prolong the life of the wig (not sure if there's a better way, but that's what I am doing).

    I also don't know if fly-away hairs are typical with synthetic wigs. That is one thing I find annoying. I'm frequently smoothing it down with a spritz of water.

    My only wish is for it to be offered in Petite. It was snug enough when I got it, but after a couple months of wear, it is rather loose -- even with the straps pulled tighter.

    Despite all these things, I still give it a "5" because the style is soooooo cute!
    By Michelle on 9/4/15
  7. Perfect!
    This wig has given me my life back. I started losing my hair as a teenager to pcos. I wish I'd made this decision sooner.

    By Candy on 8/18/15
  8. My "go to wig"
    I have 4 of the Codi wigs. It has been my "go to wig" for several years. Loved the angled bob, the quality, and the colors .. I have 2 toasted brown and 2 auburn sugar. The first 3 Codi's took 10 years off of me like the other reviewer said. I would have given the first 3 Codi's at least 4 stars. Then came my 4th Codi. This is not the same wig. It is so thin on top, I had to use a magic marker so it doesn't look like I am balding on top. It also has little 2-3 inch hairs sticking out all over the top. I tried hair spray and hair wax. They just pop back up. This wig does nothing for me looks wise like the first 3 codi's did. The lady at the wig shop told me all the Amore, ROP, Noriko wigs have a new supplier or wig maker, and the quality is not as good as it used to be. I am trying to find a replacement for my Codi, but can't find an angled double mono top.
    By sunnie on 8/16/15
  9. Perfect
    Purchased new color. Love it!!

    By SC94 on 7/30/15
  10. Looks realistic
    My first wig! Was always an extension lady, but so glad I discovered this lovely wig and gave it a try. Ive been using it for a few days now. No shedding, fits perfect, not to shiny. I ordered the creamy blonde, I feel confident in it, after I got a Really short pixie cut, that I got tired of quick. I even wore this wig today for my photo shoot.

    By Kat on 3/8/15
  11. So far so good!
    This was my first try with this wig. I have always been 100% Raquel. I have had trouble with the Raquel wigs fraying way too soon as of late - and for the $ it costs for a monofilament wig, I decided I needed to find some options. So after reviewing the feedback on this wig, I decided to order it. I LOVE it! It is incredibly comfortable and looks natural. It is not thick and bulky like a lot of wigs. I don't have an opinion on the fraying yet - but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will at least get more wear than I have lately with the Raquel wigs.
    By Deborah on 1/12/15
  12. Great Bob
    Just ordered my 2nd Codi in Auburn Sugar Rooted. Love the cut and the feel of the hair, the double mono is great! I'm on the petite side so it's a little more hair than I'm used to, but nothing a good hair dresser can't fix. Hoping that this one is as good as the first one.
    By Ann on 11/22/14
  13. Natural looking bob
    I have alopecia and was looking for a wig that looked natural yet stylish. I found it. Love the mono top. It's a good length to keep the neck from fraying too quickly.
    By Rose on 8/21/14
  14. Best One Yet!
    I have tried several wigs lately from Jon Renau to Ellen Wille. I've have found so many are too thick looking on me. They just look too wiggy. This one looked good right out of the box. It fit perfectly (average size head here) and it was not TOO much hair. It didn't have that perma tease that to me just can be overdone on wigs. I have already ordered a second one in a different color.
    Highly recommend this wig if you like a more natural look.
    By Isabelle on 8/20/14
  15. Great looking bob
    I love the Codi and I love the color Coconut Spice. What a great wearable natural color. Love this one!
    By Sue on 7/5/14
  16. Spectacular!
    Nobody but NOBODY knows I am wearing a wig! My natural hair just won't cooperate even with 2 hair stylist daughters in the family. So I wear it because it's the best 2 minute hairstyle ever I get compliments all the time and it's the best anti-aging look I could give myself! I just wish it came in more red/brown colors so I could buy them all!

    By Cindy on 7/1/14
  17. Great Bob
    This is one of my favorite wigs. It is a sharp angled modern bob. I like it because the back is tapered- no mullet.
    By wigwearer on 6/19/14
  18. The Best!!!
    I have been wearing this wig for 3 years now and I love it!!! I get so many compliments. The color selection is fabulous and looks very natural.

    By SC on 6/12/14
  19. I couldn't tell
    Everywhere I go ladies say they love the color (ginger-h) and they want to know who does my hair. This style doesn't get frayed so fast since it is shorter. I find it's a very good buy.
    By Sky on 1/20/14
  20. My second one in 6 months.
    Love this wig. This is my second one. I got it in ginger brown which is very close to my natural hair color. It is soft and smooth very natural and believable . The first one I took to my stylist and had the bangs trimmed but the second one I wore right out of the box and parted the bangs to the side. Hair always looks perfect like you stepped out of the salon. Lasts a good 3 months with everyday wear. Moves naturally too.
    By Annaw on 9/28/13
  21. Great for medical hair loss!
    I have Alopecia Areata so my scalp is very sensitive. The double mono is soft and smooth against my skin which minimizes discomfort. The only complaint I have is that after a few months the ends sort of get a frizzy look to them. But I guess that adds to the realism since few women have perfect hair. People who do not know about my hair loss never guessed I had a wig on. When I tell people they are shocked. I would absolutely recommend this style!

    By Valerie on 8/23/13
  22. Not sure...
    i just received the Codi wig and I loved the style but was concerned that it had hairs sticking straight up throughout the top.
    By Laura S on 5/17/11
  23. Natural
    I've tried other wig styles and I always end up coming back to this one. The monofilament makes it look so real. I tried another wig that wasn't mono and it just wasn't the same. I learned my lesson so I will stick with this one from now on.
    By TM on 3/4/11

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