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Crowd Pleaser by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Lace Front, Monofilament Part

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List Price: $284.00

Price: Price: $241.40

Crowd Pleaser by Raquel Welch | Color RL31/29
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  1. Be aware...
    Always feel like the pictures from Raquel Welch never match the actual wig. Thank goodness for photos, that being said this wig is pretty and the color rl29/25 is one of the best reds out there it's just not what is shown. Kind of a choppy long bob when you think you'll be getting lots of volume, disappointed.
    By adna on 8/25/16
    I have worn wigs for 16 years now & I have received more compliments with Crowd Pleaser than all the wigs I've worn put together in all my years! I would highly recommend this style. Very particular about a wig looking wiggy, not with this one. Styles beautifully, I can use a hair dryer, curling iron & curlers for different style. Love, Love, LOVE!
    I am getting ready to order another one, in a different color just because I like to change with my moods. LOL I'm a business owner & work with the public everyday & am not self conscious about this wig. Most natural I've ever had & worn.

    I highly recommend this wig style, you won't be disappointed!

    By Jo Ann on 5/14/16
  3. mixed feelings...
    Thi wig looks GREAT out of the box! I''ve since trimmed it to my taste and added bangs. I dip it repeatedly in Woolite to clean it about once or twice a week,shake water out of it,spray on wig conditioner. I don't use a wig stand to hold it. I hang it upside down from clothing hook on my door to keep volume. I also let it dry this way. Before I put it on I lightly spray it with hairspray (while it's upside down.) This workss great for mme! It's soft and vibrant looking still (had it almost 2 1/2 months.)I get LOTS of compliments,so yay! Easy to heat style and curls stay through washings!
    The downsides are that the cap runs a little small and the "lace" front itches like crazy!!


    We appreciate your feedback and very pleased to hear you love you wig! For optimal results we recommend using BeautiMark Products (or any products specifically formulated for synthetic hair) The newer synthetic fiber, although more realistic and natural feeling, can be more sensitive to products which are not specifically created for synthetic hair. You will also see a longer happier life of your wig. Please watch our video for more details on products and washing techniques. Thank you for shopping B&H!

    By patsy on 4/11/16
  4. My new favorite
    I have worn wigs for 8 years now due to alopecia. This is by far my new favorite. The true life fiber allows me to customize my look. This piece does require maintenance. My favorite tool is a hairdryer curling iron brush. Spray some thermal spray and blow dry or flat iron. So awesome.

    By Christy on 2/6/16
  5. Crowd Pleaser
    This is a new review of Crowd Pleaser. After wearing it once, my husband didn't like the color, so I donated the wig to the American Cancer Society. I might try Crowd Pleaser again in a different color.
    Before I turned gray, my natural color was close to "Dusty Auburn," so I'm wondering if I should try that color. Although I dyed my eyebrows black, the charcoal color looked too harsh. Silver Stone by Noriko is closer to the actual color of my hair. I tried "Crowd Pleaser" in silver-white, but it didn't go with my complexion and the fibers were very dull with no shine at all.

    By Shearie on 1/27/16
  6. Crowd Pleaser
    This is my third "Crowd Pleaser." It is not as thick nor does it have as much curl as the ones I bought in 2014. I rec. this one last week.
    The color "Silver" is not silver, but more of an off-white with a few dark brown hairs. It seems dull. I have put it up to save it for when I am older. Perhaps this company has changed wig makers since 2014. I won't be buying anymore by Raquel W. This wig would be ok for someone in her 80's.
    By Buni on 9/5/15
  7. Crowd Pleaser really Pleases
    I purchased my first Crowd Pleaser when it was first available. I have the golden russet color RL29/25. From the first moment I put it on my head I knew it was love at first sight. The wig fits me and my personality. Strangers approach me with complements on the color and cut everyday. My friends tell me all the time that this is their favorite wig on me. I have alopecia and must wear a wig daily. Its light cool and comfortable. The price is reasonable also. I have four of these and change off. I use a curling iron and spray oil for synthetic wigs when I need to un-frizz the hair under the neckline. I give this wig a 5 star rating for style, color choice, comfort and it looks totally natural. Nobody knows it's a wig. Only my close friends will know because they know of my medical condition. So GO FOR IT!

    By Augusta on 4/24/15
  8. Love the style - But it doesn't last
    I've been wearing wigs for 15 years and usually get Raquel wigs. This one has a great style and color. Looks natural. But as others said, it won't last very long. I have to throw these out after about 4 weeks. Thinking about just getting a human hair wig so it will last longer.
    By Lori on 4/8/15
  9. Frizz, Frizz, Frizz
    I've been wearing wigs on/off for several years. Thought as this one was in the mid $200 range, that it would last up to 1/2 a year before starting to look worn out. After about 2 months, the style has dramatically diminished and there is nothing but frizz and knots. Also, bangs have lots of fly-away hair that get in your eyes. Constantly have to wet fingertips to try to get them off my face.

    As I wear wigs daily, I know that takes a toll on them. I tried to restyle and then shampoo to lock it in, but that just made the fibers go limp. I plan to take it to a local wig shop and see if it can be professionally cleaned and restyled.

    Very disappointed as I loved the look and style for the first couple of weeks. Then it all went downhill.
    By Jenny on 2/14/15
  10. Disappointed
    I noticed that as fast as these wigs become straw-like and for the price, that I could save and buy a human hair. So I did. I agree that crowd-pleaser has uneven hair. And don't but the Heart Throb. It looks almost shoulder length in pictures but it's really short, and too much hair on top. So for the three Raquel's I've bought (love Embrace) since July costing over $350, I bought the Raquel Knockout human hair on Ebay for $450. Its truly gorgeous and I can style it and wash it like human hair. This wig will last me at least a year and it doesn't look fake at all. Her glazed sand is the perfect beige and platinum blond mix. Anyway, it's disappointing that two of my three Raquel's looked off, and only lasted about 6 weeks with daily wear and proper care. Ladies, save up and buy the real hair!
    By Dana on 11/18/14
  11. I Enjoy Crowd Pleaser
    I bought two "Crowd Pleaser" wigs last Aug. I rotate them, so they will last longer. I comb through the ends with a wide comb before I wash them.
    When they're dry, I comb though them all over. They always bounce back to their original style. On windy days, Crowd Pleaser goes back to it's original style and doesn't need to be combed. I use a little wig spray in the front only. I always use wig shampoo and wig leave-in conditioner. The wigs do not tangle on the ends or frizz on the ends. When I'm not wearing one of them, I keep it on a wig stand.

    By Shearie on 10/16/14
  12. Love the length
    I am on my 3rd Crowd Pleaser since June love the length it is perfect for me colors are great and I really have no issue with the lace front like some others do. But the fibers do clump up and become straw like as some other reviewers found. I wish that the fibers could be improved upon.
    By Michelle on 9/23/14
  13. Waste of money
    All of Raquel Welch wigs look good in the pictures but the last ones I have ordered have been awful. The Crowd Pleaser had more hair on one side than the other. Her wigs are either real short or long This one definitely looked like you had a wig on. Can't get the color SS23 in a lot of her wigs but the secret to not looking like you have a wig on is pulling your own hair out around the sides.
    By mjg on 9/15/14
  14. Very pretty
    I have been wearing my Crowd Pleaser for about 5 months now. Yes it is looking a little frizzy now but I have worn it every day. I have washed it curled it straightened it many times and I think for the money it has served me well. People still tell be EVERY day how pretty "my hair" is and I have another on the way!! I have been wearing wigs every day for years now and I can say that this wig has been one of my better choices.
    By Pat on 9/12/14
  15. Beautiful but Small
    This is a beautiful wig. In my opinion Rachel Welch wigs are the best on the market. This wig comes out of the box ready to wear with a quick shake. I have worn RW wigs for years and the only reason I gave this wig a 4 star instead of a 5 star is the cap runs very small. I do wish they would make it with a full monofilament top in place of just the part that's my personal preference. I have had had some neckline frizzes with the heat friendly fibers.
    By Deborah Y on 9/6/14
  16. Realistic Wig
    Now I have two Crowd Pleaser wigs in sugar and charcoal. The wigs do not touch my shoulders so they do not frizz. I keep them on wig stands in my closet. I cover them lightly with a silk scarf. They are already styled and ready to wear. Comfortable Easy Realistic Fun!
    By Shearie on 8/25/14
  17. Disaster
    I have worn Raquel Welch wigs for many years. This one is a disaster frizzes within a week feels like pointy hay just an awful awful wig. Don't waste your money.
    By Annie P on 8/20/14
  18. Nice for a Month Only
    This was so pretty‰Û_for a month. Then it frizzes and it frizzes out it looks like it is growing width wise. Feels awful after a month. I cut it to take some of the frizz away and only got more frizz. Won't be ordering this again there are definitely problems with it.
    By AnnieP on 7/21/14
  19. Crowd Pleaser and me too!
    I now have 3 - gorgeous elegant dramatic Hollywood classic. My colors so far are 16/88 31/29 and 18/23SS. Stunning! This is my favorite along with the Spotlight Elite. I plan on buying many more colors. It is beautiful to say the very least and is very comfortable and well priced. I am so happy that offer the monthly discount and always fill my shopping cart in preparation. Would love someone's view on RW's Grand Entrance as it is one I want very much. An excellent site. I have attached a photo of the Spotlight and hope to get pictures of the Crowd Pleaser wig. Thank you.
    By Deborah on 7/21/14
  20. BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Oh my gosh I just got my new wig today and it is absolutely beautiful!! The color is perfect and the style is so versatile. It really looks like real hair seriously just by looking you cannot tell the difference between real human hair and this synthetic hair. I always sew in hair clips just because I like to feel the security of my wig not moving. I have several wigs and this is BY FAR my favorite! Oh my husband also loves it. Thank you Raquel and!!
    By Sherri on 7/19/14
  21. Very Realistic
    It's a dressy wig; not what I reach for when I am truly casual. But it can't be beat for a high end star look. I wear lot of wigs and am very open about it. But when I wore this to a wedding my friends were blown away. My son even came up and said is that your real hair?? So the lace front a few have complained about is part of what "makes' this wig so beautiful. Press against scalp for a good 10 seconds once you have it in place. Maybe that and washing will help... yes the curls are loose in the back; I like that. It can be tightened up with a little water shaping cream and scrunching if you like them a little tighter.
    I have this wig in two colors and plan to get a third in the fall. It is really really beautiful!
    By LB on 7/12/14
  22. Realistic Wig
    My wig is "Sugar and charcoal" It is a very close match to my true hair color of salt and pepper gray. I love the curls the bounce the thickness of the wig and the comfortable way "Crowd Pleaser" feels. This is my first wig by Raquel Welch. I love it. Thank you for all of your help! I asked you a lot of questions and you patiently answered each one.
    By Shearie James on 7/7/14
  23. very feminine
    I find this wig very feminine and I am really pleased with it. Just ordered 3 new ones! My chosen color is 16/88which is really lovely. I ordered the 19/23 earlier but it looks light grey. Unfortunately returning is too expensive and not worth the hassle (extra taxes). But very happy with the new color. People who don't know I wear a wig ask me about my stylist! Hope this one does not frizz too much and get clumpy but as it does not touch the shoulders I hope for the best.
    By Elvira on 6/17/14
  24. perfect wig
    love this wig. wish it came in butter toast.
    By linda campbell on 6/15/14
  25. Heavenly
    I have been wearing wigs and hairpieces for over 17 years now. Of all the styles I have bought and worn Crowd Pleaser is by far the best and I have tried them all! It is absolutely beautifully natural in its style texture and especially its lace front. I feel pretty in this wig and this speaks volumes considering where I have been. Raquel Welch wigs to me are perfection in every way. They look and feel like my own hair should. This wig has a unique flair sexiness and style that makes it so lovely.
    Most importantly I thank my beauty expert Antoinette as she does all for me. She is a blessed lady whom I love very much and can never ever thank her enough for all she does and gives to me.
    By Jennie on 6/12/14
  26. The Prettiest Wig Ever!
    It is by far the prettiest wig I have ever gotten!
    By Jeannie on 6/11/14
  27. Needs a few changes to be perfect
    i received the wrong color so I am thinking of exchanging it. Hate the lace front (it itches and causes bumps on my head). Needs to be thicker over the lace front really skimpy with hair in the bang area. Needs full mono top or cap. Would love to see some real curl in it.
    By Linda on 5/30/14
  28. This wig is GREAT!!!!!
    I've found that if I see a bit of frizzing I use my curling iron. As long as it is 350 degrees or lower it helps get rid of the little curlicues and frizz. If it weren't for the lace top itching where the lace is sewn to the wig just one side. (that's why I gave it 4 stars) The wig would be perfect. I tried to put a thin layer of vaseline where the itching from the wig is with not much relief. As informed by customer service wearing the wig cleaning it etc did NOT soften it.
    Other than that this wig is perfect
    By Suesue on 5/22/14
  29. Crowd Pleaser
    I just got the Crowd Pleaser in RL31/29 I love the color and the style. I wear the upstage most of the time but like others say it frizzles and tangles in the back and on the front bangs. It just seemed to me that the Crowd Pleaser does not have the thickness of hair the Upstage has and I was disappointed about that. I do love it I just wish it had a full monofilament top and it was thicker.
    By Debra on 5/17/14
  30. Very Pretty
    Very pretty but too expensive to be heat friendly--this texture has a tendency to knot up when you move the back of you head and then I WOULD NOT BE PLEASED!
    By Cee Banks on 5/16/14
  31. Pretty spectacular
    I am so glad a designer finally made a wig in this length this is what I have been looking for. The only issue would be the lace front a bit funky but I can hide it with bangs. I am pretty happy with it haven't washed styled or curled it yet so it can only get better.
    By Mickey on 5/10/14
  32. Perfect updated style!
    This is the perfect length to be feminine easy versatile cool and has the must have lace front and mono part - I wish it was full mono top though. Crowd Pleaser is shorter than the RW Upstage so hopefully won't get tangled like the Upstage does. I love the Upstage but it tangles and frizzes in about 2 weeks and is too expensive to be flawed. I haven't gotten this one in the mail yet but I will write an update. I would like to see the Crowd Pleaser in the regular fiber as well since the heat friendly tends to get clumpy and difficult to style. Not a real fan of the heart friendly. I am hopeful the Crowd Pleaser will please me!
    By Lauren on 5/5/14
  33. Dreamy!
    Well the Crowd Pleaser is amazing! She is just about perfect! Please make her in the regular fiber too with a mono top and not just the mono part. I love Raquel Welch!
    By Brenda on 5/5/14
  34. Price
    Love the style not the price.
    By LAJ on 5/2/14

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