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easiFringe (HD) Heat Defiant by easihair

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Hair Extension
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Clip-In
  • SKU: JR357

Availability: In stock

List Price: $105.56

Price: Price: $89.70

easiFringe HD by easihair | Color: 12FS8
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  1. Great crown volumizer!
    This piece is perfect for the crown to add height and volume. When placed at the crown, it adds fullness to the sides and back of the head and it covers any separation. I ordered in color 6 and it's perfect for my dark brown hair. Love this piece!
    By Paula on 10/30/16
  2. EasiFringe Good at 30% off
    I have owned quite a few remy hair pieces by easiHair and JonRenau. Same company owns both so I'm told. I have 19 inch long hair. It is fine textured. I have it professionally straightened. I am very blonde and now getting quite gray and thin on top. I bought this in the remy hair version. Knowing how to style is the secret. This is my first synthetic HD piece. Bought it as a test for vacation. It fit horrible out of the box. After washing it twice and playing with it, I find that the base tends to conform to the head after a while. The synthetic hair colors run darker than remy hair, so keep that in mind. The Asian hair tends to be very straight, so with that in mind, the remy hair was cut by my stylist not to my liking and I am going they synthetic route for experimentation. I think this piece is worth the price if you know how to style it. I usually wear long expensive remy hair pieces, but I dont want to wear them on vacation. This one works great thrown up into a "messy" updo.
    By Hair Girl on 4/26/16
  3. great piece & great value!
    I've had this piece about a year now & it's great. Wears well, washes well, styles well! I took it to my salon & my hairdresser cut it for my hair style & colored my hair to match the piece. I can't say enough good things about it & my hairdresser says it's one the nicest pieces he's seen-including real hair!
    By ann on 4/23/15
  4. Love mine
    I've had both EasiPart and EasiFringe for a long time. I had them trimmed to blend into my hair better and my color done to blend better. I also like the fact that you can use low heat to style them how you want them. LOW heat not high.
    By Terie V on 8/17/14
  5. Hard to Style
    I returned mine. I did not like the way it sat on my head. I bought it for thinning hair and it just looked ridiculous. It was way to large for my head and there was a huge bump of hair that sits in the front of your head. No matter what I tried to do to style it it just could not be combed back or styled to be a side sweep bang as the model is wearing it in the video.It is a shame too because when you return something for a refund you loose 25% restocking fee and paying the return shipping .You take quite a loss if you are not happy with it and do not want an exchange. If there was anything I could have done to make it work I would have kept it but it was not condusive to styling as a side sweep bang as shown on the model in the video.
    By Linda on 6/13/14
  6. Easi-Fringe Top Piece
    I've been wearing Easi Fringe for about six months and really like it. However the last two I ordered the hair was much thinner. It seems as though the company is trying to save money and put less hair in the piece. If this continues I will choose another brand. Also I was using the easy bang before this and loved the color. However this same company doesn't use that color in this top piece. I don't understand.
    By Jane Mansfield on 5/23/14
  7. not great for bangs... but i am loving it for volume at my crown!
    so I can see how it is a bit disappointing as bangs. But I do LOVE IT for adding volume in the crown area. I know it sounds crazy but it gives a great lift to the crown area and it covers that little separation back there where my hair doesn't lay well. I think most of us have it but I may also have a cowlick which just makes it worse. when I am wearing clip in extensions the top weft sometimes shows in that area... especially if there is any wind. this covers it up completely! I get the perfect lift back there and it looks great! I used to use a product called bump up the volume that was awesome but I believe they stopped making it. This is perfect and undetectable.
    By Tracy Winters on 9/11/13
  8. EasiFringe
    I got my easifringe today and here are my observations.
    The packaging was great and I have absolutely no complaints with the service at
    But the fringe sits rather uncomfortably on my head.It seems too large for my head and has a 'wiggy' appearance.I looked up the videos and did exactly as suggested but It looks far too unnatural even after blending it with my natural hair.I won't be returning it thoughand might give it another go.But I don't have high hopes for it.
    By RS on 9/9/13
  9. Disappointment
    I love the easy part so much I ordered this and while the look and feel is incredible when it's put on and in place correctly the problem is the edge is completely unfinished.
    It doesn't show most of the time because the way the piece works is all the hair is tied to go in one direction- backwards. So when you put it on the hair comes forward which makes this beautiful arch from going against its natural positioning. And in doing so it covers the unfinished edge. However if for any reason the hair moves out of position- a gust of wind suddenly head movement whatever the case may be- and that hair swings back for a moment it will expose the edge and there is no pretending you aren't wearing a hairpiece at that point cause it could not possibly look like anything else.
    By College girl on 9/2/13

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