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easiPart HD 12" by easihair

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Hairpiece
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Clip-In
  • Cap Construction: Monofilament
  • SKU: JR356

Availability: In stock

List Price: $145.60

Price: Price: $123.80

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  1. Fabulous and so easy to use.
    I was able to wear this piece right out of the box because the color match was perfect (14/24) and so was the length. The texture is very soft and feels totally natural. It gives me exactly what I wanted -- a little extra volume on the crown and sides. There is a small problem with what to do with the front of your hair - the area that is in front of where the topper sits on top of your head. I found 3 ways to solve that-- you could cut bangs in your own hair and/or wear a headband or pull some of your own hair forward, attach the piece then comb your hair back over it and use a clip or band to hold it in place. I opted for some wispy bangs. I love this topper. I only wish I had discovered it earlier.
    By Grandmag on 7/20/16
  2. Does not style as stated
    I got this because my hair if VERY thin and I wanted something to hide my scalp better. It does do that but I have to have this at my hairline or it is VERY noticeable.
    My biggest issue is that it states you can style this with a cool curling iron which i tired but not only did it NOT style the hair piece but now the ends of it are fried (i had the iron at 280 which was supposed to be well within the synthetic hair's limit)
    It is no longer soft to the touch and actually itches against my face now.


    We are so sorry to hear about your experience. We suggest watching the following YouTube video to see how to remove frizz from heat-friendly fiber, Also keep in mind you must clip and cool when styling a heat-friendly wig. Copy and paste the following link to see how Jon Renau curls heat-friendly fiber, We hope this helped and thank you for submitting your review.
    By Eve on 12/23/15
  3. This is a Fantastic Piece. But The Price Point is Too High for the Product
    First of all, I would like to start by saying that I've been suffering from hair loss for the past--oh, about ten years. What started out as a little bald spot in the back of my head has crown up to my crown. Luckily, even though I lost over half my hair, what I still have is very thick and wiry. So that's a good thing. I've started to wear wigs from time to time, but I'm trying to wear my "real" hair for as long as I can.
    I saw this easiPartHD 12" Crown Volumizer and was intrigued. I was happy with many reviews I've read AND the model just looks so good that I decided to bite the bullet and order.
    What I was expecting and what I received was slightly different but not all THAT bad. I was expecting a piece with a good deal more hair. When I took this piece out of the box, I was somewhat shocked that I paid over a hundred bucks for it. I've posted a picture so you can see how thin the top is.
    I placed the piece on top of my head, clipped it in, and have to say. I was incredibly pleased. It may be a piece on the thin side, but it covers my royal baldness beautifully. I pulled some of my real hair out and clipped it back over the top of the piece--a la Catherine Deneuve. I'm feeling rather French. Oh lala! Next, I decided to forgo the clip and just let my natural hair fall in the front. Oh. I DID apply a small bit of Dermatch over the front thinning part of my hair. Again. I was pleased.
    While my *cough* NATURAL hair is dyed black (don't judge-many years ago my hair WAS black), the piece comes in at a dark brown ..number 1B. That's ok too. The two tone is so discreet and I kind of like the effect anyway.
    Would I purchase this again? To tell you the truth, I don't know. For the price point, I would most likely think of a larger piece or a Noriko Milan, which has available. My reasoning for this is that I would need more coverage in the future. For now. This is a great little piece, it hides what I want it to hide and it looks really, really nice and natural! Thank you for reading and I hope this helped in some small way!

    By Catherine on 11/24/15
  4. disappointed
    The hair is pretty and soft, but way too much of it. I have very fine thin hair all over and when putting on this easipart, it did not blend at all, it sat right on top of my hair and there was a clear differenc between the texture of the easipart and my hair. Plus, you could see the edge of it, it did not blend at all. Lastly, a softer clip would be nice, these really dig into scalp and kind of hurt.
    By PT on 9/6/15
  5. Provides a second option
    I purchase both easiPart HD top pieces. This one works on most days, but doesn't have as much coverage as the larger one (JR359 easiPart). Both work well for me and it just looks like I style my hair to be fuller when wearing the larger piece. I have the 8/30 color and it matches my hair perfectly.
    By Hair Solutions on 5/25/15
  6. Love it
    I have had to take meds lately and also surgery...My hair has been falling out. I absolutely LOVE this because it blends right in with my own hair..I did have my hairdresser shorten it to match my own hair and the front stick up slightly and I had her cut some bangs in the front to blend better..I wish there were a natural looking part though. It makes life so much easier . I have the rasberry twist.

    By Ana on 4/20/15
  7. Wrong color + too thick = waste of $123!
    I own several pieces by easihair so I had high hopes for this one. This is the first time they have let me down and it's a doozy!
    My hair is jet black so I ordered in my usual 1B shade. However, when this piece arrived, it was TOTALLY the wrong color - very obviously brown and stood out like a sore thumb on top of my natural hair. I even tried dyeing the piece in various ways to darken the color but nothing helped very much.
    Also, this piece is thicker than ALL of the natural hair on my head so it does come across as very fake and "wiggy."
    SO disappointed to have wasted so much $$$ on this when I will probably end up throwing it away. If I could rate 0 stars I would. Thanks for ripping me off, easihair! >:-(


    We are so sorry to hear of your experience with easiPart! With the HD fiber, unfortunately most colors appear slightly lighter. We would love to resolve this for you and recommend contacting our Wig Experts for additional assistance. Thank you for choosing!
    By Crazy Disappointed on 4/10/15
  8. Quality of this piece is amazing!
    I have extremely thin hair on the sides and top. The quality of this piece is amazing and the hair looked great and after a few months, the hair is still silky and can run your fingers through it. This piece would be excellent and 5 stars if the base were larger. I found that with my thin hair on the sides and front, once I put this on, the hair just fell right in my face instead of blending in. But I love the quality of this piece, thats why 4 stars.
    By rstittle on 1/22/15
  9. looks great w/ a little work
    I purchased the #27 easipart HD. It came in a little redder than expected. I needed to have my hair died to mix with it. I had a hairdresser cut bangs in it to hide to area in front that seemed to be lifting up. I have very llittle hair there so I can't use tape to hold it down. So I changed the clip to a smaller one. I also sprayed the top front with water and pressed down on the front clip area while it was on head form and left it to dry over night. I can't see any problems now after taking these actions and love the way the piece looks, very natural, not bulky on the sides which for my fine thin hair would be a dead give away that I am wearing a piece.
    By Delia on 1/15/15
  10. Hopefull
    So excited when I received my easipart, the color and texture were great Color was #6 a dark brown, the trouble is that there isn't enough hair in the front to cover the base and the base is almost white and has a thick front edge. My hair is very thin, so pulling my own hair forward and then back doesn't work. At 62 a headband does not look appropriate. It doesn't pay to send it back so I will try to work with it. If it had more hair in the front it would be perfect..
    By Bobbi on 12/5/14
  11. The front edge shows thru
    While the hair color and texture was perfect for me - the whole piece is ruined because the front edge shows really bad - it's like a bald spot right at the front clip!!! Why don't they put more hair there to camouflage it?
    By Catherine Johnson on 11/30/14
  12. Great Piece
    Love it great for people with thin hair mine is very thin , it is not fake or shiny at ALL.
    I will buy more I will get lighter color next time maybe in December totally undetectable.

    By DE on 11/19/14
  13. Love it!
    So I'm new to hair pieces, but I have really thin hair because of genetics. And I just had a baby and im going through the head shedding period. I was so desperate. So I tried this piece. I got the 24/14 and it matched almost perfectly. It's was a little longer than my natural hair but I got it trimmed up to match my hair style. It looks really natural. I can wear it up or down. You can also easily play with the part to make it more natural looking. Of course, you have to be careful that the frame part doesn't show. And I find the front clip is slightly painful probably because it doesn't have much hair to grab there. But it feels secure and is much better than having all my scalp show. I feel way more confident. People who I see everyday do notice something is different but can't tell what.
    By LA on 11/7/14
  14. Not perfect
    The front part of the piece is thick and visible I have to return it after trying to place the piece several times. Please have the maker fix it with more hair in the front of the piece. Color is good and good qualify of hair.
    By The artist on 9/26/14
  15. Fanfreakingtastic!
    This is the first review I've ever felt compelled to write. I have spent a lot looking for a natural looking hairpiece and I love this. The texture is great. I got it in color 24B/24CS10 which is a nice strawberry blonde/blonde rooted color. You cant tell in the picture but it doesn't match my hair exactly. But it is close enough that I feel confident wearing it without changing my color (which I may do because I love it so much). I haven't been able to get it to look natural without clipping it but I'm okay with that. I can do my hair in 5 minutes now vs 30. Since I don't have much hair at the center of my forehead I combed a bunch forward clipped in the piece then pulled my hair back over it and clipped it in place.

    By Erika on 9/20/14
  16. Great value for the money!
    I ordered this in 10H24B. Doesn't quite match my hair as it is not a rooted color but a great hairpiece nonetheless. It's very versatile and is heat resistant so you can curl or straighten it as you like. For the price I am very happy with this purchase. I have spent a few hundred dollars on other wigs that look very 'wiggish' and unrealistic but for $78 this piece beats them all hands down. No one will notice you have it on if you get the coloring right and blend the front bit with a hair clip.

    By Rebecca B on 9/5/14
  17. I feel more normal
    PCOS made my hair start to fall out and it was mortifying. After a few years of slowly turning into Captain Picard I had to do something drastic and felt like I was too young to have to wear a wig. So I bought two of these. I have really dark hair and it's very fine. The first one hot fudge is exactly my natural hair color ( I've never dyed it since it's so fragile. A hair dresser once used too much product and heat and it just fell out in clumps) and the second one chocolate raspberry truffle looked like it was a dark brown hair that had reddish highlights. I thought this would be my chance to have highlights. The hot fudge one was perfect. The hair is so soft and blends so naturally with my own. I'm going to ask my hair dresser to cut bangs into it since that's how I generally wear my hair. The chocolate raspberry truffle however was disappointing. The brown base is way too light and the raspberry truffle highlights are not nearly as red as they are in the picture. TBH think it looks more like fudgesicle. For me the pros and cons are as follows:
    Pros: If you get the right color it blends easily
    It's so soft and feels just like real hair. It doens't feel like wig hair.
    It's long enough t blend into your own layers ( just past my chin) or pull back in a headband
    The hair piece feels very secure. I'm not worried about it falling off or slipping.
    The monofilament makes it look like your scalp. It really sits well on your head and looks rather natural. Nosey people aren't going to ask annoying questions about it. I have a wig ( purchased on Amazon) that I feel blends well but is too thick like too much hair and even though it looks really good does not look natural. I think this piece is just the ticket for those looking to hide their balding on top and only need some coverage.
    Definitely a confidence boost for me.
    Cons: If you're like me and have really thin (nearly none) on top the clips grasp what little hair you do have it it's kind of painful. It hurts but in a way I think I can get used to. The base IMO doesn't seem long enough and also just a pinch too thick. It's by no means a thick cap however.
    I've only had it for a day so I'l up date in a few weeks if necessary. Perhaps adding a picture or three =)
    By The Dancing Ferret on 8/26/14
  18. Very Natural and great for thinning hair
    I love the Easy Part. I actually have 3 of them. I have thinning balding hair and when I wear this no one knows I am wearing a hair piece. I have had them trimmed and shaped and I have one that I have kept in the original long length and I wear that one pulled up with hair clips. My only problem is that I don't have much hair for it to attach to so I sewed on a couple of extra clips and when I wear it I style it with barretts as a creative way to keep it firmly attached. I also wear it with a head band which looks really nice and helps keep it attached.
    I love it !!
    By Linda on 6/13/14
  19. Disappointing
    After reading the positive reviews I was excited to order this hair piece. The color is a good match for my hair and the unrealistic shine was easily dealt with using a dry shampoo. I like that the base is very light weight and flexible but a very small amount of the base shows at the front enough so to make it very obvious that it is a hair piece unless I use a headband which I'd prefer not to but if I'm going to get any use out of this piece that (so far) seems to be the only option. Also toward the back the hair has a very wiggy look possibly because it is too thick. I'm generally one of those people that can make any wig or hairpiece work but for this one I have not yet been able to find a good option and feel like I wasted my money. I'm sure there are better options out there so I will keep looking.
    By Sonora on 6/2/14
  20. Not the right color
    I've got HD wigs from Jon Renau color 8/30. This color matches perfectly with my own hair. So when I ordered this easiPart piece in color 8/30 I expected the same color as from the wigs. This was unfortunately not the case. The color 8/30 from easyPart is not warm at all. It's more like color 8/14. It's therefore not possible to blend it in with my own hair.
    By Marian on 4/29/14
  21. Perfect color match
    I have black hair so I bought the darkest color and it looks great! I have gotten so many compliments. I have genetic hair thinning and it was getting way too noticeable and I was feeling self conscious. I don't worry about my hair anymore and it is easier to style. The clips occasionally hurt - kind of like wearing a barrette and the shine can seem a little unnatural in extremely bright sunlight. I am considering getting the human hair version to help with the shine issue.
    By Melissa on 1/10/14
  22. Amazing product
    love this product have many in different shades of blond-even white you can blend these little wiglets into your own hair for a totally natural look no one can tell they are not your real hair- thewigsy also feel like your own hair because they feel so light but also create so much volume I would highly recommend this product to anyone with thinning hair in the top and crown I cut bangs into a couple of mine- super easy and natural looking. These hair pieces look more natural then some of my most expensive wigs. love it if they made them longer and also added a wavy one. Buy this product you will not regret it- covers enough hair you can buy different shades - just looks like you got highlights also great price!
    By tony on 10/4/13
  23. easipart
    I absolutely love this piece. It is so natural looking and I get many compliments on my hair. It's easy to put on and blends in nicely.
    By Debee on 9/16/13

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