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easiPart HH 12" by easihair

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Hairpiece
  • Remy Human Hair
  • Clip-In
  • Cap Construction: Monofilament
  • SKU: JR724

Availability: In stock

List Price: $400.00

Price: Price: $340.00

easiPart HH by easihair: Color 12FS8 Shaded Praline (Golden Brown/Warm Platinum Blonde/Platinum Blonde Blend, Shaded w/ Med Brown)
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  1. Got it cut and now I love it
    Out of the box this does not work, even if you comb it. You have to take it to get it cut. The complaints others have made were probably because they tried to wear it right out of the box. Also the spiral part is not permanent, but you do have to wet and re-part the piece to make a new part.

    I wish I could attach more than one picture so I could show what a difference it makes to have the piece cut and styled, unfortunately it seems I can only attach one.

    By Me on 10/12/15
  2. WOW!
    I had previously tried Front Line by Wig Pro and thought that it would look pretty natural since I could pull my own hair through. Unfortunately the topper never truly looked natural. I had it cut and styled by my stylist but it still never truly looked natural.

    When the website had a sale, I decided to give this one a try but didn't expect much better than my last topper. I also took this one to my stylist and had her cut my hair and the topper at the same time. I have been suffering from very thin hair at the top of my scalp for several years and I'm too self conscious not to wear a topper. My stylist was amazed by this topper and said that it matched my own hair so much better than the Front Line had. She suggested only wearing this one. I've received so many complements but more importantly, it looks natural. I care more about not looking like I'm wearing a topper than I do about complements.

    I use a little dark brown thinning hair scalp powder in the front to help me blend in so my scalp isn't standing out so much. Styling with my own hair and curling slightly just totally blends it in. Amazing and just what I needed (after trying so many pieces without success).
    By Laura on 8/25/15
  3. Hesitant--maybe it would work, maybe not
    When I took the piece out of the box, I was pleased with the natural feel and softness of the hairpiece, as well as the color. I also find that the amount of hair is about right for me. (It's going to be different for everyone.)

    However, I found that as one of the reviewers pointed out, it does not part naturally and when I try it on (after watching the how-to video 50 times) it looks totally unnatural--you can see where my part ends and where the hairpiece begins. Actually, if you look closely at the video (enlarge it to fill your monitor) you CAN tell that the model is wearing one and where the piece is placed. Also, it adds an unnaturally high crown, like some full wigs do.

    I'm torn because I am so desperate for a fix for my thinning top. I've worn many wigs and love them but am tired of pushing my own hair underneath. That gets uncomfortable and hot after awhile. I've used Toppik and scalp dye so often that my scalp is now irritated.

    I would like to take the piece to my stylist and see if she can make it work, but I don't want to have spent $340 for nothing if she can't. By then it won't be returnable.

    If a hairpiece won't work, I am going to shave my head and start wearing a human hair wig 24/7. Extreme, but I don't know what else to do.

    So here I sit, undecided.
    By Chris on 8/11/15
  4. Part is not as shown
    The hair is beautiful, but it swirls around from a point on top and will not part as shown. For this reason, I wished to return it unworn and realized that a 25% restocking fee would apply, which would be $85 on the $320 hairpiece plus postage. Why a restocking fee on an item that will not be restocked according to statement that previously owned pieces will not be sold? I would caution others that item may not be as pictured.
    By Phyllis on 1/25/15
  5. I love this clip in!!!!
    This is the best clip in to add volume I highly recommend this to anyone with thin hair!!!!!! I have tried many but this is the most natural I am overwhelmed with happiness!!!!
    By Laura on 1/22/15
    Why charge so much more for the "part" and give so much less coverage than the "fringe"? I was so disappointed when i saw that the piece intended for crown coverage GAVE LESS COVERAGE than the fringe intended for fringing the face! Boo! It should be made to cover more of the crown which also helps when color match isn't perfect with wearer's own color. Sooooo disappointed!


    Hi Mandy! easiPart is fully hand-tied so although it is a smaller piece, the cost is higher. Since it is designed to go along the part, it will give you the most natural part and volume. We apologize for the confusion and hope we can help you find the perfect item for you!
    By MANDY on 1/21/15
  7. Love it!
    I have blonde hair with brownish roots. The piece looks undetectable after I added darker roots in. I took it to my stylist and had it cut to blend with my hair. He loved it and was amazed that he could not tell I had it in......he just thought my hair had gotten thicker. I have a few bangs to blend in with mine. I actually wear it the opposite from the way they describe on the video. I believe the secret is to have the color match your hair the closest possible. My color is 24B613S12 and it does not come with roots (after I added them is perfect).
    By Frances on 9/15/14
  8. Miracle!
    I ordered the easiPart topper with high expectations and it met them! i can't believe have seamlessly it blends in with my own hair. I am very thin throughout the top of my hair and this product is the perfect fix! I took photos of me with and without and sent to my mother and she said she couldn't tell much difference. I took photos from the top and she was amazed! It looks so natural! I absolutely love this product. It has changed the way I see myself!

    By Densie on 9/5/14
  9. PERFECT repeat buyer :-)
    I loved my first one so much and just got the second. Lots of hair my stylist cut in bangs and feathered the sides and it blens in beautifully and BTW it is super comfortable. I also have EasiFringe for the summer months when i wear my hair a tad shorter and the easiPart for the fall and winter when I grow my hair a bit longer. AWESOME pieces!
    By Annie on 8/13/14
  10. If only I can see the part
    I love everything else but the part of this topper. Please make the part look more like that of the Haute! Thank you!
    By Debra on 8/1/14
  11. Doesn't look natural
    I've tried everything to get this thing to look natural and it just doesn't.
    By BLT on 7/11/14
  12. amazing product!
    I love this product. ido wish it came in longer lengths but it is still a wonderful product. I have bought 4 easi-parts and I'm planning to buy more. they have been a life saver- no one even my own family knows Im wearing a hair piece. I'd love it if they made one with long beachy waves too. I would grab them up in every color. Great product thank you so much EASIHAIR please keep making these versatile hair pieces.
    By Tommi Cat on 10/4/13
  13. This is a god send to me!!
    I have my hair but its thin when I add the easi part I look like I have all my own full lush hair!! VERY happy...

    By Laura on 8/31/13
  14. Thank you for this amazing product!
    I have spent most of my summer hiding in the house or wearing a hat due to medical hair loss until yesterday when I was fitted with an easipart volume toppiece. I walked out of that salon with my confidence once again intact! I will be ordering another in a slightly lighter shade closer to my own color and am considering easixtend extensions also. Thank you for this amazing product!
    By Ruth L on 7/31/13

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