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Entice by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Capless

Availability: In stock

List Price: $146.00

Price: Price: $124.10

Entice by Raquel Welch: Color R32/31 - Cinnabar (Rich Chestnut with warm undertones)
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  1. I wish I had found this years ago!
    I loved this wig! After years of wearing wigs....I finally find one that matched my past hair the best, however, one of these from RW is being discontinued. The flip in the back is great, so cute and natural looking! The sides can be worn forward in more of a bob style or tucked behind your ears for a sporty look!
    By Cristy on 8/9/16
    Out of all the wigs I've tried from RW, this wig is truly shake and wear. It looks like a Lisa Rinna short shag and is awesome and I heard they are discontinuing this wig. You should be discontinuing Trendsetter which is HORRIBLE, not this one.

    I am so disappointed and sad.
    By Patrice M. on 6/30/16
  3. Very small
    I loved the quality of this wig, but it is very small and would not be flattering. I am exchanging. Not happy at all at this price point.
    By Ziza on 2/24/16
  4. Great Wig!
    I'm a regular Raquel Welch customer, having bought Sparkle in the past. I've had Entice in Silver Mist for about 2 years and absolutely love it! It is the same cut as my own hair, but is thicker (and doesn't go "nuts" in humidity like my own hair does). I custom trimmed it to blend with my hair in the front and sides so it looks natural, even in the wind. Every time I wear it, I get compliments on my hair. I'm prematurely gray and a good trendy wig is gray is hard to find! Keep up the good work!
    By Catherine on 8/29/15
  5. 1st wig I truly hate !!
    This is the worst wig I have ever purchased from the Raquel Welch line of wigs. It does not fit properly, it is very "sparse" in the back, and it is completely unruly. I actually bought two but am sending one back !
    By Beverly on 11/10/14
  6. Didn't Fit
    This wig was much too large for me. I need a small rather than an average. It wore me rather than me wearing it. I will return it and look for something in a small.
    By Rose on 10/12/14
  7. Spunky and fun
    I ordered Entice when I changed my hairstyle from shoulder-length to a shorter style. The color is multi-dimensional with a high quality cap and construction. The layers are fantastic and it was easy to wear right out of the box -- truly just shake and wear!

    By L.F. on 9/8/14
  8. Happy with Entice
    I am loosing my hair due to menopausal hormone imbalance and have been using Toppik for several months. At almost $50 a bottle and using a bottle and a half a month it made more sense to buy a wig. I chose the Entice in color R6/30H. Although I can't style it as Raquel wears it in the photos I could wear it straight out of the box. I wrap the longer hair in the back around my neck tuck some of the side hair behind my ears and feather the front around my face. I was apprehensive about wearing it to work thinking everyone would know it was a wig as my natural hair is much longer and was dyed darker. Not one could tell it's not my real hair. "I love your new hair style". Did you get your hair highlighted too? "That cut makes you look years younger" are some of the compliments I have gotten. Only two of my friends at work know that it is a wig. One of them is a licensed cosmetologist too and she said that she would never had guess it was a wig had I not told her (we have known each other for about 30 years!) Anyway I can't praise this wig enough for it's natural look feel and style. The only complaint I have is that it is not for an average size head which I have. I have had to sew wig clips in it to keep it from riding up in the back even with a wig cap on.
    By Becky on 8/26/14
  9. Too tight
    I ordered average which is what I measure in other wigs. Obviously this wig was sized wrong or something. I get a headache if I wear it more than an hour. The style is also wrong for me--not at all what I was expecting.
    By Linda on 8/2/14
  10. Love it!
    I love it! I trimmed the very back about 3/4 inch on the bottom but the rest of the wig was perfect. The quality of the hair is VERY realistic! It has lots of volume. It's like my hair on its BEST day! The color I chose is a highlighted version of my natural dark brown color. I really got lucky when I chose this color swatch color unseen! Haven't worn it out yet; it was just delivered today. Looking forward to the reactions of others... :)
    By Debra S. on 5/31/14
  11. Could be happier
    The wig doesn't have the volume that I expected. It looks nothing like the picture. I've tried styling it with your sculpting gel but it doesn't hold for more than an hour. This was a high price for me so i'm very disappointed.
    By Shelly on 5/28/14
  12. Entice
    I recently bought the Entice wig and was disappointed with it. the cut was not like the cut in the photo. It was actually much straighter on one side. The synthetic material was very nice and had a good texture but again the cut was not satisfactory and I am usually easy to please.
    By Gayle on 3/31/14
  13. My first
    This was my first and still my favorite wig. I get so many compliments when I wear it. Most people have no idea it is a wig.
    By Paulette on 1/10/14
  14. Ain't what it use to be
    the first one I ordered was great after that the 2nd and 3rd was not so wonderful it seems the hair was hard to manage it had static and no matter how you tried to tame it it stuck up all over when I go back to the first one and use it it has a different feel..also the band that is used to alter the size to fit needs some improvement after a while it does not stick to each other I love this style and color wish you could improve it.
    By Sarah on 11/6/13
  15. WOW!
    I owned several Raquel Welch wigs from 4 or 5 years ago and now I bought Entice. The quality of her wigs is beyond comparison to the other brands I own. The quality of the hair has improved 100%. In the past the hair was too shiny but now it is so natural looking so realistic. I am truly impressed! The style of Entice as shown in the first picture is very easy to reproduce with a little hair spray and styling. All I can say is WOW!!
    By Tina on 10/20/13
  16. So Natural
    I was so happy that color R56/60 matched my hair perfect.I haven't worn it yet.I tried it on and it felt very comfortable.Very light weight.I would call this a winner.
    By Carolyn on 10/16/13
  17. Comfortable & Sporty
    I use this wig for Sports it is very comfortable doesnå«t loose its shape too early.
    For me it fits very comfortable and doesnå«t tangle like longer styles.
    Great Item!!
    By Puppie on 8/13/13
    I loved the style and feel of Entice; but was so sad that it was so tight. I usually get a large size but some averages fit as well....but this one was just too small. Please get this in a large size.
    By Rochelle on 7/11/13
  19. felt very nice
    The Entice came very straight and fit too tight. The hair felt very nice and did not feel fake.
    By Carol on 5/3/13
  20. Perfect style and fit
    I just received my wig Entice and I couldn't be happier! It is a perfect style fit and color!!
    Great wig
    By Rebecca on 4/12/13
  21. Looks and feels wonderful
    I have been wearing RW wigs for a very long time. I ordered the RW-Entice and this style is perfect for me. It looks and feels wonderful.
    By Shirley on 2/10/13
  22. Love It
    Love it! My first wig. I hope they're all this easy.
    By Lisa on 9/26/12
  23. Too small
    the entice although average size is much smaller than the average voltage. it's almost a petite size.
    By Jordan Griffith on 6/18/12
  24. Very happy
    This worked out really well for me. I had to do an exchange to get a darker color but was very happy with the wig.
    By B. Dabney on 3/10/12
  25. Natural Look
    The Entice is such a natural look. My Friends have no idea it is a wig. I go to all my parties feeling very attractive i just put on my wig and GO!...
    By Karin on 3/8/12
  26. Nothing like the picture
    I could not get this style to look like the picture!
    By BS on 8/4/11
  27. I love it so much
    This is my first time wearing a wig and i purchased the -Entice. I love it so much I can't believe how close to my own hair it is.
    By Christine on 4/12/11
  28. Entice
    I love the wispy back and color it works really well for me.
    By Sally D on 3/18/11
  29. entice
    not enough volume
    By jossette humphrey on 2/21/11
  30. unhappy
    I was very dissappointed with the quality of Entice. After 2 weeks the ends are dry and the hair is falling out.terrible!
    By Carol on 1/14/11
  31. Entice
    Similar to my favorite style Voltage. A little longer but pretty and easy to wear.
    By Laurie on 10/18/10
  32. Very happy
    This worked out really well for me. I had to do an exchange to get a darker color but was very happy with the wig.
    By B. Dabney on 12/2/-1

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