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Fascination by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Capless

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List Price: $157.00

Price: Price: $133.45

Fascination by Raquel Welch: Color RL31/29 Fiery Copper (Copper with Gold highlights)
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Fascination by Raquel Welch: Color RL31/29 Fiery Copper (Copper with Gold highlights)

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  1. Love this style
    First wig I have owned and have to say it's a wonderful style to wear...I have had several compliments and so easy to wear. Instead of spending an hour styling my own hair, I just whip on my "Fascination" and away I husband loves it and the fact he doesn't have to wait on me any more. I think I'll get another one down the line but in another color.
    By Connie on 9/29/14
  2. Bangs an issue
    I just received the fascination in the color RL829SS. The color is beautiful. The bangs do look funny and the wig does have a "this is a wig look". I will be sending this back. Love this color though. It does not seem to have as much fullness as pictured and definitely does not look like the wig that Raquel Welch is wearing. She must have quite the stylist working on her.
    By Elizabeth on 9/16/14
  3. Love this wig
    I love this wig. I have several of this style, I get so many ladies telling me they love my hair cut and color. I smile and say, thank you!
    By Georjean on 7/13/14
  4. I get compliments on my haircut everywhere I go
    People ask me for the name of my hairdresser and have no idea at all it's a wig. I have seven of them and save the old ones for wearing under helmets: ski, bike, riding and always have a fresh new one for going out. I found that after a while they get frizzled at the bottom and even with heat it is hard to get the original fluffy and natural look. I also buy the one with the dark roots so I'm sure that's a factor in how real it looks. I have cancer and wearing a natural looking wig helps me forget I am sick.

    By Lee on 4/18/14
  5. Love the style
    This is my second Raquel wig. I love the style and color,but the cap runs a little large on this one and I find myself pulling it down all the time. I do get a lot of compliments on it. I love the colors with the darker roots.
    By Paulette on 1/10/14
  6. My new "go to" wig
    I am so pleased with Fascination, I have it in 3 colors. Whenever I am in doubt as to the look I want to achieve I just reach for this one. I get a lot of feedback from strangers asking "where do you get you hair done?" and all are surprised when I say it's a wig. Even cosmetologists are fooled by it. Never wiggy,very low maintenance, requires absolutely no styling and can be worn right out of the box.
    By suzanne on 9/9/13
  7. Absolutely love this wig
    I lost my hair to cancer four years ago and is is my favourite wig. I have bought seven of them, all in the same colour with dark roots and I am stopped again and again and complimented on my hair. In conversations about styling problems people always say, "well it's easy for you because you have such fabulous thick hair and such a great cut". I chuckle to myself and often think that no hair means no bad hair days thanks to my Fascination wig. Honestly, this is a shake and wear wig that does not look wiggy, doesn't require any styling, and blows around like real hair on the golf course, and at outdoor events without anyone knowing it isn't my own hair.
    By Lee on 9/2/13
  8. get compliments but family thinks it looks wiggy
    I have ordered this three times and love it for so many reasons, but each one the bangs are away from my forehead in an unnatural way and the sides dont blend as well as other RW wigs. Not sure why they cant fix this one issue on an otherwise great wig!
    By Joanne on 8/18/13
  9. Love it!
    Lost track of the compliments I've received! It young & fun!
    By Christine on 8/16/13
  10. Too much fuss
    I ordered this style hoping it would be like my other Raquel welch wigs, which I can just put it on and forget about. However, this one requires a lot of fuss to get right. As another reviewer mentioned, the bangs stick up in one spot. The style itself is too fluffy and has an unnatural "this is a wig" look. I'm not at all happy with the color. I ordered the color ring beforehand, but the color of the wig looks very different than the color ring. (It actually looks more like the color on the web, which I would never have ordered.) Altogether, this wig looks unnatural and requires too much fuss.
    By Megan on 7/19/13
  11. Fascination
    I had one of these wigs. It was very cute for summer, but the bangs stuck up. My beautician said, "It looked like the bangs was stitched in wrong."
    By Dorothy on 7/12/13
  12. Great but a little problem with the bangs!
    I have ordered the Fasination on a few seperate occasions. I absolutly love the style, but the bangs in the middle/front stick up and I can not get them to lay down.
    By Joan on 6/25/13
  13. most natural looking wig i own
    This style is such A "Natural". It gives you the "messy look" which tome means real. I enjoy wearing this style and I get plenty of compliments.
    By Patricia on 6/25/13
  14. love getting those compliments
    I always get compliments on this style and it looks so natural. Sometimes wearing wigs i am a little nervous you can tell it is a wig or that i look like i have a foreign object on my head. it is hard to feel confident in every wig because so many of them are not very natural looking. The sales representative was so helpful. really love ordering from!!!
    By GD on 6/25/13
  15. Everyone is amazed
    Very light weight, can't even feel it when I am wearing it. People are always amazed that it is a wig. i really think this wig will work for almost anyone.
    By Judy F on 6/25/13
  16. styleable style!
    The wig comes styled but you can tweak it if you need to.
    By E R on 6/25/13
  17. Excellent
    The quaility of the RW wigs is excellent. I highly reccomend them to anyone.
    By Dee Dee on 6/25/13
  18. Beautiful!
    The fascination is a beautiful wig, I love Raquel Welch wigs!
    By N Jones on 6/25/13
  19. Lightweight
    I love the layering in the back and its very lightweight. i love a wig that doesnt look too perfectly styled. No helmet head here!
    if only i could get this same style just a little bit longer i would be in heaven.
    By Shirley on 6/25/13
  20. Great style
    all the years i have been ordering wigs, I have never loved a style like the fascination. It is cute and whispy and filps just perfect in the back
    By Rosa on 6/25/13
  21. Not my favorite
    This wig was hard to curl. After washing it the curl held a little better, but still not a good hold. The wig is a cute style.
    By Kay Cole on 3/16/12
  22. Who doesn't like compliments?
    I always get compliments on this style and it looks so natural. I really love ordering from They make choosing the right wig so easy. The videos help and they have more pictures than any other place.
    By Gina on 12/6/11
  23. Might be petite
    The Fascination is beautiful but it is short at the nape. Maybe I have a long neck, but I don't have this problem with other wigs. It's a great style but I had to futz with it. I'm not sure if its worth the trouble.
    By Caroline on 6/17/11

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