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Francesca by Envy

Quick Facts:

  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Capless

Availability: In stock

List Price: $155.00

Price: Price: $131.75

Envy Wigs Francesca Wig : Capless | Color LIGHT BLONDE
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Envy Wigs Francesca Wig : Capless | Color LIGHT BLONDE

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  1. So cute and comfortable
    I bought this wig in a chocolate cherry. Besides the style, I like the texture of the hair, so shiny and soft. I color my hair med burgundy, cut about the same length and wear this wig over my own hair. I push my bangs underneath at the front, and blend the sides and back. I like to "work with my wig" unless it needs to be thinned - then I take it to my stylist. With this wig, I had to ever so carefully trim the bangs. I just love wearing it.
    By DELINDA on 5/22/16
  2. The customer service accused me of cutting the bangs, but it is lie that i did
    The wig has fantastic cut, very modern and fluid. I have ordered Toasted Sezame and the shades are warm and darker, almost medium brown, closer to your head. With that being said, the wig's cup is darker, "purpleish," and does not match the color of the hair. My head's circumference is 21 inches and this, medium/standard, size was big and kept slipping up on the back of my neck. I wore it once and only at home, but my family says they can see that it is a wig, because of the perma-teasing on top of the wig. The teasing is in middle of the temple and it is very very much fake-looking. I have another wig by different company to compare.
    For all the above reasons, I have send the wig back and ordered another wig. Today, I have received email notifying me that it does not meet return criteria. Since I have wore it once, still once, but wore it, and I thought they found my hair on the wig or something, I understood.(Thinking further, does not everybody try the wig? How else is it possible to find out if it fits? I am sure, people cannot tell if it fits with wearing plastic bag under it, right?). Therefore, with understanding, I have called the company and asked them to send it back to me and out of curiosity I have asked why the wig could not be returned. And I have found out that reason that my wig cannot be returned is because THE BANGS WERE CUT. I am very honest person, and I would admit if I did, but I have not style the wig with any product and I have not cut one hair off of it. I have not done to the wig anything. The customer service said that the wear house had inspected the wig and they found that the bangs were cut. I did not do it, my husband did not cut it, and my baby did not :) Then, who else cut it? The wig's bangs were long and it did not seem that someone, maybe a previous customer, cut them. Of course, their mistake costs me hundred dollars, but what really bothers me is that it is lie and I cannot defend myself against it. Therefore, beware of the return policy, and lies.


    We appreciate your feedback! The color Toasted Sesame is a dark rooted color, meaning the inside of the cap will appear darker due to the roots being a darker color. An average cap is measured to be approximately 21.5" (which can be tightened or loosened with the adjustable straps) If your circumference is 21" you may want to try a "petite cap", which measures 21".

    Perma-teasing at the roots are built into to cap to cover and conceal your own scalp. We recommend trying a monofilament top or hand tied cap in your next style , this looks much more natural and you can change the part around.

    We show a representative was in contact with you regarding your return and show you have been fully refunded for this item. We thank you for shopping Beauty and Hair!
    By Sylvy Cela on 3/18/16
  3. Very stylish and cute
    This is a cute wig. I bought Cinnamon-Raisin. I gave it 4 stars because it is a little too poofy on top for me due to the perma-teasing and my smaller head. I would love this wig if it didn't have the perma-tease. That aspect makes it look a bit fake in my opinion. I've considered taking it to my stylist to see if she could cut out some of the teasing but it is so heavily integrated with the longer strands, I don't know if it would be possible.
    By Michelle on 10/14/15

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