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Gisele by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top
  • SKU: JR5136

Availability: In stock

List Price: $334.10

Price: Price: $284.00

Gisele by Jon Renau: Color 4/27/30 German Chocolate (Dark Brown, Strawberry Blonde and Golden Red Blend)
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  1. Model Hair
    This wig is one of my favorites! It is that perfect model hair without any work. It looks natural and feels comfortable.
    By Suzie on 10/1/14
  2. First two great quality was cheapened thereafter
    The first two wigs of this style were okay though two sparse in the front. I ordered another four and they were all lesser quality even sparser than the already too sparse front and cheaper fiber quality. I used to order only this brand because I thought they were the best. I finally had to switch to a more expensive brand that looks more natural and lasts longer. I never receive strange looks from people with my new brand but found I was getting a lot of looks at the hairline (or balding hairline I should say) of the Jon Renau brand. It is too bad that they do not offer quality for the price.
    We're so sorry to hear you're unhappy! We forwarded your feedback and we're confident it will be addressed and resolved. Lace front wigs are all hand-tied to give a natural appearance and natural movement but may vary slightly from wig to wig. The SmartLace front on a Jon Renau wig is designed to mimic your own hairline. Our natural hairline starts thinner then gradually increases in density. If you ever feel the hairline is too thin or notice anything that doesn't seem right you can send your wig in to be inspected and exchanged. We look forward to helping you and hearing back!
    By Regular Wig Wearer on 9/18/14
  3. Love it
    Gisele by Jon Renau is a great wig one of my best.

    By Vivian Boonstra on 9/8/14
  4. don't bother
    It took only a few weeks for the frizz to start and the curls to drop out. The lace front stretched out and I had to take tucks in it which made it look like I had 2 scars. For this kind of money I expected much more. This was a waste of money.
    We're so sorry to hear you're unhappy! We forwarded your feedback and we're confident it will be addressed and resolved. One of the things we love about synthetic fiber is that the curl stays in even after you wash it! With some styles it is normal for the curl to loosen slightly depending on how it is styled or even with time. Gisele is set and styled to have loose waves and body so it will not have a distinct curl pattern. With a longer synthetic wig frizz can occur due to the friction on your neck or with scarves and clothing. To avoid this we recommend using the proper synthetic safe products and to detangle the neckline throughout the day. Some wig salons offer repair services that can help with extreme frizzing or matting. For more advice please feel free to call our Wig Experts at 1-800-581-2001. We hope this information helped and look forward to hearing back!
    By Janey on 7/22/14
  5. SEXY
    By RACHELLE on 7/18/14
  6. NO ONE knew it was a wig!
    I have 4 of these wigs. I just wore a new one out of the box to the Emmy Awards! NO ONE knew it was a wig! I took it out of the box put it on styled it with my fingers and sprayed it with hair spray. Not even the hair stylists at a very well known salon in Beverly Hills knew I had a wig on! I couldn't believe it! Even the make up artist had no idea it was a wig! I had to really point to the lace and even then she was not sure of what I was showing her. I love this wig!
    The top is sparce could use a bit more hair on top and the fibers are not the same as they were when I first purchased it. I found that I really only get about 7-8 good days of wearing before I have to wash it and once it is washed all the beautiful layers just seem to disappear and the wig no longer looks anything like it does out of the box. I am also finding I am losing a lot of hair which is the reason I switched from Raquel Welch's wigs. I don't understand it. When you get a good product that mostly everyone loves why mess around and change it. They are blowing a good thing!
    By Alana on 7/5/14
  7. Not consistent quality
    I have Alopecia and I am 99% bald aside from some hair patches. I had the John Renau in the Julia style which I loved. I wanted to try something with a little more volume so got the Gisele. Loved it! It held up very well for several months. I ordered another one but sadly I didn't have the same love the second time. I found the lace front to get sparse very quickly. I had to keep moving the part because of this. I also found the lace front to get itchy and irritating - it wasn't as comfortable as the first time. The ends also got frayed very fast. I just ordered another John Renau in a different style. Hoping for better luck!
    By N.S. on 6/4/14
  8. Love the Layers
    I ordered Gisele in Mocha Frost. It is such an awesome color! Not shiny and looks very natural. The layers and slight curl at the bottom of the wig are just perfect. I am going to have the wig thinned out a little bit though as there is a lot of hair.
    By KAR on 5/6/14
  9. 50 - 50
    I have two of these wigs. One I love. The lace front fell apart on the other after two days.
    By Lesley on 3/16/14
  10. Amazing !
    I am new to wearing wigs and ordered this on a chance .. all I have to say is WOW ... styles easily front is undetectable and all around this hair cannot be beat !
    By Melissa on 1/17/14
  11. Breaks down really quickly
    I loved this wig when I got it. Great layers nice feel etc. But after wearing it for only a month it got the worst split ends and it looks like crap now. I have a wig that is way older than this one that still looks great so I don't know what is up with this one.
    By Heather on 1/6/14
  12. Amazing!
    I love the layers in this wig! Looks very natural for a synthetic and love the lace front!
    By T. on 9/26/13
  13. Very happy!!
    Finally after years of hating my thinning hair I relented and purchased a wig. This is my second wig that I have purchased and I could not be happier. I have had so many compliments on the color (27MB) and style. Took to my hairstylist and she cut some bangs and thinned it up a little bit around the face and crown. Really like the smart lace and very easy to care for!!

    By G.D. on 9/17/13
  14. So Natural
    I cannot tell you how much I LOVE Gisele. It looks so natural with its slight body and it reminds me of how my natural hair was. I would recommend this wig to anyone and everyone!
    By De De on 9/11/13
  15. Great wig!
    This wig looks natural and has just enough body at the ends of the layers. I had my stylist texturize and thin it a little in the crown because it was just a little bit too bulky for me. I like the fact that you can part it anyway you like since most wigs only part to your right. It's also easy and comfortable to wear.
    By K.M. on 8/12/13
  16. So natural!
    this wig is the perfect and style and haircut. It has lace in the front but it's ready to wear and so natural! I def recommend it!
    By I. Brown on 2/22/12
  17. Flawless!
    looks and feels like human hair! I love it and would recommend it to anyone!
    By Amanda on 12/19/11

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