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Glow Girl by Forever Young

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Skin Top/Part (Poly)

Availability: In stock

List Price: $47.00

Price: Price: $39.95

Glow Girl by Forever Young: Color 8/12/24BHL
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Glow Girl by Forever Young: Color 8/12/24BHL

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  1. Love
    I have many wigs from but this is the first long hair I have bought. I am SO I recently lost all my hair so it is nice to be able to throw on this wig or any of my others and feel confident again.

    I bought this Glow Girl in Color: 24B613
    Perfect for me. My natural hair color was blonde.
    You may have to have the bangs trimmed a bit. So far I am wearing mine as is. But intend to take it & have them maybe cut a little shaggy?

    Impressed. Came in a timely manner. Packaged well. Beautiful.

    I am a regular customer. Never disappointed.

    (me on left - daughter on right)

    By Angel on 4/26/16
  2. Mine must be a one off
    Maybe it's just the one that I received - but mine looks nothing like the pictures.

    Mine came out of the box incredibly shiny while having straw like ends on the ends.

    When I tried brushing it carefully with the wig Trix comb, I could barely manage to brush it at all, and the wig shed a huge amount. The hair fiber feels like plastic.

    I've seen tons of reviews online, but mine looked nothing like it. Will try dry shampoo, but this wig needs A LOT of work before anyone can wear it. I own five wigs, but this one was my first true disappointment.
    I wanted to see if less expensive wigs are an alternative, but so far I found that higher priced wigs are indeed a difference of day and night.

    Still searching for a decent lower end alternative to 220 Dollar wigs.
    By Elizabeth on 11/1/15
  3. Love it!
    My first time buying a wig and I love it! Very comfortable and have received a lot of compliments! Will definitely be ordering more!

    By Patricia on 8/3/15
  4. I love it.
    This wig is beautiful. I am very happy with it.

    By Dolly on 7/18/15
  5. Glow Girl in color 8-12-24BHL
    I'm attaching 2 pictures of the Glow Girl wig in color 8-12-24BHL. The base color is a dark brown with lighter highlights. For me the color is too dark. I was looking for a lighter brown color with even lighter highlights so I'll keep looking for a better color. Before buying this particular color I looked at as many pictures and YouTube video reviews as I could find. Unfortunately I couldn't get a clear enough picture of what the color 8-12-24BHL looked like out in the sunlight. Each picture online was taken under different lighting conditions. That's why I'm uploading these 2 pictures of the wig sitting outside in the sunlight on my wig head. I hope these pictures will help other people who are also trying to pick a color.
    For $40.00 it's worth buying to see what it looks like on. The cap feels comfortable and I didn't feel like I needed hair pins.
    Up close the hair might look a little shiny. These 2 pictures are after I washed the wig one time with Revlon wig cleaner. If the wind blows the bangs up while you're talking to someone they will probably see the front and know you're wearing a wig. There is no lace front.

    By Kerry on 8/26/14
  6. Glow Girl in color 24BT18
    I just posted a review of this wig but I wanted to add another photo of the back of the wig sitting outside in the sunlight. With this photo you can see what the back of the wig looks like. For $40.00 this is a good wig.

    By Kerry on 8/25/14
  7. love it
    i order glow girl all the time its my most favorite
    By Jadelynn on 5/8/14
  8. Comfortable modern and affordable
    This is one wig in my steady rotation now. It is wearable right out of the box yet looks good cut shorter or styled differently as well. Looks pretty up or down. Lots of body and bounce. Doesn't tangle. Breathable and not tight. I love the color availability price and quality. I've had this wig last 6 months when using the Beautimark synthetic shampoo with it (which smells amazing)!
    By Victoria on 3/13/14
  9. love this one
    I get lots of compliments every time I wear this wig.
    By Lezlie on 10/29/13
  10. Great title!
    Looks like just what I'm looking for. I have one of your wigs now and I wear it all the time. I can't wait to try this one!
    By Ann Trauth on 8/6/13
  11. Favorite and Affordable
    Glow girl is my favorite I will always order this style its affordable and looks great
    By Rebecca on 6/27/13
  12. Full and natural look
    the glo girl is more full than other FY styles. It lays very natural and had great movement.
    By Rebecca on 6/27/13

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