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HH Create-a-Top by Aspen

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Hairpiece
  • Human Hair
  • Clip-In
  • Cap Construction: Monofilament Top
  • SKU: APCHU001

Availability: In stock

List Price: $524.95

Price: Price: $419.95

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  1. Not as good as it used to be..but price is right
    This HH piece used to be a lot fuller but lately they have been skimping on the hair. I would appreciate if they would go back to the same amount of hair as they used to have way back when but since everyone else is on the hairpiece bandwagon I guess they have less HH hair to work with. The price is not bad but I wish there would be a little more weight for the $$. For me the nice thing is they have my color "bang on" so I guess I shouldn't complain.
    By N/A on 8/6/14
  2. Disappointing
    I have worn synthetic hair pieces before and I just recently purchased this human hair one. So far it is very frustrating to me as I added 3 more clips and it still will not secure to my scalp well enough for me to even comb it without it coming off at least an inch. I try to style it before I put it on but that doesn't work. Saw my hairdresser today to have it cut and bangs put in. That wasn't easy with it coming off.
    Also a lot of hair has come off it. I don't know what to do. I have enough hair to get a nice tight grip with the clips and even if I tease my hair it still pops off. I am sooooo disappointed and now I can't return it.
    By Barbara F. on 5/31/14
  3. Spread the word!
    I just got my third Aspen topper in ten years and I love them. Not even my relatives who are hair stylists have been able to tell that I am wearing the piece. Whenever I see a woman with very thin hair in the front I want to spread the word about this great product. I feel so much more confident!
    By A.Birch April 2014 on 4/21/14
  4. Create aTop
    I have purchased 3 so far and I can tell from one to 3 that the first one I bought had a lot more hair.The other 2 are doing the job but I need alittle more hair.
    I will say the quality of the hair changed some also.This is what I can afford.They want sooo much for human hair now that the average consumer can't really afford.
    I would say to buy this if your hair isn't real thin.
    Thank You
    By Drumcat on 4/20/14
  5. Good piece for the price
    This is a great piece for the price. However I did have to sew in a couple of clips to secure the piece better. I also have a more expensive piece made of European hair and it is hard to tell the pieces apart by just by feeling of the hair. This is light weight so if your hair is super thin you may want to consider a piece with more hair. I really like mine and would highly recommend it.
    By Misty on 1/8/14
  6. Not enough information
    I won't buy what I can't see. This piece is shown only from the inside. If it were worn by a model then I could see the full hairpiece more clearly.
    By Sunny Skies on 9/21/13
  7. Color not exact but good hair piece.
    This is a good piece but you don't know that until you've washed it. Which then of course voids the return option. The piece comes as shown however when you try to see if it will work for you it looks very unnatural (due to the way it is stored). Also the color 6/12H is very light (the 12 almost looks light blonde) until you wash it then the color darkens some. Even after washing the colors look more like a blend of 8 12 & 14 to me. I wish it would have been a bit darker as the picture shows. I will buy the piece again but I will probably buy a solid light brown and have dark highlights put in at a salon.
    Also the hair itself is a little softer than Kanekalon (high quality synthetic) but not as soft as my hair. Again overall good piece.
    By SouthernBelle on 9/17/13
  8. Best top piece ever!
    I have tried different top pieces but this one in beautiful light weight and the color blends beautifully with my graying hair ‰ÛÓ without making me look dowdy! Came back for a second one as it was 30% off so it seemed sensible to get a second one. I still have to go to a hair salon to have bangs trimmed but in the meantime I'm wearing a headband which hides the hairline on the piece until I get the bangs done. Thanks!!
    By Jean on 7/12/13
  9. Highly Recommended
    This is the best product out there for women with thinning hair on top. I love my piece and have had it for 2 years. I have worn it every way possible and no one knows I am wearing it.
    By Vivian on 4/5/13
  10. Can't be without it
    This topper covers the area I need it to and I will order several at a time I cant be without it
    By Ray on 3/20/13
  11. Natural and affordable
    This piece is listed at a great price and looks very natural.
    By M Cook on 1/2/13

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