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Infatuation by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Monofilament Top

Availability: In stock

List Price: $354.00

Price: Price: $300.90

Part of the Signature Collection by Raquel Welch | Color: R29S+ Glazed Strawberry
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  1. What happened?
    I purchased this wig recently for the second time because I was really happy with the first one I bought almost six years ago. I tried it on out of the box and was mortified by the way it looked on me! It had this huge crown that rose high off of the cap and had hardly any hair in the back. I looks absolutely "wiggy" and rediculous. This is NOT the same great product from 6 years ago. Almost $300 wasted unless I can find a miracle worker at a salon somewhere that knows what to do with this rediculously structured wig.
    By Angela on 8/20/16
  2. This is my new wig
    I buy the ss8/29 and the R829s colors.
    I find that both colors suit me very well. I have olive skin so it blends with my tone well. When I put it on it fits very well and looks great. The back of the hair is long but I ten to trim it as it starts to look raggidy after a while. I only wear these wig for 3 months and then the life of it is done. It starts to look like a bad wig then. All wigs do...and after wearing wigs for 30 years I think I know what I am talking about.
    I love the colors available with this wig.
    Yes, the price is high for 3 months but if you want to look decent then you have to spend this kind of money.
    I do love this wig and will wear it as long as they have this one available.
    By Tari on 6/3/16
  3. infatuation
    This wig looks great out of the box...I go the extra mile...I cut the bangs a little and I wash it so it is not so shiny. I have bought this wig a few times.
    the color I get is SS8/29. it is full of color and looks good for my face and skin color. I just love this wig...also when the wig starts getting ratty I cut carefully the ends to make it look better...that way it will last longer.
    I recommend this wig if you like medium length hair...great colors and looks great!
    By Tari on 12/24/15
  4. out of the box perfection
    This is what infatuation looks like right out of the box. I am complimented daily.

    By Kristin on 3/15/15
  5. I love, love, love it!
    I first ordered this wig 4 years ago and hated the color (honey ginger) and I just couldn't get used to wearing it. This past summer, I lost so much hair, I decided to give it another try. I have worn it to work everyday for 4 months now and I love it. People at work thought I had gotten a great cut and color job and truly thought it was my hair! That was a real boost for my self esteem. I find the wig very easy to wear and it is very secure since I sewed a few wig clips in where needed. For someone with occasional hot-flashes, I find this wig is still comfortable. It's great to comb it out the night before and just pop it on in the morning! It has saved me so much time. It got a bit frizzy in the back but I searched the Internet and found how to remedy that.
    By DE on 12/10/14
  6. By Far My Favorite
    I own several wigs, one a very expensive real hair wig, this was the first wig I purchased, I have alopecia. This is my go to wig, I wore it all summer, where I live its very humid, hot. Compared to my real hair wig that was very hot, got frizzy like real hair does and needs constant styling, this wig does not. Yes it is high in the crown, somewhat, It conforms to your head after washing and wearing it a lot. I love the style of the layers, the fact that I can tuck it behind my ears. I was disappointed in it at the very first, I liked how it looked on the model. Since it cannot be heat styled either. But the more I wore it the more I loved it. I am now on my second one of the Infatuation, trying a different hair color.
    By KW on 12/4/14
  7. infatuation
    Luv this!! Losing hair due to medications......I would definitely buy this. Just a bit pricey for me.
    By Betsy Duncan on 10/17/14
  8. It's okay but.....
    Well first the positive... it looks real out of the box. It works great for occasional use as I only wear it when I am getting the kids or going shopping etc. The adjustable straps on the side are nice for a better fit.
    The cons: The shape of the haircut is good but the length in the back is too long it looks like two different lengths instead of undercut layering. And nope no bangs to speak of btw like you see in the pic. Even though the netting is decent I still sweat like no other under this wig! It bubbles up on the top in the crown area. I am wearing the correct size but there is a loose bump there that is just weird. The back nape area gets so ratty tangled when you comb it out it just is a frizzy mess. soaking it in conditioner and using a heat tool works good but mine was so bad and the back looked so weird i opted to cut it.
    To me after only 3 months of use and only OCCASIONALLY at that it is not worth the price even when it is on sale... next time I am buying a Human Hair Wig to avoid the pitfalls of this though!
    By H L on 10/1/14
  9. Nothing like the photo
    I have bought many wigs and I agree with Chris . It is curly to high o the crown and it looks fake. I never wear it it looks like a shag wig from the 70's. I have been happy with many of the wigs in the past but this one is sitting in a box in my closet.
    By Marlene on 9/26/14
  10. Looks so natural!
    I order the R829s glazed hazelnut color and get compliments on my hair often. It looks so natural that people are shocked when I tell them it's a wig. I have alopecia and can confidently go out without feeling self conscious. Love that I can pull the hair behind my ears!
    By Cathy on 6/28/14
  11. SO Disappointed
    I fell in love with this wig the moment I saw it here on I've bought a lot of wigs here and they all look the way they are photographed and when I put them on they look the way they do in the photographs.
    I was so excited to get Infatuation that I would check the postage tracking every day. Imagine my disappointment when I tried it on and it looked NOTHING like the photo. In addition the crown is very high and doesn't look real at all.
    I am not sure which wig to pick now; though has so many fabulous choices I am looking for something specific and I can't find it. Many of you talk about taking your wig to a stylist. There is no one in my area who knows how to work with wigs. so whatever I buy has to be read--to-wear.
    By Chris on 6/4/14
  12. Realistic and beautiful!
    I will be ordering my 3rd Infatuation wig by Raquel Welch. I like the shadow shades (SS29/20). Everyone thinks that I have changed my hairstyle; it looks so natural. I wear it everyday since I have thin hair especially in the front and crown and could never get my own hair to look good. I feel younger and prettier and my husband loves it on me You won't be disappointed.
    By Kristi on 3/24/14
  13. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
    Will never purchase any wig but Raquel Welch.This is my second perfect wig. Cut is perfect for me. No need to touch the bangs. SO comfortable I forgot I was wearing it. Soft natural color. I love it. Yes love it! I can't stop talking about it. This one is a winner and yes it can be pushed behind the ears very easily and naturally. Did I say how much I love it!?
    By Tricia on 11/9/13
  14. So natural looking!
    I have alopecia and all I want is to look normal. Before I lost it all I had long straight hair and would pull it behind my ears. I found INFATUATION several years ago and have been using it exclusively ever since. People are shocked on the rare occasion when I share that it's a wig. It is so natural looking and I love that I'm able to pull it behind my ears like I used to do with my own hair. I was in the drug store buying hair color for my elderly mother the other day and a woman in the aisle kept staring at me. I began to get self conscious thinking that she was staring at my wig. She finally approached me to ask what color dye I use on my hair because she was in love with my hair and the color. Needless to say she was speechless when I confessed it was a wig. I don't usually leave reviews for products but this wig has literally changed my life and allows me to feel normal.
    By CB on 9/15/13
  15. Raquel Welch
    INFATUATION/ ever since I started wearing this wig I keep ordering this same onei just luv the texturethe style cut and its light weighti only wish it came in smaller head sizeive gotten so many compliments ppl seem to think its my real hair which is nice lol
    By Joyce Cornett on 8/27/13
  16. So far so good
    I really like this wig. I've worn it about 8 times now and the ends are not frizzy. I hope it stays looking this good and not like the RW Embrace!
    By D on 7/11/13
  17. lots of volume
    I like this wig it's a cute style but there is a lot of volume on the top in the crown area and that makes me feel a little self-conscious. I feel like that makes it look more wig like. But I'm very happy with the color. I'm glad I got it in a rooted color because I think that makes it look more natural.
    By RK on 4/14/13
  18. So natural and great for hairloss
    it is so natural. I am going through Chemo and it looks just like my own hair!
    By Diana on 1/16/13
  19. Like nothing I've had before
    infatuation is my favorite wig. I have worn wigs for 20 years and haven't had this quality and comfort before
    By Debra on 12/20/12
  20. 5 star Product
    This wig looks great I am soo happy!
    By TSC on 10/26/12
  21. Color request
    I really like the Infatuation and the R10 color was a perfect brown I only wish there was a warm brown with little more highlighting throughout.
    By Mary Sue on 12/19/11

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