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Jackson by Noriko

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: RP1669

Availability: In stock

List Price: $189.00

Price: Price: $132.95

Jackson by Noriko: Color Chocolate-Frost-R
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Jackson by Noriko: Color Chocolate-Frost-R

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  1. The Best
    I've worn other, more expensive wigs, and this is my favorite! I've received lots of compliments - I think my hair is better looking now than before chemo. It is super easy to take care of and rarely tangles. I just ordered my second in Butter Pecan.
    By JK on 3/5/15
  2. Wish it would stay on my head
    Looks and feels wonderful but I have not been able to get out the door with it staying on my head. Slides up the back and back from the front. The bangs fall straight down, won't stay to the side.
    Wish I would have paid more attention to the return time, now I'm stuck with a wig I have never and will never be able to wear.
    By Bobbi on 1/20/15
  3. Awesome!
    This is a gorgeous wig, especially in color chocolate frost. Comfortable and not too hot.
    By Myladyeve on 12/1/14
  4. Great for the price
    I started wearing the Jackson 1 year ago. I have purchased 5 since then. I had long bangs cut in. Easy to style using a hand held steamer. Love Love Love this wig!
    By deb J on 11/7/14
  5. Fantastic!
    I absolutely love this wig. I am on my fifth one now and Noriko makes some of the most realistic hair fibers out there. The price can't be beat and i feel like a completely new woman as soon as I put it on. Please Noriko make this in a mono cap with a lace front.

    By Julie on 9/5/14

    By GRACE on 8/31/14
  7. Best wig ever or THE best with ever?
    This wig has beautiful color shape and texture. I had this wig jn the rooted nutmeg and it looks so incredibly real. The fiber is soft and has lasted my abuse. I wish Noriko would make this in a monofilament top... Then this would be all I wear!
    By Candy on 8/3/14
  8. Compliments compliments!
    I get compliments on my hair all the time. They just assume it is my hair cause it looks so natural. If I feel guilty I tell them it is a wig. Otherwise I just say "Thank you!" I have a whole bunch now and have ordered 2 of a slightly darker color. I am totally satisfied!
    (I do cut a bit in the front for bangs--works well.)
    By Nancy on 6/16/14
  9. Would love it in mono and lace top
    I get lots of compliments whenever I wear this wig and I know if Noriko made it with mono and lace it would sell even better!
    By Chris on 5/23/14
  10. Great Style Choice!
    The Jackson wig is my favorite style. I am often complimented on my hair and women come up to me to ask who does my hair. The only thing I would like more is if it had a monofiliment top and lace front. That would be perfection. Love this cut!
    By Tracey on 4/26/14
  11. Fantastic Wig
    I love this wig this is my favorite I need height on top and this is perfect for me. I have been wearing the Jackson for several years I have others styles but I keep going back to this one. I feel very sexy in it and get many compliment my husband loves it also. GREAT WIG.
    By Toni on 4/22/14
  12. Love this!
    The layering is fantastic..very flattering around the face. It's s great length. I get this in chocolate swirl it's colors are fabulous!

    By Angela on 1/1/14
  13. It itches
    I love the length of this wig but the hair stands up too much from the wig cap so it looks huuge. I have only worn it a couple of days so I'm hoping it will ease down after a few weeks use. I washed it almost instantly and that calmed it down a little. The bangs is very hard to work with so I have to use clips (?) to keep them away from my eyes. If I don't the bangs instantly falls in front of my eyes. And also the wig itches! Mind you I still have some hair left on my head so it could be the combination of the wig cap + my own hair but it really itches when I put the wig on and I only wear it in public. It comes off as soon as I'm inside my house. I hope this wig will come with a mono top! So I'm not too happy with this wig and will buy an other next time.
    By Ine on 11/8/13
  14. this is a great wig
    I cut my own bangs for this Jackson and this pic is auburn sugar which is very nearly my hair color. I could not make the sides-wept bang work it falls constantly into the face. I have bought 3 of these and one of them the bangs stick out too far so be very careful when cutting the bangs make sure they are left long to start then slowly trim to length or they will look unnatural. this is beautiful and no one can believe it';s not my own hair. love it!

    By D on 9/28/13
  15. Love the feel of this wig!
    I have the Noriko Jackson in Auburn Sugar R. It's a blend of medium brown and medium auburn with blonde highlights. It's also rooted which gives the part area a more natural appearance.The feel of the wig fibers is incredibly soft. I'm boderline petite and felt the length was a bit overwhelming so had my stylist take off about three inches. Tangling has not been an issue but I spritz before each wear with leave-in spray conditioner. Just ordered another one in Java Frost.
    By Emily on 8/26/13
    I love this wig so much I have 5 of them!!!! They are so comfortable and with the care they need they stay looking great!
    By grace on 8/6/13
  17. Love it
    I bought 5 of these wigs already I love them so much! 3 different shades of the frost are beautiful and I love them. My hair is thin so I put it up in a ponytail and just put on the wig and I'm ready to go. It looks perfect!

    By grace on 8/6/13
  18. Great wig. Great brand.
    This style is perfect for me I love how natural it looks and feels. I love the Noriko Brand!
    By LS on 3/13/12
  19. Jackson
    I have always worn the Angelica and tried the Jackson in iced mocha-r. The color was beautiful but I did not prefer the style as much as the Angelica. The quality of the Angelica is great and lasts a long time. I would recommend it to new wig buyers.
    By Nancy on 2/8/12
  20. Would order it in mono
    I just received the Jackson by Noriko and it is one of the most beautiful contemporary cuts on a wig that I have seen. It would be WONDERFUL if Noriko could make it with a mono top! Everything else about it is perfect. Just wanted to make the suggestion....I think it would sell like hotcakes with a mono top. Thanks!
    By Karen on 3/16/11
    I just got this and my stylist cut the wig to suit my face. Everywhere I go people compliment me on my hair. I bond the front the wig to my head and tie the back to a braid in the back and it doesn't move for a month. I have alopecia caused by radiation treatment and I feel blessed to have found a wig that looks so beautiful. I went the normal human hair route for years and lost thousands of dollars for substandard products and vendors. This makes me so happy!
    By Powerpoint on 12/2/-1

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