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Julia | SmartLace by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top
  • SKU: JR5380

Availability: In stock

List Price: $334.40

Price: Price: $284.24

Julia by Jon Renau: Color 32F
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  1. Sleek with an edge
    I wore Julia for nearly 2 years straight (replacing roughly every three months). It's one of the most complementary wigs I've ever worn. I took it to my stylist along with another human hair wig that I had intended to wear full time. She cut and styled that one and when I switched to Julia, she looked at me and said, if you don't make THIS one your primary wig you're crazy. She absolutely loved it. I ordered mostly in a 1b (sometimes in a 1brh30) and really loved wearing it. I frequently received compliments on it. I eventually felt the need for change and now wear Gisele in a 6. But Jon Renau really makes the best styles. I've worn wigs full time for 32 years (I developed Alopecia Areata when I was a child). I'll continue wearing Jon Renau wigs for as long as they're made. If you're thinking about getting Julia, give her a try. She's really beautiful :-)
    By Experienced Wig Wearer on 12/1/14
  2. Glorified Mullet
    No one cuts their hair like this for REAL. I got it in color 12FS8 that was the one thing that saved it. Will not buy again!
    By Chris on 10/24/13
  3. Bumpy lace front & obvious black glue on temple
    Having hair issues due to medical problem. I originally ordered Samantha by Amore but was backordered until December. I needed something asap. So I purchased Julia with very high expectations based on other people's reviews and the photos I found online of this wig. I was immediately disappointed. The lace front is absolutely awful! There is no way this looks natural. It was totally puckered rather than flat. Also at my left temple there was a black glue-type glob at the hairline that looks totally obvious. I ordered this in 8/32 and the color was a nice light brown. If your natural hair is on the fine side and you're trying to pass this off as your natural hair - forget it! There is SO MUCH hair on this wig there is no way anyone who knows me would believe this was natural. I ended up purchasing an Estetica wig and it looks identical to my natural hair. I am returning this one because of the lace front and black glue issue otherwise I'd probably keep it as a backup or for travel.
    By Chris on 10/10/13
  4. Beautiful
    I love this style..I've had several Jon Renau lace front wigs and find them all to look very natural.
    By Allison on 9/2/13
  5. Better with time
    I was a little nervous about the lace being itchy. it was at first but it started to form to my head and the itching went away. This style is not heat friendly!
    By Ingrid on 5/27/13
  6. Perfect
    The Julia is beautiful; and perfect
    By Holly on 3/11/13
  7. I couldn't get the front to look right
    The style is nice but I could never get the front of the wig to look natural at all and it is a lace front.
    By Karen on 2/23/13
  8. Adorable
    I like the natural lace front. The cap is so comfortable and the cut is adorable!
    By Jennifer on 2/23/13
  9. Wouldn't change anything
    The Julia is perfection! From the beautiful lace front to the human hair like synthetic fiber..I could not think of one thing i would do different with Julia!
    By Taylor on 10/1/12
  10. Surprised
    I really love the Julia I was quite surprised at how natural it looks!
    By MS on 8/17/12
  11. Beautiful pics. My wig looks just like this.
    I really love the Julia I was quite suprised at how natural it looks! I love that there are so many pics of the wig. No other store has this. It made a huge difference to see these. I have had this wig for 6months and i wear it often. Still beautiful as the day i got it. Thank you!
    By Melissa Whitcher on 9/8/11
  12. If you like the Zara...
    has had the zara for quite sometime and loved it. wanted a piece that was equivalent but shorter and thinks the julia is a perfect replacement!
    By Billie on 3/17/11
  13. Cut the lace on mine
    I like the light weight feel. I was worried you could not cut the lace and did not like them at first. After I cut the lace to my hairline I loved it and looks so natural. I am ordering 2 more because it is so beautiful!
    By Jill on 12/2/-1

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