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Wigs Glossary

» 3/4 Wig - Falls
» Banana Comb
» Blending
» Butterfly Clip
» C3-Construction
» Cap
» Capless
» Claw Clip
» Cuticle
» Gemini Clips
» Hand-Tied
» Kanekalon
» Memory Cap
» Monofilament
» O'Solite
» Sheer Indulgence
» Side Swipe Clip
» Skin Part
» Standard Cap
» Switch Attachment
» Thin Wefts
» Weaving
» Wefts
» Wing Comb
» Yaki Hair
3/4 Wig - Falls | to the top
A 3/4 cap that covers the majority of the head except the front hairline. You can use your own hair to blend up and over the fall. Usually connects easily to your own hair with a series of flex combs.

Shop: 3/4 Wigs Falls

Banana Comb | to the top
A contoured flexible comb clip made with extra strong swivel joint and snap-clip at the top.
Banana Comb

Shop: Clip On Hairpieces

Blending | to the top
To achieve the most realistic color graduations in a final wig, hairpiece, or extension, multi-colors of fiber are mixed together. This process is called "hackling" or "blending."

Shop: Human Hair Blend Wigs

Butterfly Clip | to the top
Pressure sensitive butterfly shaped comb with interlocking teeth that attaches under your own hair. Simply press to open the teeth of the clip and it's ready to be inserted into your own hair.

Shop: Clip On Hairpieces

C3 Construction | to the top
Construction utilizing the 3 C's: Cool - lets your scalp breathe. Comfortable - constructed with new, softer and lighter materials. Capless - so lightweight you won't even know it's there.
C3 Cap Construction

The base or skeleton that gives the wig it's shape and a base to attach hair to.

Capless | to the top
A capless wig is very similar to the standard cap design. However, it does not have the closed lace layer at the crown. It is open-wefted in the back, sides, and crown. This allows for maximum ventilation. It is also the lightest weight cap you can purchase.

Shop: Capless Wigs

Claw Clip | to the top
Pressure sensitive interlocking teeth that open to attach to your hair at the crown area.
Claw Clip

Shop: Claw Clip Ponytails

Cuticle | to the top
The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair folicle. Hair has three layers: a cuticle (the outer layer), a cortex (the middle layer, composed primarily of keratin and moisture, plus melanin, which gives our hair its color), and a medulla (the center of the hair shaft).

Gemini Clips | to the top
These clips consist of two interlocking, flat side clips that are contoured to fit closely to your head for a secure, comfortable fit and natural looking silhouette.

Monofilament | to the top
Monofilament is a tedious process of manually knotting individual hair fibers onto the cap for a more natural look. This is usually done on parted areas and on the edge of the cap in order to hide cap material when the hair is pulled back.

Kanekalon Fiber | to the top
The Kanekalon Fiber is a modacrylic fiber composed of a combination of two monomers: acrylonitrile and vinyl chloride which are joined together in a process called Co-polymerization. Co-polymerization produces a dry resin which is in turn dissolved into a liquid state, or dope. This solution is forced through a multi-hole metal disk called a aspinnerette, then into a water bath where it coagulates to form continuous strands. These strands or filaments called "tow" are then dried and stretched and finally become fiber as we know it.

Memory Cap | to the top
A wig cap that replaces the wide stretch lace used in most of today's wigs with a thinner, more resilient stretch material that actually molds to the shape of the head for a lighter, more secure fit.
Memory Cap

Hand-Tied | to the top
A wig cap that replaces the wide stretch lace used in most of today's wigs with a thinner, more resilient stretch material that actually molds to the shape of the head for a lighter, more secure fit.

Shop: Hand-tied Wigs

O'Solite | to the top
The cap construction is cool, lightweight and secure. The fiber mix is new, but thoroughly tested, and feels as soft as real hair. Yet, it has enough body and memory to keep it's style.

Sheer Indulgence | to the top
Advanced monofilament technology featuring individally hand knotted hair for a completely natural, lightweight look, a soft, luxurious comfort, and hair that brushes in any direction for easy parting and styling.
Sheer Indulgence Monofilament Crown   100% Hand-Tied Sheer Indulgence Monofilament Cap    Sheer Indulgence Monofilament

Side Swipe Clip | to the top
Two different hair attachments in one - attach it as a pocket piece or as a clip-on. When using the pocket attachment, it is up to you how tight or how loose to make the pocket. Open th epocket until it is flat, and the piece can be styled as a demi-fall. Or pull the drawstring tight over a bun and style as a ponytail.
Side Swipe Clip

Skin Part | to the top
A skin part means the wig is parted in a fixed location, and gives the illusion of skin where it is parted. Wigs with a skin part are more affordable than a full monofilament and still give you a very natural look.
Skin Part

Shop: Skin Part Wigs   |   Skin Top Wigs

Standard Cap | to the top
A standard cap is the most common and most affordable cap design. The layers of hair are open-wefted in the back and sides to allow for ventilation and have a closed lace layer at the crown. The hair at the crown is often lightly teased or crimped so you can not see down through the cap. This type of cap often gives the hair a natural lift at the crown for volume.

Switch Attachment | to the top
An elastic loop attachment that acts like a ponytail holder to attach the hair piece.

Thin Wefts | to the top
A revolutionary technique that allows hair to be more evenly distributed so your wig is more comfortable to wear and much easier to style.

Weaving | to the top
The process of forming a base (or track) along the scalp to attach wefted hair.

Wefts | to the top
Strands of hair fibers are sewn together at one end to make a curtain of hair. These wefts are sewn onto the cap to simulate natural hair.

Wing Comb | to the top
Strong combs that have teeth evenly spaced so that when pushed together the teeth hold and interlock in and under your own hair.

Shop: Wig Combs, Wooden & Wire Wig Brushes

Yaki | to the top
A relaxed texture for ethnic weave styles. It has a crimped, course look.