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Mason by Noriko

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: RP1632

Availability: In stock

List Price: $159.00

Price: Price: $111.30

Mason by Noriko | Color: Copper Glaze R
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  1. Cute and stylish!
    I love the Mason. This has been favorite wig since I started wearing them about 10 years ago. Love the front back and sides. I use some spritz and make the back do a great flip. It is so fun. I get compliments from complete strangers who want to know who my hair dresser is. Thanks Noriko, please keep making Mason. Marble Brown is my favorite.
    By Mary on 7/4/16
  2. Love My Mason
    I bought my Mason in Nutmeg-F a while ago and didn't like it at all. I brought it to a wig stylist and they flat ironed the top down so it wasn't so high in front...still didn't like it til I put it behind my ears and now I love it!!!! When it was in front of my ears it looked like spit curls on the sides and reminded me of a little girls hair...Now it's great!!!
    By Ellen on 4/26/16
  3. Very Disappointed
    I've ordered this wig for several years, so I see the changes in the quality of hair, cut and styling. The cut is choppy and blunt. One side is longer. The crown is bunchy. Please go back to what you sold in the early 2007-2008. I'll order one more if no change I'll just change designers.The fron is shorter also.
    By GLORIA on 3/5/16
  4. Highlights and layers not good in back
    I was really anxious to get this wig in Iced Mocha. The style is flattering around the face, however, the back is not. The highlights in the back looked like they were painted on horizontally and the layers were chopped off straight across. My husband said it looked like a Dalmation dog in the back. That was not a compliment! The Iced Mocha color was very nice.
    By Linda on 8/26/15
  5. Wig Cap Feels Too Small
    I received my Mason wig yesterday and I love the color, Mochaccino. The style is very cute as well. But I wish I'd paid attention to what other reviewers had said about Noriko wigs running small. I have a small head but average wigs usually fit me OK. This wig is size average, but very tight. There is no adjustment to make it even a little bit larger. I am keeping the wig because of the cost to ship it back and the 25% restocking fee. I'm bald from Chemo, and I'm hoping I can make this work for me without it riding up in the back. Lesson learned, I will not buy another Noriko wig. The sizing appears to be too inconsistent. Think I'll stick with Raquel Welch from now on. RW's color R11ST Glazed Mocha is very similar to Noriko's Mochaccino. Love both colors -- I'm just really sorry the Noriko wig was such a poor fit.
    By Susan on 5/15/15
  6. Best wig ever!!!
    Just got the Mason today...absolutely LOVE everything about it! Took it out of the box swished it and put it on. Wore it all day. Very comfortable and very pretty. Noriko did a great job in making this one!
    By Lynne on 7/29/14
  7. Best wig ever
    This is my absolute favorite wig. It is my go to wig and I always get compliments on it whenever I wear it. No one knows it is a wig until they ask where I get my hair done and I tell them it is a wig. Marble Brown is my favorite color.
    By SC on 7/1/14
  8. love at first try
    have been wearing this style forever. only question I get is "who cuts your hair" to me that is the best compliment!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By mimi on 5/9/14
  9. Youthful and trendy
    Mason is stylish and a groovy-looking wig. However I think I will purchase the styling cream because it does need a little more oomph for the sides and back. I like body to my wigs and not that this doesn't have any but I'm keeping it because it has a lot of potential. Some reviewers complained there was too much hair here n' there but I wouldn't have minded a few more strands with my Mason. Even so I love the style. The top is just the way I like it. This is my first Noriko wig and I even got a little gift that came with it. What a nice gesture! It's great to know like Raquel's wigs that there are stylish and youthful-looking wigs for us older women for a change. The color I chose was Auburn Sugar-R. Almost similar to Raquel Welch's R3329S but more subtle. Mason by Noriko does not look like a wig as some others do and I recommend it. I'm keeping my eye on Noriko from now on.
    By Patrizia on 1/7/14
  10. Disappointed
    My Mason arrived today and I had anxiously been awaiting it. I thought it would be the perfect solution for me. Sadly it is not. It is way too full across the top. The back is very cute and perky but the amount of hair on top and in front makes the style look matronly/wiggy on me. Love the rooted color and wish this color was available through other brands. I am returning it and plan to try the Gabor Carte Blanche which has a monofilament and lace front.
    By Gma on 9/27/13
  11. Fingers crossed !!
    Just placed my order for this style. I am hoping it works for me as well as it has for other reviewers. Daily wig wearer due to Alopecia. Have been for years so have experienced many wigs. Looking for a bit of a change from classic short bob styles to something a bit more whimsical and a tad longer. Change is difficult for me however so a bit nervous. Have ordered other Noriko's from this site in the past and appreciated their quality. Speaking of site - this a a great website ! Love the 360's and the narrative descriptions. And of course love when discounts are offered ! Thus my decision that this is a good time to try a different look. I will report back after receiving my new Noriko.
    By Gma on 9/21/13
  12. best out of 3!
    I bought 2 other wigs first..and I don't wear one of them...wasted my money..the 1st one is really bad...the 2nd one I wear to work...the 3rd is Mason in dark chocolate....I think it is super...makes me look stunning...years younger...fits well...easy to care for...waiting to save enough for another Mason! It's the most compliments I've had in years...people actually think it is real...I luv i!
    By LMC on 9/17/13
  13. Not so good a fit
    first wig I ordered was perfect - I ordered two more and they don't fit the same -
    How do I get it to fluff after a while
    By Nicole on 8/27/13
  14. perfect for me
    The Mason works for me it is my perfect fit!
    By TD on 1/7/13
  15. Too puffy
    The Mason is a cute style. Maybe it's my small face but the top looks too puffy. The quality is good and the color is beautiful creamy toffe. I took it to get cut because I needed it right away. My hair dresser almost cut half the hair out. In the end it looked pretty good but I will look for a different style now!
    By No on 5/3/11

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