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Textured Pixie by Sherri Shepherd NOW

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: NW1107

Availability: In stock

List Price: $68.95

Price: Price: $59.95

Textured Pixie by Sherri Shepherd - NOW: Color: 3T/4/613
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  1. Wow!
    This is my first Sherri Shepherd wig and only my 2nd wig purchase. This wig is much nicer in quality than the first one I purchased (not from I had to wait 2 months for this color as it is so popular. The feel of the hair is just wonderful. The color is 3T/4/613 Platinum Blonde Auburn & Dark Brown and it's a stunner! Worth the wait! It looks so real, I'm over the moon with the quality and color. I think it looks terrific. I wish I could show a second picture of the back. What a great wig and the price was really great!

    By Mary on 1/27/16
  2. Love this wig BUT
    I love this wig BUT mine has a line of separation all along the base of the bangs in front. I find it impossible to cover this with hair, then spray or gel. Have teased it etc. I have not yet tried heat. Does anyone else have this problem?? Have you found a way to make it lay together? Your help would be very appreciated. Would like to buy more.
    By Sharon by the Sea on 1/4/16
  3. Textured Pixie wig by Sherri Shepherd
    This is the absolute best, it looks so natural, feels great on and is just perfect for my style No one ever knows I am wearing a wig unless I tell them. The color is so natural too. It is also affordable for my budget
    By Judi on 11/29/15
  4. LOVE my 1st wig.
    WoW. Gorgeous & natural looking. Fooled my husband and mother-in-law. My hair has been getting so thin that I thought I would take a chance on a wig. Ordered a few before this one, and was so disappointed that I almost gave up. In fact, if this wig didn't work out- I was going to call it quits. Well. I got it. And it looks so beautiful that I cannot stop looking at myself.
    By Joanne on 3/6/15
  5. Love It!!
    This is my 3rd wig of the pixie. It has fooled a lot of people. Every one all ways tell me how great my hair looks.
    By Delois on 1/21/15
  6. Lot's of compliments
    This is the first wig I bought that I have been completely happy with. I love it! I get lot's of compliments everytime I wear it. I purchased it in black and plan to get another color.
    By Dorothy on 1/19/15
  7. Overly puffy
    I had high hopes for this wig, but there's so much hair there, I can't get it to lay down flat! I'm going to try washing it and hoping that it takes some of the over-texture down to a manageable level. Out of the 5 wigs I've gotten from here, this is the only one I've had problems with.
    By Chelsea on 1/7/15
  8. silver/grey pixie wig
    I wanted it and so my husband said order it for Christmas from him. I have fooled even my sisters and our son. They all can't get over how nice the wig looks on me.
    Thank you
    By Pat on 1/4/15
  9. Too much grey.
    I love this pixie cut, ordered it but it had too much grey in it for me. My hair is silver with no grey. I do wish Shari would consider making it in just silver. I would buy it in a heart beat.. Please Shari give it some thought.
    By Young granny on 12/10/14
  10. The Bob
    I love it looks very real and stylish
    By Tina on 12/2/14
  11. The best wig ever
    I am 72 and have always worn my hair in a Pixie (when I could find someone who knew how to do a Pixie cut). I ordered this wig and it is absolutely the best wig ever, no one and I do mean know one knew it is a wig, no even my own family. Thank You Sherri for this wonderful wig as soon as I can I will order another one, so I have one to wear when this one is drying. The grey 3 shade is so perfect I can't believe it.
    By Joanne on 11/26/14
  12. Love it
    No one knows I am wearing a wig and I received so many compliments on the style. I have bought eight of this style in the last year and a half, this one is a keeper. Thanks

    By Barbara on 10/28/14
  13. Happy Customer
    This wig is so easy to wear. It's low maintenance and great for someone like me who doesn't have time to fuss with my hair. I love pixie cuts so this was really the perfect wig for me. Thanks Sherri! You've mad this customer very happy.
    By Lucinda on 10/15/14
  14. Love this wig.
    I have always wanted this style but no one could ever cut my hair to suit me. Got this wig and everyone loves it. I have several colors favorite is the 50/50 gray. I even got my sister to wear this wig. She hasn't done her hair since last year. Hair dressers can't even tell it is a wig.
    By Martha on 9/1/14
  15. Perfect
    I have bought many wigs and never wore them because they were hot and heavy. This one is perfect my hubby and sis say it takes 10 years off. Going to wear it to dinner with friends and see their reaction. I'm quiet sure I will be wearing it a lot.
    By Linda on 8/7/14
  16. Love my Textured Pixie
    Love the color FS4/30 great wig & cut.
    By Joyce C. on 8/2/14
  17. Fantastic looking
    Always wanted Halle Berry's pixie cut and highlights but afraid to cut my hair. Ordered this in FS 4/27. New color for me. I usually get dark brown. Matches my caramel skin perfectly. Everyone kept asking if I got a haircut because it looks so real and natural! Though there is plenty of coverage in the back I pinned it like Sherri recommends in a video. Wore it all day and it felt very comfortable and not hot. The hair looks and feels real. Looks better than the photos. Boyfriend kept telling me how pretty and younger I looked and he'd always told me he likes long hair. I'm still new to wigs but this is my new go to everyday summer wig! I'd been wearing Vivica Fox's Moore to lots of compliments but Textured Pixie is even better. Now I want more of Sherri's wigs! Boyfriend wants me to get the Tapered Tomboy in Copper Red and the Big Wave Bob. Can't wait!
    By Stacey on 7/20/14
  18. Favorite
    Truly love it one of my fav styles.
    By KEEN on 7/8/14
  19. No one ever knows
    I get stopped a lot told How put together I look. AND your hair is always fabulous! How do you do it? It's great having a good hair day EVERYDAY!
    By sassyrobin420 on 6/27/14
  20. Can't get enough!
    I'm still waiting on the Tapered Tomboy! Must be REALLY popular. SO I ordered The Stacked Bob...... in DA021 of course.
    There was a sale so I got another Textured Pixie. I don't know what I'd do without this one. I't's perfect...smooth & sleek or spike it out. It's my favorite!!
    By Dawn on 6/27/14
  21. Stunning
    I am writing because I have now worn this wig for a month. I have been out in local celebrations in 90 degree humid weather in IL. I was not uncomfortable and my wig held up beautifully. I have received so many compliments on the color/style and most everyone has asked me who does my hair. If any of you are concerned about being uncomfortable in the heat you can relax. My hubby just loves his #1 fan (musician) looking so beautiful. I love it because it is light and airy. I bought several small headbands and use it to hold my own short hair back. They also keep my wig in place. Thank you for giving me confidence once again. I will order many more.
    By Barb on 6/4/14
    By JLP on 5/22/14
  23. Great Style
    If only it had a capless cap - it would be the perfect wig. As it is -- too hot for summer. Great for the middle of January
    By northwestcoin on 5/13/14
  24. Fabulous
    For the last 10 years I have been dealing with my hair thinning. I am 67 years old and I was so embarrassed to go out in public. My husband is in a band and I am his #1 fan. I bought lots of hats and I look great in them but the summer was approaching and I wanted to be able to be outdoors for concerts in the park. I ordered 2 other wigs from another company and they look good but when I saw this wig I wanted it for the hot and humid summers in IL. When it came I fell in love w/the light weight. I put it on and both my husband and I were impressed. We did not understand that the colors were in layers vs highlights. I like highlights but the wig looks so good on me I will not part w/it. Thank you....I am a confident older lady again and look 10 years younger. I will order more in this color for sure. I ordered the 3T/4/613
    By Barbara on 5/10/14
  25. Perfect!!
    I've bought 2 other wigs from "somewhere" else. And just didn't like them. Didn't like style or didn't like the color. This one I love both! No one knows I'm wearing a wig! I love the color DA021 it matches my own.
    It's so comfortable too.
    I'm ordering the Tapered Tomboy next in the same color. I can hardly wait!!
    By Dawn on 3/30/14
  26. Great Style
    Loved the cut and style. The cap was very comfortable. The color could have used some lighter tones in it. Not bad for the price.
    By Jane on 3/27/14
  27. Cute and Classy!
    I love the new classy look this wig gives me. It completely changes my overall look in a good way. I selected GREY 2 and it's the same color as my natural grey hair. Thank you Sherri Shepherd for marketing such a wonderful product. I just love it! I receive so many compliments everywhere I go. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face!

    By Linda in Baker on 3/21/14
  28. Gorgeous!
    Beautiful and natural looking wig. I am a 65 year old woman with thinning hair due to thyroid problems. This wig gives me confidence again!
    By Vicki on 3/13/14
  29. Love this wig
    I started off with one now I have 3. I liked it so much I wanted to make sure I had a couple to spare. I may keep buying these for as long as she keeps making this style. It looks so natural great for summer its so light and airy.
    By Ann on 1/8/14
  30. Absolutely thrilled.
    I color my hair at home and got so tired of only liking the color one week out of four! It would start off too dark spend a week at a color I was happy with then fade out too much. So when I realised that it was only going to cost me about the same as two hair colorings to buy this little beauty I decided to bite the bullet and order one. Frankly having never even had a wig before ordering one online was pretty terrifying! I did panic a little when I first put it on as the sides seemed to come way too far forward but once I'd adjusted the hook tabs at the back it sat perfectly. My husband is amazed at how natural it looks. :)
    By Christine on 11/7/13
  31. Answer to a prayer.
    Letting my real hair go grey. It's in between colors now. Not all silver grey yet just about two inches of the roots. You can imagine how untidy that looks. This wig is just what I needed to keep me from losing my patience. So many compliments on the style and color. The grey #3 looks so natural. Even my hairdresser loved it and cut my real hair in the same style. Thank you for one of the best purchases I have ever made.
    By Vicki Roberts on 10/4/13
    I bought my first Pixie when Sherri showed her line of wigs on 'The View' in the fall of 2012. I was so in love with this wig as soon as I took it out of the box and tried it on that when I have gotten sale e-mails I have ordered 3 more! I am a 70 year old with very thin hair on top and sides and so many wigs have way too much hair but this one is perfect. So many compliments and I tell someone it is a wig they are so amazed because it looks so natural. I agree with Monica in California - make more styles of the short pixie styles. And thank you Sherri Shepherd!
    By Connie in Michigan on 9/16/13
    I'm 79 years young going on 59. I've worn individual braids weaves tree braids invisible braids since 1998. My hair needed a rest. But what could I do? I thought wigs would make me look matronly but lo and behold I found this wonderfully-styled wig. I've received so many compliments that I've had to order for my friends and family. It also takes years off my face and adds a special class to my appearance. This is absolutely a winner with me. Definitely have to order another one for myself.
    By Alzina on 9/6/13
  34. Adorable!
    I L O V E this wig!!! I'm a 57 year old overweight white woman whose face is half paralyzed. Attractive right? Well I went and ordered this wig in red! And I don't think I've taken it off except to sleep!! For the first time in many years I feel-- maybe not pretty-- but cute and very happy. Who'd have thought this light-weight little wig could do so much for a persons morale? I'm on here today to order a couple more in different colors! Thank you Sherri!!!
    By MimiCeeCee on 8/27/13
  35. I LOVE THIS WIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This has to be my favorite. I have been looking for this style and texture for a long time. It really does feel like it's your own hair. I have had several people comment "So you decided to wear your own hair". I love the way it washes. After it drys it looks just like you stepped out of a salon. My products of choice: Nexus Heat Protectant Non-oily hair sheen and a light holding spray. You just can not beat the overall construction of the Cap. Everything about this wig is top of the LINE. Please make more of the short pixie styles.

    Sincerely Very happy in California.
    By Monica in California on 8/6/13
  36. Just Perfect
    I am so pleased with this wig. Even nicer than expected. I am under going chemo treatments for breast cancer and never thought I would find a wig that looks so natural. I have received so many compliments. This wig is comfortable. I just have to order more. Thank you Sherri for making feel good about myself during this difficult time.
    By Bev on 12/2/-1

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