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Nylon Wig Liner/Cap by BeautiMark

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Color: Blonde
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Color: Blonde

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  1. Great Wig Liner
    I have shoulder-length naturally curly hair that is beginning to thin at the crown. I started enjoying wigs in 2008 and have always used this liner. My head measurement is 22." The wig liner keeps my long hair tucked in and is comfortable. I use the wig liner every time I wear a wig. The liner is a little hot when outside during the summer heat of Texas, but at the same time helps to absorb the perspiration rather than having perspiration go directly into the wig.
    By Buni on 9/6/15
  2. May Be Too Tight?
    I literally just put this on for the first time about 20 minutes ago. I have been wearing my first wig for three days without the liner, and am delighted and amazed at how much more secure it now feels. I am concerned, though, about how tight the liner is. Since wigs come in different sizes, why don't liners? When does one size ever really fit all?
    If I get used to this without the headache others speak about, I will eat my words and let you know. I hope so.
    By Clarabelle on 7/21/15
  3. Slides
    This thing slides up my hair and into the back part of my wig, leaving my scalp exposed to wigs and making my scalp itchy. There's entirely too much material with this liner.
    By Stephanie on 11/21/14
  4. A must!
    Really an essential piece to make me feel secure while wearing my synthetic wigs. As a previous reviewer mentioned the cap gives the wig something to "grab" onto.
    By Rebecca on 11/4/14
  5. Waste of money
    I bought two of these liners, one in blonde and one in nude. Have worn each one of them for one week. My head size is average, my own hair is fine thin. These liners would not stay in place, and there is too much material at the top. The band is totally stretched out on both liners. I am very disappointed in the poor quality of these caps/liners.
    By K on 10/20/14
    I agree with the above reviews! This was so tight I started getting a headache. I ended up cutting the band off so that I could wear it.
    By Cassandra on 8/30/14
  7. I like these
    These are tight but I'd rather have them tight than way too loose. I had tried the cotton liners but they are so loose they slide off and then my wig slides around also. The nylon liners stay in place and also give the wig cap something to "grab" onto making the wig stay in place and be more secure. The only problem I've had is I always purchase the Blonde color but the last order I placed I was sent were the Brown/Nude. For my mono top wigs I need the lightest color to match my skin tone. But for function these are the best caps.
    By Marge on 6/4/14
  8. Tight liner
    Just as the previous review stated this liner is so tight it will give you a horrible headache.
    I will not purchase this brand again.
    By Lullie on 1/13/14
  9. Keeps hair in but gave me a huge headache
    I bought this & it does keep your hair inside & makes a wig fit better& feel secure but it's so tight that I instantly got the worts headache ever
    By Jennifer on 9/20/13

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