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Opening Act by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top

Availability: In stock

List Price: $344.00

Price: Price: $292.40

Opening Act by Raquel Welch: Color RL30/27 Rusty Auburn (Pale Red with Warm Blonde highlights)
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  1. Fantastic
    I just placed a review but would like to add one thing.....please take better pictures of this wig as it looks very unrealistic in the pictures on the sight. It looks so much better than is shown!
    By Renee on 2/25/16
  2. Fantastic!
    I have been wearing wigs for 10 years and this is the first review I have given on one because I am so pleased with it. I am very particular as only my family knows I wear wigs. I use headbands and things to make the wigs look more realistic. I have spent a lot of money trying to find one that looks as realistic as possible...especially on the top. Even with the mono wigs I feel like there is too much open area and it does not look as real as I would like. This wig is great right out of the box and has enough hair on top with the mono that I feel comfortable not wearing a headband and just wearing it as is, I can do a zig zag part and it looks great, and it still looks like a natural hairline. I read the reviews about it not lasting long on the nape, but I have trimmed it to make it shorter so I don't think it will be a problem. I ordered color RL12/16 and I love it. I got this a week ago and have gotten an incredible amount of compliments on it. I should also mention I sleep in my wigs and this wig does not move and looks like a normal head of hair would look when I wake up!
    By Renee on 2/25/16
  3. Shake and go!!
    This is my 3rd Opening Act. One darker and two very blond with roots. I'm getting ready to order a fourth without roots. I get compliments ALL the time and I travel from coast to coast. My own hair is fine but not so fine that I have to wear a wig. But the time that this wig saves is amazing! I wash my own hair, dry, pin up, and BAM instant stunning. Funny thing is everyone thinks I colored and cut my hair. So as time goes on I wear it out more and more. I took a leap and even had family portraits with it on yesterday!
    Can't say enough about this wig! I hope they make it forever!
    By Harriet on 1/12/16
  4. nice but doesn't last
    The cut and colors are great but the hair gets stiff and kinky in only a few months (especially on the neck.) I have warn a wig every day for nearly 30 years.åÊ Most wigs last between 6 and 10 months with regular care. But this hair becomes stiff and frizzy after only a few months. I hoped that i could straighten it with a curling iron since it is heat friendly but the effect only lasts for a day.
    By Vicky on 11/9/13
  5. Nice Wig but doesn't hold up too well
    This wig does look great but I was disappointed by how frayed and frizzed the hair at the bottom on the nape of my neck got. I have alopecia and buy A LOT of wigs. I switched from human hair to synthetic about a year ago when I realized how great the synthetics looked. Like I said this wig does look great but I'm used to getting a solid 4 months out of them before I feel they need to be replaced -- this one was all frizzed at the nape in about 2 months. I was particularly disappointed because this is one of the more expensive synthetics. If you don't wear your wig everyday I'm sure this will be fine for you... just a heads up on the nape hair frizzing.
    By Col on 10/27/13
  6. Perfect Wig Opening Act
    I love this Opening Act of which color is RL29/25. It is very light and natural and It's lace front is so sheer that people don't recognize I'm wearing it.

    By shino on 8/22/13
  7. Worn it for a few years
    I really like this wig and have bought a few so I have one for back up. Love the lace front so much better than other wigs. No one knows I wear a wig and no one has ever questioned when I wear this one. I highly recommend!
    By Kim on 8/17/13
  8. beautiful
    love it. it really looks natural and isnt too shiny like some. I took it to my hairdresser to get it thinned out and shaped for my head. love it
    By teri h. on 8/5/13
  9. One of my favorite wigs
    I love this style. I get complements all the time. Everyone thinks it's my real hair - no one ever guesses it's a wig. It reminds me of Noriko's Reese but with a lace front and mono top - it's also better quality synthetic hair material. My biggest problem was finding a color I liked. My favorite color is the RW R3025S+ (glazed cinnamon) second favorite is Noriko's Terracotta-H. Because Opening Act is the TruColor colors instead of the regular RW colors I had to get the color ring and see if I could match Glazed Cinnamon. It wasn't easy. From the samples I first picked RL30/27 as the closest to R3025S+. But when it was way too light - too much ash blond highlights. I went one shade darker to RL31/29. This was more red but still too many ASH blond highlights. The ash blond mixed in with red made it look like grey instead of blond. Didn't look good. I finally got RL32/31 and it was good. It's a much darker red with very little gold red highlights but it works well with my skin tone. I'm still working on finding a substitute for the darker red brown of Terracotta-H. I'm leaning towards RL6/28 (based on the sample) but won't know for sure until I see a full wig in the color. I wish RW and other manufacturers made a conversion chart of what the closest color in their line is to the colors in other lines. I think people would cross over to other brands more if they had a better reference system than those tiny little samples.
    By Marge on 8/2/13

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