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Premium by Gabor

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Part

Availability: In stock

List Price: $254.00

Price: Price: $215.90

Premium by Gabor | Color: GL12/16 Golden Walnut
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Premium by Gabor | Color: GL12/16 Golden Walnut

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  1. No fuss easy style but poor quality synthetic hair
    I loved this wig from the start. Great colour, perfect cut and felt smooth and lovely on. I even brought some recommended dentanglar and a wide tooth comb. Unfortunately the back lower section of this wig has degraded fast. I wear my wig for work everyday. The synthetic hair used in this wig has quickly become frazzled and tangles easily now. As it isnt heat resistant ot cannot be straightened which is a real shame. If they can improve the quality of the hair I wouldn't buy any other wig.
    By Amanda on 10/25/16
  2. Love It!
    I ordered my Premium in Sunlit Chestnut. The color is a nice, warm medium Brown. In the sunlight it shows a nice blend of Brown tones. It's a classic style that looks very up-to-date with the way the ends and bang are cut. This style would work for any age, from teen to senior. The hair feels lovely, soft and silky and so lightweight that the movement is very natural. I have a petite head, so it is a little bit large on me, but not so much that it feels insecure. I haven't worn it enough yet to comment on how well it holds up. I've only worn it maybe five times. So far, no frizzies. It's brutally hot here this summer, and while no wig is fun in 90-plus temperatures and high humidity, this one is so light it's more comfortable than most of my others (FYI, I think Raquel Welch's Muse beats it in that department). I get lots of compliments on Premium. I plan to order another, maybe in Hazelnut. Five stars!
    By Emma on 8/16/16
  3. Super Natural
    This is the first wig I have tried that did not need to be thinned. It is beautiful Color 6-30 is gorgeous! I had my stylist trim it a bit, but he did not need to thin it. So comfortable too. Very, very natural looking, love it!
    By Paula on 5/30/16
  4. Super natural and low density wig
    I love my Premium wig. I have bought this wig several times over the last few years. It is my go to style. I like a lower density wig because it looks most like my own hair used to look years ago. There is not all of the ratty permatease either. The color I am wearing now is Dark Chocolate. This wig is super natural looking and with the light bang you don't have to worry about the lace front or how it looks if you are not a fan of them.

    By Kayree on 4/3/16
  5. Am in love with this wig!
    I just received the Gabor Premium today in sandy blonde, GL 14/22. I have ordered many wigs online now, only to be disappointed many times. I tried not to get too excited opening my box today. I put this wig on and fell in LOVE with it, and this is my eighth wig now. It's lightweight, the fibers are silky, and the color is gorgeous. I might trim the bangs a little unless I decide to sweep them to the side. The monofilament part looks real, love it that I can pull it off the face. This wig is just lovely. I am a very young-looking 62 and I have a square face, and it looks great - and takes years off my face, too. My only beef with Gabor is the non-rooted colors. I may try one of the techniques of rooting it with Joan Collins powder or spraying the underside with a root touch-up spray like I saw done online. All-in-all, this wig is just about my favorite out of all eight of them. I will post an update after wearing it for awhile to see how it holds up. I am only ordering wigs with monofilament parts from now on. It's worth the higher cost to me because I don't like the ratty parts that come with so many permateased wigs. I try to cover up the part with headbands. With this wig, I don't have to cover up anything and it looks so natural that no one would ever know it's a wig unless they had seen me with a different color and style on the previous day. lol
    By Carol on 3/4/16
  6. Great wig (color 12-16)--please consider making it in petite!
    I am so loving this wig! It has an almost undetectable “sparse” style of lace front, similar to Jon Renau, but much less stiff, so it’s very comfortable against the skin. The mono part is also beautifully done; after washing the wig and wearing it for a few days, the hair flattens a bit and the part becomes more visible and looks extremely natural. The hair has a fine density (first wig that I didn’t need to thin out), with a sexy, almost shag look because of the layers and razored ends. Just wish Gabor would make this in a petite size--think it would be a profitable decision for the company because it’s the perfect style and density for small features/small heads (and then I wouldn’t need to sew clips in it and wear two velour/Velcro hair bands to hold it in place!).

    I’ve had zero frizzing, so perhaps the others who noted that their wigs didn’t hold up got a bad batch of wigs. I’m heading into the third month of wearing it 10 hours/day, 5 days/week, and about 4 hours/day for the two days I’m not working, and it’s still in excellent condition. I wash it with Jon Renau EasiClean shampoo about every 10 days; every 2 days, I spray the underside of the nape and the ends with Revlon Dual Conditioner; and every few days, I spray the inside of the cap with Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak dry shampoo. I only use a plastic loop brush and brush it as little as possible.

    The color 12-16, Golden Walnut, is beautiful, rich, dark neutral blonde with neutral (definitely not ashy/cool--despite the color description--nor brassy/butterscotch-y) blonde highlights throughout. My natural hair (what’s left of it!) is medium ash blonde; if you are having difficulty, like me, finding a true ash blonde shade, you may find you look surprisingly good in this color even though it isn’t a cool tone.

    I’ve tried to include the information that I look for when considering a wig and hope this review has been of use to you. Thank you to everyone who has posted a wig review—I really value your input and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.
    By Bree on 3/1/16
  7. Hmmm i LUHUHUV mine!
    I didn't even know you could fix a wig once it turned frizzy! I was and am so happy with the Premium! Its lightweight and soft to the touch. But most importantly I found it does NOT tangle in the back! I've had it for 6 weeks now and I'm still running my fingers right through it like it was brand new! I bought 3 of them so I could keep the same look for a while. If I have issues with any of them I'll update my review.
    By Diane on 2/8/16
  8. Too Pricey for the quality
    I agree with other reviewers. the wig is beautiful and natural but it frizzes way too fast and for $200+ it should be much more durable. I tried following one of the youtube videos on defrizzing but seems to have just made it worse. Probably will not buy this one again unless they lower the price to more closely reflect a "throw away after 2 month" wig.


    We're so sorry to hear about the frizz you experienced! We recommend the following tips to prevent and correct this issue.

    1. Take thin, small sections and spray the HD Smooth by Jon Renau
    2. Use a wide tooth comb to smooth and detangle We recommend the Hair Trix comb by Beauti Mark
    By BG on 10/29/14
  9. Love this wig
    I love Premium. It is the perfect everyday casual style. I'm on my third Premium wig.
    YES I've had my share of issues with frizz; it is the "nature of the beast" with synthetics which I easily solved from a You Tube tutorial I found on de-frizzing synthetic wigs. Problem solved.
    With each new Premium I've had I've discovered some very creative ways at making it more "realistic". I've learned how to reduce shine thin out and even incorporate some of my own hair along the sides below where the lace front ends at the temples to extend the hairline all the way down to at my ears. I even bleached out those telltale black knots in the monofilament part.
    I do not agree however that ANY wig can be worn "out of the box." They all need a bit of work to make them look realistic.
    By Robin D. on 6/5/14
  10. I have three!
    I tried different wigs and spent a lot of money until I found this wig by Gabor. No one can tell I'm wearing a wig. I love that it is not bulky and thick. The cap is the most comfortable I've experienced and the colors are wonderful. It is so natural looking! Please never discontinue this wig. It is perfect.
    By LVM on 6/4/14
  11. Perfect if only...
    I love the style and cut of this wig. Gabor lacefronts are the most realistic and comfortable of all the other brands I own including Jon Renau and Raquel Welch! BUT the fiber is just not very durable on this particular style. I own Prodigy and Socialite and have had not issues thus far with Frizzing as I have this wig. I wore this for literally 2 weeks and the ends started to dry out and get frizzy. I normally can wear a wig daily with proper care for at least 5 months before I experience this kind of issue. Very sad because this wig is so light and cute.
    By wunkin on 5/22/14
  12. I loved this wig....but it turned into a love hate
    This wig was my favorite of all the many that I have ever purchased. It was so natural looking and it made me feel so confidant when I would wear it. But it was short lived and after a month and a half the wig turned so frizzy at the ends even worse than ones I have owned and worn for over a year(and they were less expensive.) I thought that even after the reviews i read about the same problem i experienced i would still give it a chance because i know I'm such a freak about not exposing it to heat which will turn the ends frizzy. And after being super careful it left me wondering what would make this wig so frizz after less than 2 months. I wish this wig was made with better quality fibers I just have never purchased something that turned so unwearable after such a short amount of time. And what makes it worse is I don't wear it everyday maybe 3 times a week so it really is not durable at all. How this wig can be sold for this price I have no idea. Now I just have to find something that looks similar but with much better quality. So my advise is dont over look the reviews thinking you will take extra care with it. No matter what you do this wig it will turn frizzy on you no matter what you do.
    By S. S on 4/25/14
  13. Most natural wig ever
    This wig is absolutely beautiful and so natural looking. I've purchased and tried many wigs but this is the only wig I have ever put on that I think looks real and does not appear wiggy. I have small features and most wigs overwhelm my face and head. My husband says I look beautiful and I feel beautiful in this wig!
    By NJElaine on 3/13/14
  14. My favorite but...
    This is the most natural-looking wig I've ever seen. People really don't know it's a wig. Unfortunately it's not very durable. The ends get frizzy after a couple of months. I tried dipping the ends in 180 degree water which did help but it quickly went back to being frizzy. Please make this wig style in a better quality hair.
    By Barb on 11/11/13
  15. Style is greatquality is not
    Love the style. The quality of the hair is not so great. Tangles and frizzes very easily. A lot of hair seems to come out even when gently brushing. Get lots of compliments when wearing this wig. However it does not last very long. For the price I am not sure I would purchase this wig again.
    By Joyce on 11/6/13
  16. Same as not pleased
    Looked good at first but after a week or more frizzed tangled not work it not buy it!
    By KH on 10/25/13
  17. Best wig I ever owned
    I love this wig. It looks so natural. The part looks like my own scalp and it is sleek and modern. I look and feel younger in this wig. My sister who does not need to wear wigs asked me to lend her this wig and she loved it. I am also very happy that this wig is not shiny. I have been wearing this style ( I have 3) for well over a year. So happy.
    By AJ on 9/1/13
  18. Not pleased
    I ordered this wig because I really liked the style. When I first started wearing it I had so many compliments and I loved the style. However after having it for five weeks the ends are all frizzed. The hair continually tangled. I tried conditioner for wigs but this didn't help. Would not recommend this wig. Had to order another wig today. I'm going to try human hair to see if tangles less. Very disappointed.
    By Fran on 8/30/13
  19. Love the style
    I ordered 2 of this style. Different color. I would have given it a 5 star but the quality of the hair is not so good. The hair tangles easily and frizzles after I used it for a couple of months.
    By bet on 8/6/13

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