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Scene Stealer by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top

Availability: In stock

List Price: $346.00

Price: Price: $294.10

Scene Stealer by Raquel Welch: Color RL14/25 Honey Ginger (Dark Golden Blonde with Light Gold highlights)
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  1. Very Pretty!
    This is a very pretty wig! I bought the color RL14/25, Honey Ginger, about a year ago at a big discount. I tried it on and it was completely flat and wouldn't curl, no matter what I did! The other day, I decided to try and make it work for me. I cut several inches off, trimmed in bands and set the top with hot rollers. I left the rollers in over night. Wow, what a difference it made! I lightly teased the top and used Beautimark hairspray to keep the top and sides in place. I'm only giving it 4 stars, as it's very heavy and the hair fiber is a bit coarse. It does look very natural with the mono top and lace front! If you love stick straight hair, this is a beautiful wig. The Honey Ginger color is very pretty!

    By Denise on 9/5/15
  2. Feelin good
    I feel good when I wear this wig because its the long hair I had before it started falling out. My husband says I look sexy... I guess this wig brought my sexy back!
    By Madeline on 8/27/14
  3. Thick Blob of Hair
    The wig seems to all come to the front big blobs of bangs that can't be pinned back. I've noticed with the Rachel Welch wigs they sit big on me and make my head ache shifting forward and back so I have to use bobby pins. They also have little edges above the ears that push down on my ears and make them stick out.
    By Jan on 8/4/14
  4. Scene Stealer
    beautiful wig very natural looking have rooted color
    By ann on 5/6/14
  5. Amazing
    I was nervous wearing this because it was my first wig purchase. I have worn extensions and ponytail pieces since I have genetically thinning hair. I was not prepared for the compliments and attention. Many complimented how perfect my hair looked. No one knew it was a wig. I ordered the cinnabar. The wig has more strawberry-ish highlights in the front than shown in the picture but still beautiful. You will need to tame the wig to get it into place. I am still trying to find the tricks. As with any hair piece it will tangle and needs maintenance. I sneak away and give it a comb through a couple times a day to keep it in line. I would highly recommend!!
    By Trishella on 1/9/14
  6. No one knows it's a wig
    I've been wearing this wig for two years in the SS colors no one know it's a wig! I love this & will keep wearing this as long as they make it. If you're having trouble styling this; try using hot rollers. You pretty much have to keep the curl clipped into place until it cools completely for synthetics to curl properly. Also I wait until the ends are already fraying before I restyle the wig to make it last longer & give me an alternate for washing/going out. To get the wig to behave itself before 1st wearing try steaming it into place with a fabric steamer. These are some of the tips/tricks I've learned.
    By BH on 11/6/13
  7. The scene stealer
    I have had this wig for about a month now. I have trichotillomania and I just shave my head because I can't deal with it. This is the first wig I have bought and it is pretty great! The only cons are what I prefer. The bangs are pretty long and hard to manage (although I haven't tried straightening or anything yet). Also the ends get really frizzy and the lace is kind of itchy. I may have made it sound bad but they are all just very minor and unnoticeable problems (to others). I definitely recommend this wig!
    By Sarah on 10/30/13
  8. Highly Recommend
    I have been wearing Scene Stealer for months now and no one has noticed it's a wig. I would recommend this product to everyone!! It has really helped me.
    By Cassie on 6/25/13
  9. Better than Human Hair
    prefer the scene stealer to human hair because I dont have to style it so much. it is super cute and i feel great when i am wearing it.
    By Melissa on 6/25/13
  10. Scene Stealer
    The style itself is nice the crown area looks very real. I had problems with the ends and I was unable to curl it. It is a beautiful wig and the style is perfect for me but the synthetic wigs are harder to curl and style. i guess they are not made to be changed too much which is okay because it comes looking great. i just like to be able to add my own style to it.
    By Paula A on 6/25/13
  11. Love the SS colors
    This style looks even more natural with the rooted colors. I wish i could get my real hair to look this good! I cut the lace back a little more and its perfect now.
    By Amanda on 6/25/13
  12. Heat Friendly is a bonus for me.
    I really like this wig mainly because it's beautiful. the heat friendly synthetic is a bonus but i really dont curl it or style it differently. i just like it because the style seems to hold up so much longer with the heat friendly hair. The style is like my own well it is long and straight like mine is normally but much much prettier and healthier looking. I do find it only lasts a few months before I have to replace it because the hair gets a little frayed looking after a while. i think it is because it is long and the hair is constantly rubbing up against my clothes and other things. i also find that the more i style or put heat to it the sooner it starts to fray. i called the company and they told me that the heat friendly hair has a tendency to wear out a little quicker but the benefits are worth it for me.
    By Lorna C. on 6/25/13

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