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Scorpio by Revlon

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Scorpio by Revlon | Color: Sunny Spice
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  1. Scorpio lover
    I have worn this wig for 10 years or so. It has changed over the years somewhat but I still order it as no other reasonably priced wig compares to the style. You have to use powder a bit to take out the shine if you find that the shine makes it look less than natural. It has changed in that the packaging is not always reliable. If they are Not packed for shipping properly in the netting, the wig can end up being delivered with unwanted waves, right out of the box. And you can't fix it. It's disappointing when that happens. So when I buy this wig on line, I hold my breath waiting to see if the pageboy is straight and sleek. It can be tricky lately. That's why I say it isn't always reliable. But when it's a "good one", I feel great.
    By Sharon on 6/9/16
  2. Disappointed
    This wig looked similar to another wig I had ordered (Tori) but Scorpio was too shiny and the color was unnatural in my opinion. I prefer the back on Tori, which is a wedged, stacked style -- not the rounded back that Scorpio has. This wig looked very nice on the customers who sent photos -- it just didn't work for me.
    By Sandra on 10/18/15
  3. Super natural wig
    I have had three of these wigs and am getting another one now. I have always purchased the Creme Brulee and even my hairdresser cannot tell that I have a wig on. It is very, very natural, and is easy to wear, a good size, not too big or too small. The fiber looks and feels like natural hair. I have worn it lots and lots and no one, absolutely no one has thought it was a wig. I can't say enough about it!
    This picture is of me with the wig on in July of this year. I've had this particular wig for about 3 years. I don't wear it everyday, but I wear it frequently and it has held up really well. Love Revlon wigs!

    By Laura on 10/9/15
  4. Pretty colors but not for me.
    I was really excited to receive this wig, I ordered it in the Cherry Cola and the Crème Brule. The moment I opened the box of the auburn one, I knew right away I wouldn't like it. The part looked like a complete rats nest. I didn't both taking it out of the netting, I just would not feel comfortable with that on my head. I was hoping the blonde with the darker roots would look less obvious, but it looked worse, so that remained in the box. Unfortunately I am just not a fan of permatease. I read so many great reviews about this style and I wanted to love it. Both colors of the wig were beautiful, the Crème Brule actually looked very natural. If someone can look past the permatease maybe they would like this, but I didn't want to take the risk. I'll look for something with a monofilament top instead.
    By Katie on 5/7/15
  5. Mixed Feelings
    I love the way it looks and the color I chose. However, it is heavy and the way the hair at the back of the part falls clearly shows that it is a wig. Disappointed in the quality of construction.
    By Cheryl on 4/28/15
  6. Love this wig
    I have purchased many of these wigs,, the style,, the natural flow of the hair, just perfect. I love that about this wig. The thing I do not like,,is the top of the wig. At the part,, there are always short spiky hairs sticking up. Usually I try to cut them off. Then the top starts to look like a briar patch. If they would make this wig with a monofilament top,, it would be the perfect wig for me. I will be looking for a mono top,, with this same great style.
    By Jennifer on 4/25/15
  7. WOW
    My first ever wig, colour a bit darker than I wanted but an amazing wig. Shook it, put it on, gave it a quick brush and it was ready. Went to the shopping centre and people who hadn't seen me awhile said how great this style suited me and why hadn't I grown my hair before! I didn't tell them it was a wig. I am ordering a slightly lighter colour this week, it has given me such confidence! (my own hair has thinned with age and I am trying to grow it out - not easy as most of you may know) THANK YOU!!!! I love it!!!
    By Sally on 4/6/15
  8. Awesome wig!
    I just received my wig, great delivery time! I am losing hair due to medication. I have bought a few wigs online. This one is the best I have purchased! Right out of the box. It fit very well. So pleased and will be ordering more of this style!!!!!
    By Heather on 2/26/15
  9. Super cute
    Scorpio is just what I wanted-- classic, stylish, and with a little trimming of the bangs by my stylist, will be my weekend go-to. The color couldn't be more perfect and is completely natural looking. Love it.
    By Diane on 1/15/15
  10. New Confidence
    I don't know why exactly but this wig gives me a new feeling of confidence. Maybe it's the bold color or the style but it really makes me feel better about myself after losing most of my hair. I just wanted to write this so other women will know you can feel like yourself again with the right wig. And Scorpio turned out to be the right wig for me!
    By Linda on 1/14/15
  11. just ordered it again
    This is my go-to wig that I've been wearing on and off for years. I keep trying new styles but coming back to this one because it's just looks so good on me and its easy to style. Plus it lasts for a long time so its a great value. I'm a long time Scorpio woman!
    By Lynn on 1/8/15
  12. Great Wig!
    I absolutely love this wig!! It is so natural looking that no one ever knows until I tell them that it is a wig! Very comfortable! I have 24 wigs--all different lengths, colors and styles and this is my "go to" wig whenever I am in a hurry and want something that looks great!

    By Wig Addict on 12/20/14
  13. Is it my hair or a wig???
    I absolutely love this wig. No one knows it is not my real hair and I am constantly complimented on the color. Cherry Cola. I am back for my third one. I add a head band most of the time. It makes the wig very secure and the head band prevents the sides from falling onto my face. Cannot say enough about my Scorpio.
    By JoyceRae Kardos on 12/17/14
    I just love this wig. I have had so many compliments, people I don't even know telling me that they love the color and it looks so natural and really looks good on me. And who doesn't like to hear that!
    By Diane Raye on 11/24/14
  15. Beautiful
    I absolutely love this wig. It fits perfectly and I love the color. I got the 33/32C, Cherry Cola. I will definitely buy more.
    By Vicki on 10/20/14
  16. Disappointed
    Sides MUCH longer than that pictured. Had my stylist rectify that, in lieu of returning wig.
    By Mary on 10/19/14
    I have been wearing this wig for years. I've ordered it in different colors and I always get compliments. People are always asking me where do I get my haircut and color. It is very affordable and it looks very natural. I Love Love it!!!
    By Marlene on 9/19/14
  18. First wig I ever bought.
    I have bought many more but this is still a favorite. Natural look beautiful color easy to adjust. No one has ever thought it was a wig. Can't go wrong with this one.

    By Tricia on 9/5/14
  19. My Favorite!
    This was one of the first wigs I purchased and I wasn't disappointed! I chose the Cherry Cola color and got SO many compliments on it! Now that I'm allowing my natural hair color grow in (silver/white) I too wish this came in silver tone colors. But for now have ordered another in a lighter shade.
    By Luanne on 9/2/14
  20. Lessons I learned with the Scorpio wig
    The wig is lovely and I am happy with it. But I learned a few lessons.
    Lesson #1 - be prepared to trim the front. I found that the bangs were long and I also wanted to trim the sides because I didn't like the hair falling in my face when I bent my head forward. Once I did the trimming it was great.
    Lesson #2 came when I ran downstairs to check on dinner while wearing the wig. I took the casserole out of the oven and removed the lid. Not until I was back upstairs and looking in the mirror did I realize that the heat had fried some of the hair in the front of my new wig. Luckily I was still cutting and trimming so I was able to fix the slight crimping. Lesson learned - don't go near a stove wearing a wig or you could end up with damage.
    Lesson #3 - I live in Canada so lesson three was that the shipping charges do not cover brokerage fees when the parcel arrives via UPS. If you are ordering from Canada expect to add on additional costs over and above shipping costs quoted - in my case another $17.
    All in all I really like this wig and look forward to buying more from this company.
    By Terri on 6/7/14
  21. Ready to wear out of the box
    It's a nice wig. Natural. Easy to take care of. Not to mention affordable. Will get another one in a different color in the near future.

    By bet on 6/2/14
  22. Seriously?
    All my life I have had baby fine wispy hair.The only style that I could wear because it was baby fine was a Bob From kindergarten to my wedding day I wore a Bob Yes even in my Senior HS picture I was sporting a Bob. I'm much older now and noticed when I parted my Bob the part was getting wider and I had this Friar Tuck thing going on in the back...Not a good look..It was time to buy a wig...
    I have had a ball buying different hairstyles in different colors.It's so much fun and the wigs they have now are so nice and look natural for.the most part..Anyway I kept reading about how wonderful the Scorpio looked straight out of the box.I kept looking at it and going back and looking at it until I couldn't stand it.I had to know what was so great about this wig Bob that it is so I bought one.It came today.I picked Buttered Toast...It's the most beautiful wig I own.The color is soooo natural and the swing and volume in this wig is amazing.It looks nothing like my lifelong Bob;..I am set to buy another ASAP maybe in a red tone..I'm with Sharon I would love to have this wig in Sandy Silver (Noriko Color) or something in silver...In the mean time I'm going to enjoy my Buttered Toast...Buy it....It's gorgeous...
    By Stretchpants on 4/9/14
  23. Scorpio - Color 12R
    I know this wig is loved. My experience was not that good. People new it was a wig. The color was drab and it lacked enough shades to make it look real. It also had to much hair and I wasn't going to pay to have it thinned. It ended up in my garbage can.
    By Jane on 3/27/14
  24. Scorpio
    Love this wig but I wish they had it in silver stone.
    By Sharon on 3/25/14
  25. Truly Fabulous!
    I purchased a $400 wig before I found the Revlon Scorpio wig. This wig is affordable comfortable and fabulous. I get compliments on it all the time and people really don't know its a wig!. I have the 12/24TR and the 18/26R and love them both. Revlon Scorpio wigs have made life bearable since going through chemotherapy from July-December. If you're on a tight budget this is the wig to buy. has frequent 20-25% off sales - so watch for the discount.
    By Nadine on 3/12/14
  26. Lots and Lots of Compliments
    I get lot of compliments on the colour (123/637TR) and styling. Totally natural looking (complete surprise for anyone I've told). It would be nice to have this style in lace front and a tad longer. This aside I love it!
    By Ann on 10/4/13
  27. So Far My Favorite Wig!
    I have been searching for the perfect wig for the past year. I have always worn my hair very short. However I have never been personally satisfied with my own hairstyle but could never put my finger on why. Well after researching what type of wig style would be best for me now I come to find out that the reason I've never been happy with my style is because I never had the correct cut for my faceshape!!! I have a heartshaped face and always wore my hair very short and wispy on the sideburns with fullness on top. This type of hairstyle with my faceshape gives me the look of an ice cream cone. Upside down triangle with a puff on top. The correct and best look for me is actually a bob!! Holy cow. 45 years old and NOW THEY TELL ME? After about 50 wigs later I decided to order the Scorpio. PERFECT!! I cried tears of joy I was so pleased. Perfect style GORGEOUS color (the red color shown on model) and my husband couldn't keep his hands off of me! He shoots me a compliment now and then but when I put this on the compliments never stopped all night! He took me to a movie and dinner I looked that good! I hope Revlon makes this wig forever.........just wished it came in a mono top. Also had to clip the bangs abit even though I have a high forehead. Cap fit great too! Very comfortable and I tend to run Average-Large. I will sew some clips in though to keep in place. Love the Scorpio!
    By Jodi on 9/22/13
  28. Great wig
    I already have bought at least 5 Scorpio wigs in the last 3 years.
    Sometimes I feel like a change and spend a lot of time looking at other wigs but finally I always end up getting another Scorpio in a slightly different color. There is no other wig with the same style that is so flattering to a round face with a short neck. I am 68 and it takes at least 10 years off when on. My own hair is now very thin. I wish that Revlon made this wig in nice grey tones for older people.

    By Juliet on 9/20/13
  29. My favorite...please make a monofilament cap version?
    Have purchased many different wigs and keep coming back to Scorpio.
    Note to manufacturer: Please consider making it with a monofilament cap for an even more realistic look. I
    By LI on 9/18/13
  30. Stylish & Comfortable
    I get compliments every time I wear this wig. It is so convenient to wear! Much easier than styling your own hair. It is comfortable to wear.
    By Jojo on 8/27/13
  31. exceeds expectations
    Now I know why Scorpio is so popular! Looks and feels great. Silky low-density hair feels terrific looks realistic (ie good). I have it in 10/140 which is a blond/brown blend that I wish were available in every wig. The length is a little long on me which I like and the bangs are perfect--wispy just the way I've always liked my real bangs. Will buy other colors I'm sure.
    By Lexicron on 8/27/13
  32. LOVE!
    I just Love this style it is so natural. I have several and I order different colors from time to time. I wear wigs a lot and i think they are just so convenient so i have no problem telling people i am wearing a wig but i really have to convince people this one is a wig! that is a good problem to have:-)
    By Wendy on 6/25/13
  33. Simply the best!
    This wig is the best. It's my favorite of all the wigs I've ordered. I am serious when i say this wig is down right sexy!!! i have never worn this wig where i am not stopped and had comments about how great my hair looks. my husband says it is because i feel so good in it and i give off a sexy vibe! He could be right and i dont care if its my attitude or just the wig but i know this one makes me feel sexy and i am convinced it works like a charm! go for it!
    By S Gregory on 6/25/13
  34. So natrual
    I love this style it looks so natural. The wefting is thin but I will try to rectify this. it is thinner than what i am used to but it is also more natural than most of the wigs i have had in the past.
    By Jennifer on 6/25/13
  35. Looks great!
    I've been wearing this wig for years and I love it! People always ask me who does my hair! It's affordable and looks great!
    By Jessica on 1/17/13

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