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Stacked Bob by Sherri Shepherd NOW

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: NW1108

Availability: In stock

Stacked Bob by Sherri Shepherd - NOW: Color 3T/4/613
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  1. quality went way DOWN with last order
    I have ordered three of these all three color selected 3T/4/613

    first two were fabulous, fit great, color amazing tons of compliments.

    This last one has a lot less hair, it is very flat and cannot be fluffed up and there is ZERO stack to it. It feels like the cheap wigs you can buy for halloween. It is just awful and I am so disappointed with it.

    The color is off as well. The gorgeous mahogany at the roots is now a pinkish color. I do not know if they have switch manufacturers or just cut back on quality to save money but this newest wig sucks.

    Hard to keep up appearances when the replacement arrives and looks NOTHING like the prior wig. So very disappointed. I am now afraid to order what was my favorite again
    By dd on 11/28/15
  2. Love the color!
    I took this wig out of the box and wore it immediately! My bangs are not staying over to the side, or maybe need shortened. But I totally forgot it is heat resistant! I think I will try a low setting on my flt Iron to see if this will help.
    By becky on 7/23/15
  3. unbalanced
    I loved the color and the length a very easy wig to put on however the blonde section is over thick and it looks like I will have to get it styled and some of the hair bulk thinned out
    By Sandy on 3/8/15
  4. Wish for more color choices
    I almost always get a wig in 4/27/30 so that there is not a harsh contrast. None of these color choices comes close. Would be afraid to order to experiment with similar colors.
    By Gina on 3/3/15
  5. Ten stars if they had it!
    I absolutely love, love, love this wig. I have been wearing wigs for over ten years. I am a cancer survivor and in 1998 started wearing wigs going thru chemo (twice) never went back to my own hair. I purchased wigs from a great shop for many, many years. Then I saw this wig on a shopping network, tried it and fell in love. So cute, love the contrast of the blonde and the darker colors. Family said to throw away ANY other wig I owned. These are one third the price, easy to style, always look the same when I order more. I order 3T/4/613, and just finished ordering two more (total of six so far). I haven't "used up" any of the other ones. I order more because I am worried they will stop making them. They maintain their durability. If some ladies are having issues with durability, they may be pulling too hard on the back while putting them on. I am white with very fair skin, and this wig, color and style is VERY complimentary (for Joyce Wurster, who made that comment). Thank you Sherri Shepherd and for making my life (hair) awesome! Compliments galore, asked about stylist and color expert. Surprise - IT"S A WIG!
    By Candace on 2/15/15
  6. Sassy and classy!
    OMG! This is the most comfortable, easy to style beautiful wig I have ever ordered. My husband loves the look! I have several colors in the Tappered Tomboy but this wig is now my favorite. This will be the only wig I order in the future.

    By Ms. Vicky on 2/11/15
  7. Realistic
    Well made and very realistic looking. I normally wear Raquel Welch, but this Sherri Shephards wig looked just as good at a third the cost. Very pleased with it.
    By NANCY on 1/25/15
  8. Love!!!
    Love this wig~~~ so natural! I own two!!!
    By Cheryl on 1/19/15
  9. Great look!!
    Received this wig yesterday and immediately loved it. I have short hair just like on this wig. To make the look more natural looking I changed it to a topper by cutting off the back section and installing clips. Now it will be cooler (live in Florida) and my own hair will show In the back. It moves like your own hair and looks great!!!
    By JC on 1/17/15
  10. I do like it
    look good and I love it but I wish it was in light bown and golden blonde.
    By Sharon Sparks on 12/30/14
  11. Love It
    This is my 3rd wig of Sherri Shepard. They all come in great condition. I take them out of the box & put them on. I am ready to go & receive many compliments on my hair.
    By Connnie on 11/20/14
  12. Love it
    This one is perfect for me. I have it in 4 different colors now. I really wish it came in a highlighted light brown or lowlighted dark blonde. The fit is good and is very comfortable to wear. No one seems to know it is a wig unless I tell them. I am frequently asked who does my hair.
    By Rebecca on 9/23/14
  13. Totally love this wig
    I get many complements wearing it. People want to know who my stylist is!! LOL I am satisfied very much and so is my Husband and family! Thank you.

    By D. Simas on 9/5/14
  14. Fabulous
    I've been wearing it since I opened the box. I've received nothing but compliments. Some of my closest friends think it is my hair. Thanks.
    By Kay on 8/16/14
  15. does it work with long hair?
    I have a question but don't see a section to ask questions - I have long hair and am interested in this wig to change up my look - in your opinion would there be enough room under the cap for all of my long hair without the wig looking funny?
    By longhairinHB on 8/8/14
  16. Love it!
    Just loved it right away.
    By suzie on 7/17/14
  17. GREAT WIG !!
    Beautifully styled and the color is perfect (3T/4/613). Although this is a synthetic wig it really looks like real hair. I live in Florida and it is very cool and light weight. I have received many compliments. This is a keeper.
    By CAROLYN on 5/20/14
  18. Love it !
    Fun and Funky for a night out - head turner too :) Love how full at the top and the angled bangs come down - very stylish.
    By Cheri on 4/11/14
  19. Love it
    I love this wig and plan to order another the color shown first has a lot of blond ( for the lady who said to bad there isn't a blond one for white women). I am white pale skin and everyone loves this one on me I now have about 40 wigs and this is one of my favorites!
    By Donna Q. on 3/25/14
  20. Beautiful but disappointed
    First I'd like to say that I love this wig the cut and style it suits me perfectly..but on the other hand I was disappointed with the adjustable straps they aren't sewn well and the stiches between each rung break easily I had to sew them back..I usually don't move the tab to adjust it because it fits as is but after wearing it no less than twice the stiches came out and I had to sew them back...also I had to sew in a tract of hair that was sticking out in the back above the nape of the neck. second and third row. It should have been contstructed in opinion better than it was..I've had it for about 4 months now and I am still sewing tracts back.. this is very annoying all of them in the rear above the nape of the neck. I hope this truely get corrected in the near future..
    1. Sewing the adjustable straps better (double/triple stiching)
    2. Sewing in the tracts in( stronger stiches) above the nape of neck better so they will stay sown and no stick out. I hope this helps in the future for anyone wishin to purchase this wig.
    BTW: I also bought the other bob (tapered asymetric cut) with the same problems.
    By Carolyn Chae Perkins on 1/14/14
  21. stacked bob
    too b ad it doesnt come in blonde colors for white women too.
    By joyce wurster on 11/8/13
  22. Love it
    I just received this wig minutes ago and love it. It is short in the back but it works for me as it matches my hair co
    By Sandy on 9/25/13
  23. Beautiful Wig & Comfortable Too
    This wig is full of style & class. I can't believe how comfy it is too like it's made just for my head. However I must return it because it is awfully short in the back & my hairline is showing & it stands out. I saw the picture of this wig & just had to try it it's adorable on try it if your hair is short enough.
    By Susan on 9/4/13
  24. Compliments Galore!
    Every time I wear this wig I can count on getting compliments. I ordered the color featured above and the light-to-dark effects are dramatic but believable. The wig fits well and is easy to style. I put the short side behind my ear and let the long side stay loose which works better with my face than both sides loose. Yes the back is short but I have lost my hair due to chemo so I don't have any problem with that. I do have some hair at the sideburns and I let them show making the wig look even more natural.
    By Suzanne McDowell on 12/2/-1

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