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Shilo by Noriko

Quick Facts:

  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Monofilament Top
  • SKU: RP1654

Availability: In stock

List Price: $360.00

Price: Price: $288.00

Shilo by Noriko | Color: Almond Spice R
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  1. Owned this for years before I realized how great it was!
    I bought Shilo probably about 5-6 years ago. I wore it out of the house once after it arrived, but with all the thick hair in the front I felt stupid in it. I tried to take it to get it cut, but at the last minute all the stylists in the salon refused to cut it because it was a wig, even though I scheduled an appointment to get a WIG cut. I was very angry about that, and since then I've just learned how to cut my own my wigs on my own. (Stylists never cut wigs enough anyway because they are too scared to, I've learned this over time.) So I threw this wig in my wig bin and just kept it as a reference for color and length. Early this year, I was going through my overflowing wig bin and finally throwing some wigs out. I pulled this out, and decided to try it on one more time before I tossed it. I put it on, and it looked awful. Since it was getting ready to go into the dumpster, I decided to have fun with it and cut on it. So I thinned? And thinned, and then thinned it some more with thinning shears (from a beauty supply store), and then I cut bangs into it with sharp premium eyebrows scissors. And you know what? I swear it's the best looking wig I own! I wear it all the time and feel great in it. It then hit me, that duh, this is a high quality wig that purposely comes with way way way too much hair do that you may customize it accordingly. The trick with this specific wig is that it's got to be thinned significantly more than most any other synthetic wig on the market that I've seen. So don't give up on this wig thinking it just makes you look like Cousin It. It needs to be thinned (and then thinned some more) and then it's fabulous!
    By Iwearwigsforfun on 8/20/16
  2. First Wig
    Ok, so I bought this wig... I was so excited about it! I got it today in the mail and it looks AWFUL, im not happy with it at all.
    By jessica on 1/20/16
  3. In Love!!!!!!!!
    Hi there anyone considering purchasing shilo wig i would recommend. This is my first wig purchase. I got the color chocolate swirl. I love it. i literally just got home seen the package ripped it open put my shorter hair in a pony tail with some bobby pins put the wig cap on (not included) and put the wig on within minutes all i did was move the part carefully with a comb and waalaa. Beautiful quality and perfect length color everything. lots of fullness at the top and doesn't thin out at bottom. Not much shedding only a few hairs maybe three or four. with that being said the only thing i wish it was.... a little softer. It is smooth and soft but compared to my bellami hair extensions it has a texture of hairspray i would describe it. I understand that it is synthetic and for the price it cant be made of human hair just wanted to input that bit of info. I would much rather wear shilo then wear my bellami extensions because i wont have to worry about all the clips and my own hair showing. Definitely a time saver and less damage on my own hair. Clips tend to break my hair.I love this wig and you will too.
    By Livvy on 8/4/14
  4. Love it!
    I love this wig. Have it in Toasted Brown. It has a lot of hair as Martha mentioned but I had my stylist thin it out and add more face framing appeal and it is outstanding! Cost is a factor here but in the end you will look like a million bucks!
    By JC on 12/27/13
  5. Ehhhh
    Too much hair going everywhere and the color butterscotch too light for me
    By Martha on 4/10/12
  6. Great!
    Love this wig. It was my first ever and is extremely natural looking. No one could tell I was wearing a wig. It flows great and has a natural looking part. It has a lot of hair without it being too much its just enough. I would definetly buy this brand again.

    By Whitney Wilson on 12/2/-1

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