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Simply Wavy Pony by Hairdo

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Hairpiece
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Hair Wrap, Straight Comb

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List Price: $49.00

Price: Price: $41.65

18" Simply Wavy Pony | Color R14/88H
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18" Simply Wavy Pony | Color R14/88H

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  1. Great hair piece
    the colour is gorgeous and luckily a perfect match for my hair.
    it looks very real as well.
    fast free shipping.
    I have only one concern, the attachment system is flimsy and the small comb doesn't really do anything just falls out. I reinforced with a large hairpin and it felt much more secure.
    overall I think I am going to wear this piece a lot.
    By Dee on 10/24/15
  2. Beautiful hairpiece
    I was pleasantly surprised when I received the pony tail. The waves are very realistic, it's very thick and no one would look at it and guess it's not natural hair (unless your hair isn't as shiny as the pony). I got the red/brown color, and it matches my hair perfectly. Now for the two cons. First, that little gadget referred to as a "comb" is useless. It's far too flimsy to support the weight of the hairpiece.
    Second, this piece, as the first reviewer states, is VERY heavy. My hair is on the thin side and fine textured. It's very shiny and slippery beyond words. Because it's thinner and slippery, this hairpiece refuses to stay in for longer than ten seconds. Looks good as long as it lasts though.
    So bottom line, great looking hairpiece. But I'll have to try to find another application. It has a small base that may be usable as a mini-fall after I add some proper clips.


    Dear Aussie Mom, to help with the issues you are experiencing with the comb we recommend you slide the comb horizontally, sliding it into your ponytail holder. if you comb it down, in front of your pony holder, it will buckle and not feel secure. We hope that application tip will solve your problem! Thank you for choosing!
    By Aussie Mom on 11/16/14
  3. Great - I would put more stars if I could.
    This is my favorite ponytail hairpiece its instant and so easy!
    By Margarita on 8/28/14
  4. Not For The Faint Of Hair
    MRSA caused me to lose most of my hair and what is left is very fine and brittle. Thought the pony looks great as a piece but you cannot withstand the weight of it if your hair is not thick and strong enough already. I gave it a two because for 5 seconds it felt great to have long hair again.But it slid right out and took a chunk of my hair with it. It is VERY heavy!!! I recommend this for those with healthy strong locks who want a sexy look they can accomplish in seconds.
    By Christy on 5/7/14
  5. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!!!
    This is an excellent product. I am on my 4th one. I wore my first until it looked frizzy. I took it to my stylist and had him trim it! It was shorter but I still wore it a long time.
    It looks real. Very easy. Very elegant!
    I simply wash my hair pull it into a ponytail then warp my beach tail and go!
    This looks great with any outfit including after five attire! I just ordered two more! I also have one with highlights! My hair was dyed to match for a nice summer look! Great after a day in the sun at the beach for dinner! No fuss! Classy!
    This hair is very high quality. I have purchased similar pieces at the local beauty stores which were less expensive but the quality was not the same. Beach Hair looks real! Worth the money
    PLEASE never discontinue this product! !
    By Loving my Beach Hair! on 8/7/13
  6. Love it
    Quick and easy! Can wear it down or in a high bun.
    By Meg on 1/22/12

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