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Sky Petite/Average by Ellen Wille

Quick Facts:

  • New Arrival
  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Petite, Average
  • Cap Construction: Monofilament Crown

Availability: In stock

List Price: $259.94

Price: Price: $207.95

Sky by Ellen Wille | Color Light Honey Rooted
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  1. Great style, great wig
    I've had many Sky wigs, saffran red rooted color, and they are really nice. The cut and style is very cute and looks natural. The colors have varied a little, even though I get the same color every time, and I think the color has gotten more natural, but I liked it even when it was obviously a dyed color -- who says I didn't get my real hair dyed that color??
    I recommend this wig. Cap size is fine for me.
    By Tracey on 9/14/16
  2. still my favorite
    Well, I've been wearing "Sky" wigs for quite awhile now. Felt I needed a change as I wanted more layering, so I ordered "Push Up". That had way too much hair for my petite face. So, it's back to "Sky" for me. I have gotten Dark Sand Rooted and Champagne Rooted--both so lovely! I can't believe how many compliments I've gotten! Although I was originally a medium brunette color, at 66 yrs. old my real hair is gray, white, and silver. So I'll get another Champagne Rooted this time. When people who knew me as a brunette remark on this color, I remind them of an old haircolor commercial on t.v. where the model says, "If I have only one life to live, let me live it as a Blonde."
    By Patty B on 4/9/16
  3. Totally fantastic
    First time out with friends, everyone loves my new look. Color totally real looking. I have many wigs and this one is my favorite!
    By Sandy on 2/14/16
  4. Amazing real looking
    This wig looks amazingly real. The petite fit is so comfortable and the style is beautiful. I have long hair that I am not willing to cut. I've had short hair in the past but this wig beats any haircut I may have had. My color is honey rooted and it's lovely.

    By Marianne on 9/4/15
  5. Ellen Wille "Sky" and customer service
    I received the wig on Friday and it is just as pictured, it's absolutely beautiful. The most impressive thing about my experience was the great customer service! Everyone I spoke to was just wonderful, very helpful and friendly. It gave me the confidence to order my next wig (which will be this week) from them. I didn't like the first one I got, the color just didn't work for me. They exchanged it immediately and when I reordered another, the sales girl even pointed out a discount that I would have missed otherwise! I had a bad experience with another online wig dealer and from now on, I'll only order from
    By Linda on 8/24/15
  6. Wonderful wig!
    Altho' I have already reviewed this wig, shortly after buying my first "Sky", it is now 14 weeks, and 2 more "Sky's" later, I have more to say about this wig. I have worn many brands and types of wigs. I think this one looks the most like real hair, is the most comfortable, and has gotten the most compliments. I have 2 of the dark sand rooted and 1 in the champagne rooted. The color blending is a work of art on these 2! I have my hairdresser chip/trim the bangs. I also have her trim the long side to match the short side. I think the wig is too short to try to pull off "asymmetrical". Underneath, I wear my real hair cut just a bit shorter than "Sky", then slick it away from my face w/mousse. This is one wig I can wear for 10 hours and not mind it. I also use Jon Reneau roll-on adhesive, just a dab at 2 spots at the forehead. Thank you, thank you, Ellen Wille!!
    By Patricia on 7/6/15
  7. Best wig in my collection
    I started with Alopecia in early October 2014. I purchased some Human hair extensions and a top piece to use. Within weeks I realized I was going to need a full wig. (now completely bald) I decided I needed a quick go to short style for work so I purchased Sky. One review was disappointed in the height, which was not a problem for me. I used some wig spray on my fingers to pull up hair that I wanted for height and it stayed all day until I brushed it out. I have had many many comments on the color LIGHT HONEY ROOTED. No one can believe it is a wig. I have purchased several other wig brands since and have had to have all of them cut, or sent back because of color not true to the picture. Sky's color is the best match I've found. Will be buying more!

    By Cindy on 6/11/15
  8. SO HAPPY!!!!
    This is my very first wig purchase, ever. I just received my Sky today and I love it. I am so pleased I felt compelled to write a review. Keep in mind I've never worn a wig before. I'm thinning all over but still have a bit of dark bio hair left so I was nervous about how this wig would turn out being that it is very blonde. I have it in Light Honey Rooted and I absolutely love the color. The rooting truly adds to the realism of this piece. It fits like a glove too. After giving it a "test drive" for 7 hours I took it off and was surprised to see that it is adjustable. I didn't need to fiddle with it as it fit like a glove right out of the box (however, it's nice to have the option to adjust). I do find it's a bit itchy after 5 hours, but I suppose that's normal as far as wig wearing goes. Nothing uncomfortable enough to not give it 5 stars. I have no other wigs to compare this to, but for my first purchase I think I knocked it out of the park! Considering ordering a second one as this will most likely become my full-time look once summer arrives. In my search for my first wig I found customer reviews and photos helpful so I'm happily submitting mine. I did not see many photo reviews for this Sky model so I'm pleased to be adding mine for others to compare. My photos are of the wig right out of the box; no styling of any sort was done. It's fabulous!

    By EZ on 3/27/15
  9. great wig!
    I'm 65, and was a medium brunette, once upon a time. I ordered this in Dark Sand Rooted. It's a lot more like dark blonde than light brown, but the color blending is so-o-o gorgeous, I can't return it. So, I guess I'm now a blonde!

    I always order petite size, but this is very comfortable, and I'm not constantly yanking it down, so I'm thinking maybe I never was a petite to start with. Whatever...

    I'll be ordering another soon, same style, same color, so I can wash one and wear the other.

    The reason why I didn't give this 5 stars is because, as others have mentioned in their ratings, I feel the bangs let the underlying wig edge peek out if I brush the bangs too far to the side. I'll have my hairdresser trim them just a bit so I'm not brushing them out of my eyes.

    By Patricia on 3/26/15
  10. Adorable, Great Color, Cap is Small
    I love this wig! The color is exactly as shown, the cut is really cute, and no one could tell I was wearing a wig. The only downside is the cap is on the small side.
    By angela on 2/18/15
  11. I agree: cap is too small
    I love the style of this wig so much. The color is good (light honey rooted) and the hair looks realistic. HOWEVER, the cap is way too small. I have a pin head and can even wear some petite size caps. The average size is usually too big and I have to have wigs altered to fit my small head.. As much as I love this Sky wig, I just can't bring myself to wear it. It rides up in the back rolls back on the sides, and slides down at the hairline. I am constantly adjusting it, which is hard to do when you are in public. If I don't adjust I feel as if it will pop off my head. So uncomfortable to deal with. Also, some dark threads are popping out at the hairline, I am afraid to cut them because the wig might unravel. lMaybe I got a bad one, but I see another comment about it being too small. There is another Ellen Wille wig I would like to order, but am worried it also will be too small.
    By a1Joyce on 1/31/15
  12. more colors please!!
    This wig is great. It is my first non-lace front and I like the comfort from not having that. My own hair is coming back, so lace fronts can look awkward and more noticeable than they did when I was completely bald. You must wear the bangs to the front but with the rooted colors it is not easily noticeable especially if you have your own hair that you can blend into the hairline. YOU MUST HAVE A SMALL HEAD FOR THIS WIG. My head is very petite and it fits perfectly but I can't emphasize that enough. I love the asymmetrical style, it's very flattering and the hair density is very realistic, not football helmet-y like a lot of wigs. Now about the color. I got Safran Red Rooted because my hair is naturally a copper auburn. THIS COLOR IS NOT COPPER. It's a very bright, unnatural looking red that would be best for someone with a darker skin tone. It makes my very fair, pink-toned skin look even more pink and it is not at all a color that would EVER be found naturally coming out of anyone's head. It looks quite different from the photo. I give it 4 stars because of the color being unflattering, but I am keeping it because right now I have no choice. I ordered another one in Chocolate Mix because I do love the style. It's very easy and flattering. My best friend and my husband both thought it was my real hair that is coming back in and that I had dyed it bright red, so that tells you something about how real it looks! I suggest spraying lightly with a CLEAR dry shampoo when you first get it to take away a bit of the too-shiny look.
    By Mandy on 1/31/15
  13. LOVE IT !!!
    I've had hairpices & wigs over the years but now my hair starte getting a little thin on top. I had it cut in a semi pixie and liked it. Then I saw SKY wig in honey blonde rooted and fell in love, ordered it and I love it. the rooted makes it look so natural and with my own hair short and only a little longer than Sky, I pull my own hair out on the sides & back and it's almost an exact match. My hair is color treated, not natural blond, so people assume I need to have my roots done when I have SKY on. My brother didn't even notice it was a wig & when asked his wife of 45+ years who knows me very well, asked what she thought...she said, oh did you do your hair a new color or what? she didn't know it was a wig either. this is so fun & I also got Christie Brinkley's Uptown wig, like it too although the rooted is much more natural. next I'm going to get a medium to shoulder length just for a change & for the fun of it.

    By Cee on 1/27/15
  14. Cute style
    I really like this wig. What I had to get accustomed to was the hairline. I've had lace fronts and some Raquel Welch wigs where the hairline was very subtle. With this wig, I have to keep the bangs on my forehead; I can't push them way up off my face. If I do, the hairline is quite noticeable. I believe this is because of what appears to be teasing at the roots, which provides a lot of lift to the hair, and which accounts for a lot of the cuteness of the style. This wig is thinner than some RW wigs I've had, which means you could see the tag in the back. This was not a problem, since the tags are designed to be removed easily and without damage to the wig. "Thin" seems like a harsh word, because the wig is light and once that tag is gone, provides perfect coverage all around. I just had to learn how to wear this wig. I've gotten a lot of compliments wearing it. I got the red color, which was my natural color before alopecia, and it looks great.
    By Tracey on 12/28/14
  15. Love it!
    It's just great - the color, the cut, the style, everything! People always compliment me on my "haircut", which means that it looks very natural. I am thinking about buying another one while they have it, but it's a little pricey, so I am going to hold on while my own hair is growing, I hope it all will grow back.
    By Kelly on 12/22/14
  16. Sky by Ellen Wille
    Best wig ever!!!!! I have dozens of wigs and I have never had the compliments I got from this one! It is not overly thick like so many wigs which makes them look fake. Most people thought it was my real hair. I wasn't going to tell anybody but people kept asking who my hairdresser was and I had to finally confess. I'm 65 and everybody, family and friends, said it took at least 10 years off my age.
    By Patty1301 on 12/11/14
  17. love my Sky
    I just got it today and love it already. I have a Christy Brinkley on order and already planning to order another Ellen Wille, think I want to try curly for a fun change. finding this website has changed my outlook and raised my self esteem 180 degrees. I'm going out tomorrow night with friends and a whole new attitude. thank you so much.
    By Sierra on 11/14/14
  18. Beautiful
    This was my third wig purchased while I'm recovering from breast cancer and is my favorite by far. It is my first Ellen Wille and I love it. The wig looks so natural and youthful. My wig looks just like the photo on the website.
    By Snowgirl on 11/4/14
  19. Nice IF.........
    you prefer your styles very, very flat at the top and front. I do not. I need some height and fullness or 'something' at those particular places for it to feel right. Otherwise it's quite nice with it's asymmetrical cut and it IS extremely comfortable and easy to wear. I much prefer the Noriko IVY wig because it can also have a sassy asymmetrical styling, but has more 'lift' at the top and front. I have to wear wigs ALL the time......put one on when I get dressed in the mornings and don't take it off till bed as I have alopecia and would not go out any place if not for today's easy to wear high quality wigs.
    By Anne on 11/4/14
  20. cap is too small
    the quality of the hair seems to be good and the color is gorgeous but the cap does not cover the hair in front of the ears or at the temple. I live in windy Chicago and whenever the wind blows my hair back it is very obvious I'm wearing a wig because there isn't coverage in the front. Was very sad about this because it is a gorgeous style. as far as the customer service I give them a negative one I had purchased two wigs sent one back and after 5 calls to them I still haven't got my money back that is a problem.


    Please contact us at your earliest convenience. You can call us at 1-800-581-2001 or email customer We look forward to hearing back and helping resolve this. Thank you for choosing!
    By Tammy on 10/29/14
  21. mixed review!
    I really really like the low density of Ellen Wille wigs..the cap is the most comfortable I have ever worn..the only problem with Sky (which for me is a big problem) is I wish it was made with a lace front.. I bought the light honey rooted...darling!! unless the wind blows....I would buy it in a heartbeat if it had a lace front...
    By Sharon on 10/29/14
  22. How high the Sky
    Love this wig! So sassy and so natural looking. My husband commented on the color and style positively!
    By Kay on 10/20/14
  23. My Sky!
    If you love me, you won't buy this wig. IT'S MY FAVORITE and now MY SIGNATURE look! I want it all to myself.

    This wig is adorable. I bought it in spring honey rooted (picture) and it literally makes my face... eyes... skin glow. It's perfect. I'm normally a green-eyed dark blond, so the warmer honey color brings out the best in me.

    No kidding, I put this on and I feel home. :)

    By Kim on 10/16/14

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