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Spotlight by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Ready-to-Wear Lace Front, Monofilament Top

Availability: In stock

List Price: $354.00

Price: Price: $300.90

Spotlight by Raquel Welch Color RL31/29 - Fiery Copper (Copper with Gold highlights)
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  1. Heat resistant fiber needs further improvement
    LOVED the wig right out of the box! Very flattering on the face! I know I am not supposed to use a brush, so I have been using a pick. Well I have only worn it for 3 days and already the very tips of the ends look fried and need to be trimmed off! I am super bummed as I don't think this wig will last more than a month. I always wear Adriana by Jon Renau and think i will wear that wig until I die, as nothing else compares!!
    By I don't wear wigs for fun. on 9/21/16
  2. Very pleased!
    Received my wig prior to impending chemotherapy. I was delighted with the appearance of the wig and the quality of its construction. It is beautiful and truly does look like my own hair only better. This is a great comfort to me. One less thing I have to worry about. I actually ordered a second one in order to keep a fresh look handy. Thank you so much!!!!!

    By Laura on 7/29/16
  3. If only .......
    When this wig arrived I gave it an immediate 5/5. It looked wonderful and I got lots of compliments - made me feel confident. It never looked good again. The nape "hair" is a total frizmonster and no amount of anti-friz spray, hair staraightener, combing, futzing makes it look good. I have had to put way too much time into this wig and it is starting to develop split ends and looks straw-like. I want to love it but .............
    By Audrey on 5/17/16
  4. Another review
    I wrote another review but wanted to add a photo to show how flattering and natural this wig looks. I love wearing this wig and get complements all the time. This color is 14/22SS. The root looks amazing and natural.

    By Dana on 4/10/16
  5. beautiful, stylish wig
    This is one of the most beautiful wigs I have ever owned. Because my forehead is high, I have had to screw with bang cutting, curling since I started wearing wigs in 1998. It is a real pain in the butt! However, with this lace front wig, all I have to do is pull the lace front down about 1/2" on my forehead and it resolves my high forehead. No more bangs!!

    The wig is easy to wear, looks beautiful and I get endless compliments. it looks very natural and no one has guessed I am wearing a wig.
    By Dana on 3/18/16
  6. Curl VS Straight
    I've bought several of the Spotlight wigs. and they've all come with curl in them. Recently, I got another one, but it came straight, which I was not happy about. So I returned it, and I ordered another one from another company. But it came straight, too. I contacted both companies about wanted one curly, but they both told me they have no control over how they are shipped! So I guess I'll keep the 2nd one and try to curl it, as some of you say you've done. And I've had the same trouble with the frizzing & matting, so I purchased the spray in conditioner the company recommended, and I hope it will remedy the situation.
    By Nita on 12/19/14
  7. Great wig
    This is my "go to" wig. I pre-ordered this wig knowing that I would lose my hair to cancer treatments. The wig is beautiful and the color almost a perfect match to my own. My daughter is a hairdresser and cut it to the same shape as my own hair. It looks great and I feel like myself in it. I did have to figure out the best way to care for it. I began by using the shampoos suggested, but the texture seemed to change. I then used Woolite (this is a synthetic wig). It made it feel so soft again. It does frizz and we kept cutting it to fix that.. I will use the suggestion of using a regular iron set on silk or synthetic to see if that solves the problem. Love the wig!
    By Brenda on 11/19/14
  8. too much frizz/tangles
    I've been buying Welch for years, and for a while, every other month, I'd have to buy my wig because the ends just frizzed and matted/ matter what I did to try and stop it. I had many calls with cust service who in turn ended up talking to the sales rep at Welch who sells their wigs. This went on for over a year. I finally gave up as I kept seeing more and more reviews about this very COMMON Welch wigs issue. They didn't seem to bothered by the issue and it's still a problem. Too bad because they are great styles!


    We're so sorry to hear about the problem you're having. Unfortunately, the frizzing and matting is a common issue with Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber. There are pros and cons to all fibers to be honest. if you have not already tried the HD Smooth by Jon Renau, we recommend you try that to de-frizz and repair current damage. You can also take thin sections and flat iron the hair to smooth out the frizz. We hope we can assist you further and recommend you contact us so we can resolve this.
    By s.f. on 11/9/14
  9. I feel beautiful!
    I bought this wig in 2009 during a time when my natural hair had began to fall out due to illness and medication. Talk about a lift to my spirits! When I put it on I felt transformed!! My real hair had never looked so good. It was so perfect and looked so natural that my husband asked me how did I do that? I reluctantly told him it was a wig but he didn't care he thought I looked gorgeous and my mother-in-law said I looked like a Barbie doll! She couldn't even tell it was a wig. I'll be 60 this year and needless to say I love this wig. It is still beautiful fits great stays in place and is easy to care for. Thanks Raquel I've always loved you!

    By Nollie on 9/5/14
  10. Love Heat Defiant Wigs
    Over time I have come to love Heat Defiant wigs such as Spotlight. At first I thought they were the biggest waste of money because of the frizz after three days and then EUREKA..I figured out a way to perfectly restore them. This is my trick.. I use a REAL iron as in a clothes iron..set on SILK..or Acrylic. In the Iron I use Jon Renau Detangler spray..and as I carefully pull and iron out sections I add some spray. This takes about 15 minutes to carefully iron it out..Then I hang it upside down. (overnight usually)..Then because I like the curl I add soft curls. This takes quite a bit of time. I can make these wigs last and last. How they wear out in the end is not the nature of the fibre but they get thin on top eventually and thin out as the hairs do fall out over time .. I prefer this type of fibre over the synthetic fibre as they look more real! Hope this helps someone struggling with a heat defiant wig.
    By Lynn on 8/17/14
  11. My first wig!
    I really love this wig but it looks like a rats nest at the ends?? I have tried to comb it using my fingers first then gently w a hair u wear plastic comb.
    It seems the frizz at the ends just gets worse. I am 59 yrs old and am tired of having to dye my greys every two weeks so this is the route I chose. Just wish I knew how to get rid of the frizzys without ruining this beautiful/natural looking wig ;)
    By Linda on 6/27/14
  12. The Best by Far
    I have had alopecia for over 30 years and have been wearing hairpieces since then. I have worn custom/human hair/synthetic/... you name it I've worn it! And I've never been completely satisfied with any. It took me a long time to realize that no matter what I did it would never look like my own hair. Well.... this is the best wig so far! And now it is being made in a 100% hand tied version (Spotlight Elite). I just purchased one and it is beautiful! I use a light mixed color (14/22) and it looks so real. In my opinion the lighter colors look more realistic... not too much shine and the lace at the hairline blends with my forehead very well. I use tape to secure them and I sleep in these wigs (pull it back in a loose pony tail so it doesn't get knotted). When I wake up in the morning and pull out the pony tail my hair looks great! I cut them to shoulder length and curl them with a warm curling iron when I first get them; and once I've done that I don't recurl them. The curl stays put after washing. I do cut the front lace back a little and because my natural hairline has a widow's peak I cut the lace to follow that curve. I have VERY LITTLE hair but I do have a sparse front hairline so I let that show. Also the cap is too big for my head so I do some cutting/sewing to make it fit perfectly. Ladies my heart goes out to you if you're suffering from hair loss. It has sapped so much of my confidence over the years and I've spent so much money time and tears on my hair. My advice is find a wig that works buy several and find a hairdresser who can help you with a good realistic cut and sizing.... and you will feel beautiful!!!!! It will change your life!!! Spotlight is absolutely beautiful! Good luck to you.
    By Ellie on 5/3/14
  13. One of My Favorite Wigs
    I really love this wig. It looks natural and I have gotten many compliments on this style. I have purchased 5 of these wigs. I have attached a picture of the back of my Spotlight that is 3 months old. I use Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler to get the tangles out and to keep from getting too many tangles and from matting. As you can see from the picture I have not had any issues with it frizzing. And using the metal wide tooth comb helps too. Also to keep it shiny I use Beautimark's Brilliant Shine. Using these products helps make this wig easy to maintain.

    By Mary on 4/9/14
  14. Spotlight
    I found this wig to be beautiful right out of the box although within a couple of weeks the back of the wig looked like a rats nest. It was all tangled up and the hair fibers were all crinkled. Not to mention the shine was non-existant. After doing a quick google search I found someone who had used a mixture of conidtioner / water sprayed on the ends in small sections before running them through a flat iron. Since mine already looked old and limp I didn't think I had anything to lose by giving it a shot. Believe it or not - It looked new again - minus the lovely curls. After a months I determined that the curls were long gone so I have continued to flat iron and use the mixture on it once a month. After 4 months of wearing this wig every day I still get compliments on my hair and just the other day I was asked where I get my hair done! The individual who asked was shocked when I told them it was a wig as they thought it was my natural hair!!!
    By First Time Buyer on 3/16/14
  15. Spotlight
    Did not care fore it at all
    By Sue on 1/11/14
  16. Spotlight
    The only problem which is a huge problem is the back of the Wig Frizzes way too easy. I can barely get two weeks of wear. If anyone has suggestions I definitely would appreciate it.
    By Louisiana Girl on 12/31/13
  17. Spotlight
    I love the style and invisible front lace. I usually have issues with the front portions of wigs but this style is perfectly styled off the face for a beautiful realistic look.
    By Jojo in Texas on 10/25/13
  18. Beautiful
    Beautiful not easy to maintain itches
    By Alicia on 9/17/13
  19. My GO TO wig for now....
    Hi! I have alopecia and have no hair. This fits nicely I can put it up easily and is always beautiful! Actually since other's mentioned it it is a bit itchy and the lace ends pretty definitely so I'm always trying to cover up the 'break' on either side of my forehead. It is my first lace front and I do love how natural it looks! Thank you!

    By Susan on 9/1/13
  20. Gorgeous wig just wish it were easier to maintain
    I have to say right off the bat I love this hairstyle and the color I have (RL 8/29) is beautiful. The fibers are soft and have a luscious feel to them. The lace front is undetectable for the most part. That being said she is alot of upkeep as with most long hair wigs or real hair for that matter. The back tangles easily and needs a little straight ironing every day I wear it. But it's worth it I feel beautiful and confident when I wear it.
    By Tammy on 8/29/13
  21. Excellent!
    This Spotlight is my first Front Lace Wig.
    When I wore it first time I could not find lace line that is really invisible.
    Nobody can find I wear this wig.
    I love wearing it. Because it gives me confidence of my appearance. And I can receive a lot of compliments.
    In Japan it is impossible to find front lace wig such Raquel Welch wigs with reasonable price.
    I like to purchase one more Spotlight in lighter color.

    By Tomoka on 8/22/13
    I have 4 Spotlights in colors ranging from the jet black to the platinum blonde. The style is beautiful and I always receive lots of compliments when I wear this wig. It's one of my favorite wigs but there are some flaws and issues. 1.) Lace front is itchy and the lace is too visible. The more recent ones I bought had less of the excess lace in the front so the manufacturer may be fixing this issue. 2.) Like most all of the Raquel wigs the side around the face sits too far back in my opinion. I have lots of my own natural hair and I can never get my hairline covered well with any of the Raquel wigs. This is unfortunate because the styles and colors are so beautiful and the fibers usually look nice (for a little while anyway). The caps aren't too small they just don't cover on the sides of the face as well as most of the other brands in my opinion.
    By Iwearwigsforfun on 8/15/13
  23. Perfect choice
    I received the RW-Spotlight and I just Love it the color fits my skin tone beautifuly and the hair texture is really soft and natural. Perfect choice.
    By Karen on 7/27/11
  24. Spotlight
    The Lace front on the Spotlight is wonderful the hair is so natural and the color is wonderful.
    By Christina on 3/22/11
  25. Spotlight
    Client ordered the Always and preferred the Spotlight due to the lace front constuction. It was a better fit and the color was beautiful.
    By Cara on 3/9/11
  26. Spotlight
    I am an older woman who was a bit nervous about buying a long style. When I put on Spotlight it I knew it was the one. I cannot tell you how happy I am!!!! The lace front hair line completely impresses me it is so natural.
    By Jan on 10/14/10

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