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Spotlight Elite by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: 100% Hand-Tied, Monofilament, Lace Front

Availability: In stock

List Price: $490.00

Price: Price: $416.50

Spotlight Elite by Raquel Welch | Color RL31/29
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  1. Disappointed in latest purchases
    I wrote a review in August 2015, and I'm writing another now. During my last review I gave this wig a rating of 4 because it's beautiful, but I was disappointed in the lace front and mono top being too sparse. I am finding that my most recent purchases of the Spotlight Elite and the Spotlight are even more sparse than they have been in the past! The last Spotlight I purchased was so sparse, you could actually see the tan poly line between the lace front and the mono top showing through the hair. I am very self-conscious about wearing wigs, and I've been wearing them for many years. This is a beautiful wig, but I need to feel confident that the base will not show! For anyone who has to wear wigs, this is a very big deal. Please let the Raquel Welch representative know that it is imperative that the base not show through. I've actually had to send these pieces to a company who does ventilation and have more hair ventilated on to the lace and the mono top... and that is very expensive!! I hope you will forward my review. Your website is the BEST on the internet, and your customer service reps are always so pleasant and helpful. Thank you!
    By Kath on 6/17/16
  2. Love it!
    I have worn mine for a little over a year and have had no problems at all. I have had alopecia totalis for 15 years and this is by far my favorite wig! So much more comfy than the others given the extra piece of fabric over the scalp. I throw my wigs around pretty good, shove them in drawers.. etc. I DO only use this one for work and special occasions but it's time for another as the ends are splitting. Still, it's worn very well, given that I usually wear it up to save the ends. I haven't notice any 'lack of hair' as in other review's but will pay better attention when I re-order.
    By Susan on 9/27/15
  3. Love it..... most of the time
    I have been wearing wigs for many years due to alopecia, and I've worn all kinds. I have a difficult time with human hair wigs, as they require so much work! This heat friendly style is my favorite of all! However, I see that other users are complaining about the sparseness, and I'm disappointed that the last Spotlight Elite I purchased was indeed sparse in the crown area. l would have returned it but I had already washed it when I realized that it actually had bald spots! So when you receive your wig, I would suggest that you check it out before customizing it or washing it.

    Having said that, it is a beautiful wig. I actually sleep in mine. I use tape and remove and wash it about every second or third day, depending on my activities. I wear it shoulder length andI just pull it back in a ponytail to minimize friction on my pillow. I also curl it with a curling iron on medium setting. I spray small sections with a mixture of conditioner and water and then use the curling iron. It will steam a little and will probably scare you, but it does the trick! I pin the curl while it is still hot, and when I remove the pins, it is beautiful! The curls will stay in even after washing, though sometimes I have to touch it up a little... but not often! I have to admit that I do not particularly handle my wigs delicately, and they still last for several months. The fiber will begin to get stiff and look like split ends; and at that point I usually just cut off those ends to get more use out of the wig. I use synthetic shampoo, I then use a very small amount of conditioner (for human hair) in a sink filled with water and rinse. I roll up the wig in a towel and squeeze the excess water out of it, and then I just shake out the remaining excess water - and it dries in no time!

    For those of you who have to wear wigs, as I do, it is not easy finding one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. The lace front blends in and looks like a natural hairline. I still have a sparse hairline, and my hair is now gray, so I use color 14/22, which seems to blend well with the little bit of gray at my hairline and temples. I like the shadow shades, but I find that the lace front doesn't blend in as naturally at the hairline as the light shades.

    I hope my review will help you ladies feel good and confident about yourselves! And by the way.... this is by far the best website for price and customer service!
    By Kath on 8/5/15
  4. Beautiful!
    I didn't think I could pull off a long wig (haven't had long hair in decades), but the Spotlight Elite looks completely natural on me! The hand-tied cap is so comfortable that I honestly forget I have a wig on. I do not feel that the hair on this wig is sparse at all. In fact, I love it because it has a more natural amount of hair - rather than being too heavy or thick like many long wigs. Can't go wrong with Spotlight Elite!

    By Amy on 2/20/15
  5. Not enough Hair
    It is a shame that they choose to skimp on the amount of hair in this wig because it is a very nice style and colors are very natural. I weighed it on a very accurate scale and it is not even close to the weight they claim. False/misleading advertising? Please add some hair to the hand tied version! Also, it arrived bone straight with none of the curl pictured. I spoke to a factory rep in NY (Bonnie) and she seemed totally unconcerned. Please fix this wig because it's a great style and love the colors.
    By BJ on 1/1/15
  6. great wig BUT
    please tell the manufacturer to add more hair to the hand tied version. If they did it would be a fantastic wig. The color, style and fit is the best! But not enough hair!! Please let me know if they can add more hair. If so, I would definitely buy and keep it.
    By TG on 12/28/14
  7. Major Disappointment
    This wig looked very natural and the front lace is one of the best. Unfortunately, the hair was very frizzy at the ends after 3 weeks of wearing it. the hair also sticks together and mats while I wear it and I am constantly having to comb I out. I have been wearing another wig brand for 3 years and have not had those problems, so it is not how I handle the wig that is the problem. I have also purchased other Raquel Welch wigs and they have not gotten this frizzy as fast. It is too bad as I really liked this wig when I first wore it.
    By Jill on 12/15/14
  8. Hair?
    You better choose if you want to have hair in the front around your face or in the back of your head. Not enough hair for both. Very disappointing.
    By Genevieve R. on 12/13/14
  9. Where's the hair??????????????
    The machine tied Spotlight had barely enough hair. Those people hand- tying this Elite Spotlight wig must have had sore fingers because the Spotlight Elite has hardly any hair making it look absolutely phoney. It separates and you can see right thru it. Too bad because it's a great style and she has very natural colors. Why doesn't someone call Raquel and tell her to try on one of these before she puts her name on it. She'd have many more sales.


    Hi Cary,

    We're so sorry you are unhappy with this style. We have sent your review to the manufacturer and can assure you it will be addressed. Please call us at 1-800-581-2001 to assist you with a return or exchange. We thank you for choosing!
    By Cary on 12/13/14
  10. Sparse
    Not enough hair! It's too bad because it's a nice style, but being so cheap with the amount of hair has makes it look sooooo wiggy!
    By J on 11/27/14
  11. Color
    Why the big skunk patch of platinum hair just in the front of color 16/88? I'm told it looks like I just saw a ghost. It's such a natural color other than for that. Please wise up and blend in that unnatural patch.
    By K on 11/27/14
  12. Disappointed
    The wig looks great at first but immediately loses it's texture and turns to frizz along the whole bottom length from tip to 5 inches up. You have to constantly flat iron thin strands after every wearing. Also, there is much less hair in the hand-tied Spotlight than the regular Spotlight which was much too thin to begin with. You can see light coming thru the longer layers which makes it look very fake.
    By kaylee on 11/27/14
  13. wow
    this wig looks so real. it made me feel like i had my own hair again.
    By Barbara on 6/16/14
  14. This is an incredible wig!
    It looks real! It feels real and best of all it is absolutely the most comfortable wig I have ever worn! I literally can not feel it at all. It does not itch and I have a super sensitive scalp! Other than I wish it had more side coverage I wouldn't change a thing! I may have a bang cut into it but that is just a personal preference on my part. Would definitely purchase another one. I got the shade 10/12 Sunlit Chestnut and it is so beautiful! You rock Raquel!
    By Sally on 12/2/-1

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