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Tapered Tomboy by Sherri Shepherd NOW

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: NW1112

Availability: In stock

Tapered Tomboy by Sherri Shepherd NOW | Color: DA021
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Tapered Tomboy by Sherri Shepherd NOW | Color: DA021

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  1. Love It
    I love Tapered Tomboy and my husband loves it on me. I have always ordered Textured Pixie in the past but I will be ordering Tapered Tomboy now.
    By Janice on 11/28/14
    The hair looks a little cheap for the price......expected a bit higher quality. The back and sides are also too short. Additionally I entered the coupon code for free ground shipping but when the charge appeared on my statement I was charged for S&H. Also BEWARE they talk about easy returns but neglect to make it clear that you will be charged a 25% restocking fee. VERY disappointing and will NEVER order from this company again!
    By Unhappy Customer on 10/1/14
  3. Love It
    Ordered this Gray 3. As I am 77 years old I thought the style might me to youthfull but I have always worn short hair and the Pixie looks great. I would have liked a little lighter shade of gray but am very happy with the fit and style and most important my husband thinks it looks great!
    By Dawn on 9/20/14
  4. I like it
    The color was different than pictured to short in the back and sides does not completely cover my gray hair. Overall I like it.
    By Lori on 9/14/14
  5. Elegant
    I ordered Copper Red and sent it back because it looked a bit plastic and too bright and didn't work with my complexion. Traded it for FS4/27 like the Textured Pixie I already had. I ordered this one after getting so many compliments on the Textured Pixie and thinking I would use it to transition to a longer style for work. I've only worn the Tapered Tomboy twice and have already been told I look more elegant with my business suit and that my "hair" is beautiful. Folks are stunned it is a wig. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it is a bit top heavy with hair - too much for a tall woman (5'8"). More petite women may like the volume. So far Sherri's wigs look quite natural. I'm also still playing with the style to make it fit me. The caps do itch and slip after a while so I wear a wig liner and wig grip for more comfort during a long day. I'm not missing styling my own hair every day at all. Wish I'd discovered years ago. Also wish there were more accurate photos of the colors instead of the small squares.
    By Stacey on 9/9/14
  6. I really like this wig
    I liked this wig instantly. Love the texture and it is cut and styled nicely - better than most wigs that I've purchased over the past five years. Good job Sherrie!
    By SBH on 9/5/14
  7. Love this wig
    Love this Tapered Wig. I get so many compliments people think its my real hair. The color compliments my completion. Will be ordering another real soon my signature look.
    By Sharon E on 8/15/14
  8. Wonderful
    I purchased 2 wigs and this wig put the other brand in the shade. I put it on and did not want to take off. If is a delightfully textured wig that I can wear without any modifications. I was thinking about getting the Angled one but will get another Tomboy because I am so very pleased. Seldom am I this pleased with a wig! Great job Sherrie!
    By Debsy on 7/22/14
  9. Love It
    Purchased this wig and received many compliments when I wear it. Selected a darker shade than what appears.
    By Mae on 6/19/14
  10. LOVE IT!
    I have all of Sherri's short wigs and this is one of my favorites by far. I have all of them in 3T/4/613. I want to get another one of these in the color shown but am unsure which color it is. Can somebody help me? Is it the DA021? I love this wig! Help! Please!!
    By Tricia F. on 4/20/14
  11. the best
    I have been looking for a wig like this for a long time. I have gotten more compliments on this wig than any other that I own and I have a lot of wigs. It is comfortable and cool and classy. But at the same time you can make it sort of funky if you want to.
    By Jan on 4/19/14
  12. In love
    I am so in love with everything about this wig! The cut the feeling the lightness of it... EVERYTHING! I'm definitely ordering a second one in a different color.
    By Kee on 1/11/14
  13. the hairdo I always wanted
    Since I was in Jr high I wanted this hairdo! The color I picked F2016 is closer to my natural color than any dye job I ever had. The style is so me that I always get compliments. I love this wig!
    By Dr Grandma on 11/12/13
  14. LOVE!!!
    I have this wig in the F1B/BURG and it's fabulous. I get so many compliments and everyone asks me where I get my hair done. People especially love the color. Surprisingly a lot of men have complimented me and tell me they love my short hair. I'm going to get another one I just can't decide whether to get burgundy again or to try another color.
    By Short and Sassy on 9/30/13
  15. Divalicious
    Awesomeclean style...natural lookingI ordered the DAO21..I love itgot so many compiments so I ordered the 3T/4/613..can't wait to get love love...
    By Colleen on 9/24/13
  16. Just Beautiful
    This is the most beautiful wig. I've been asked several times what color is my hair and where did I get it done. To be honest I've explained it's a Sherri Shepard wig. I can't say anything bad about this wig because it just looks good. I purchased 3T/4/613 and the color is great.
    By Samantha on 9/2/13
  17. Fabulous
    Love it! Ordering a second wig in a different color
    By Ms. Vicky on 8/27/13
  18. Love it!
    so chic and light and fun to wear! talk about easy way to sexy short hair. love it!
    By DAP on 3/13/13
  19. Love this style!
    I receive so many compliments when I wear this! It is my favorite!
    By Dorothy A. on 1/12/12
  20. my boyfriends favorite
    i really like the way this wig is cut. my boyfriend doesnt like short hair but loves this one. he says it is sexy! this is going to be my fovorite for the summer.
    By sam on 1/3/12

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