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Top Notch by Jon Renau

Quick Facts:

  • Hairpiece
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Clip-In
  • Cap Construction: Double Monofilament
  • SKU: JR5970

Availability: In stock

List Price: $240.00

Price: Price: $204.00

Top Notch by Jon Renau | Color: 12FS8
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  1. Best Hair piece!
    I've tried numerous hair pieces and this is by far my favorite. A tip is, if u have enough hair at the hair line, to wear about 1/2 inch to 1 inch back behind the hairline. I do this and my hair shows in the front and blends in perfectly.
    Also, this may sound odd, but I wear mine a little cockeyed. I don't put it exactly straight. I part my hair on the side so by the part I wear about 1 inch back and then about 1/2 inch back wear the majority of hair swoops. Looks totally natural.
    Dry shampoo takes some of the shine out when u first get the piece. Looks more like real hair that way.
    Only negative...I have yet got one of them to last more than 6 months.
    By Anna on 10/4/16
  2. Wish I found this sooner! Love it
    I absolutely love this piece. I wish I would have ordered it ages ago. My hair is thinning on top and this blends perfectly. I even ordered a second one and trimmed bangs into her
    By FS on 7/1/16
  3. My go-to piece!
    I've been wearing the top notch for about 6 months now. It very closely matched the length and style of my bio hair, so when I found it, I was thrilled. I had tried longer pieces before, but they just didn't feel right both in length and density. I wear the #10 as it closely matches my natural hair color. I love it and recommend trying it to anyone who wears hair!

    By Marianna on 5/11/16
  4. Very pleased!
    This is the first hairpiece I have ever purchased. I have thinning hair all over, but worse on crown area. I have become extremely self-conscious - and tired of covering up my thinning areas - so I knew it was time to try something new. (FYI For thinning areas of your hair, I highly recommend Toppik. I've used it for years. It is a little pricey but worth it! I order mine on Amazon.)

    This Jon Renau Top Notch piece is a life-changer for me. It is so natural-looking and increases my confidence so much. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who is experiencing a great deal of thinning or balding at the very back of the head. This is a fantastic piece for people with thinning crowns.

    When you first take this piece out of the box, it may not look like much. In fact, some areas may look sparse. When you put it on, you should find that it is actually very fully. If this sparseness bothers you, you can always sprinkle a little of the Toppik powder.

    When you first wear this, the clips may bother you, or you may simply be aware of them. The first day, it felt like I had sunglasses on.

    What is great about this piece is you can still put your hair in a ponytail - and it looks so natural. Some may say the occasional frizzes or flyaways bother them, but I think they make it look even more natural.

    If you have any natural hair on your crown hairline, I recommend putting this hairpiece directly behind it and pulling those hairs out and blending them with the hairpiece.

    The highlights in this color are beautiful and natural. It blends in so great with my natural hair color. This color I am wearing is 10H16.

    I am in the process of learning about wig care. I am hoping this holds up well! I want this piece to last, so I am being careful not to comb frequently or at all and not to get any hair care products on it. Make sure you only comb at bottom. Be careful with the root area. I have ordered another one so that I can rotate them out to increase their longevity. I'll use one as my ponytail/casual piece and the other to wear down and when I'm "dressed up."

    I hope this review helps! I wish It would allow me to upload more than one pic! I wanted to provide some of the answers I was seeking when I was shopping for a hairpiece. I find the whole "wig world" so daunting and full of so much information! It can be so difficult to decide which one is for you. Best of luck to you! :)

    By Jackie on 2/27/16
  5. happy
    I have trichotillomania. I wanted a topper to block access to my crown. My first color choice was too blonde. but my second one 10h16. Wow. This pic is unaltered. I have since trimmed the back.
    It's perfect and looks so natural on me my own husband didn't immediately notice.
    Thank you.

    By dia on 1/19/16
  6. Very nice!
    It took me a few tries to find the right top piece for me. I've now worn this piece for two months and it's been great. Double monofilament makes a big difference in terms of comfort. The hair color and texture is a good match. Once I put it on even I can't tell I'm wearing a hair piece! I had the length trimmed to match my hair.
    By Paula on 1/1/16
  7. Top Notch
    I received my top piece today and it is exactly what l expected; however, l wish it was a little thicker on top, otherwise l absolutely love it. It is very soft/silky. The hair piece is not as long in the back as it shows in the photo. But still happy with it!
    By Michelle on 5/22/15
  8. nice for some
    I would love the piece if it had more hair. Mine is too thin and short. If it was just couple inches longer and thicker . The clips are nice and comfortable and looks like your real hair. I don't think I will be able to wear mine since my human hair pieces are thicker and a little longer. I sure wish the pictures looked like the product. If you have short thicker hair you may like this piece. But why wear it unless you are thinning on top. If that's the case you will love it as it has bangs.
    By Susanc on 11/30/14
  9. Wiggy
    It is to wiggy looking for me far too much hair
    By Kate on 9/30/14
  10. Looking nice
    Just got this today: the top is soft silky and the clips are nice.
    The hair feels nice.
    It's shorter than it appears more like nape/bob length.
    I am excited to wear it it feels nice looks nice.
    By Wig lover on 4/7/14

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