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Uptown by Christie Brinkley

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Monofilament Crown

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Uptown by Christie Brinkley | HT1621S+
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  1. Uptown by Christie Brinkley
    As an alopecia patient and wig wearer for 12 years I have had many wigs. I decided to try Uptown knowing the picture probably will be different than the reality since most wigs in photos are professionally styled. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Uptown really is just like the picture. I bought the wig in the blond color in the photos and it is very very pretty. What impressed me most is that the hair is not shiny like most synthetic wigs. It looks very similar to a human hair wig I own. It is flat coming out of the box but after shampooing it and hanging it upside down to dry it came to life. My only criticism is that the back is a little too short but I can live with that. You can style with heat but I have found I like the style just the way it is. I hope this review helps anyone out there who is on the fence about buying this wig.
    By Sue on 1/24/16
  2. Great!
    Ordered 2 in 2015. Color HT1621S+ for both. I do not wear daily, just when I go out of house with hubby. Both slightly different but both keepers. Many compliments and very believable. Had to have bangs cut on 1. Not necessary on the other. Hairdresser of 40 yrs did not know was a wig until I told her. Comfortable. I wear mesh cap under. Washes well. Only use Beauty Mark products. First wigs and first with Very pleased. I tired of costs for hair color and styling but no talent upkeeping on my own. This saves me time and money. My own hair is natural blonde going white and it does not take color well.
    By wigfan on 1/23/16
  3. Fabulous!
    Shake it right out of the box and wear it!! I get compliments all the time from both men and women! LOVE it!

    By Lynne on 1/14/16
  4. Not as pictured
    The underside of my unit looks different from the one pictured. The top is very flat and fake looking.

    By Allie B on 10/20/15
  5. every day
    I have ordered this wig 4 times - yes, I have many, same color, same style - I really don't understand the negative reviews - do you have to style it? yes - it is flat just out of the box - it is easy to style and each day I someone stops me and asks where I get my hair cut - I help women going through chemo or radiation and always use the compliment and question for an opportunity to tell people that it is a wig - I am 66 years old and have decided to go gray with my wig color - I have worn wigs for almost 12 years now due to neurosurgery - I love this wig!

    By Barbara on 7/21/15
  6. Fun,fun,fun!
    I purchased this wig last summer and was so happy. We had a super warm summer, but this wig was nice and cool. I just started wearing it again as the days are getting hot. I live on a lake, where I waterski, row, and swim almost every day, all while wearing this wig! Just love it.
    By Nannie on 6/11/15
  7. People Think It's Real
    With thinning hair from surgery, I decided to try this wig. Wow! People really loved what I had done...and were shocked when told it was a wig. No more bad hair days. I've washed it several times and it dries overnight. Makes me look younger than my 70 years, too! Even my kids/grandkids are impressed. Thinking of getting a second one for a change out if I can just make up my mind which one to get!!

    By Christina on 3/29/15
  8. Love it!
    I am new to wearing wigs and wanted to give it a try. As soon as I put this wig on, I loved it. I'm wearing it to work this week and have received so-o-o many compliments! I've heard "love your new haircut" to someone actually saying"Wow!"
    By Cynthia on 1/7/15
  9. So cute
    Wow, I can't believe how much I ended up liking this wig. It looks so cute! I was expecting it to be somewhat fake looking because I didn't spend much money on it, but it actually looks pretty realistic. I'm not trying to fool anyone that I'm not wearing a wig, but people are actually complimenting my hair so they must think its mine. Thanks Christie.. now if only I looked as good as her!
    By Leah on 1/5/15
  10. my new favorite wig
    this is seriously my new favorite wig... no complaints.. just the right length, right amount of hair and luckily i got the right color on my first try. i plan to wear this wig for a long time so i'm glad i found it.
    By Lane on 1/5/15
  11. Not like the pic
    This wig looks like a wig. The back is really too short. The crown looks fake. I wish I had returned this one. I never wear it.
    By 12/29/14 on 12/31/14
  12. Stylish and Youthful
    I ordered this wig several months ago . I finally decided to wear it. I shouldn't have waited so long. It gives me a more youthful appearance, it's neat, and doesn't look fake. The fibers are not shiney, which makes it appear more like natural hair. All I had to do was shake and put it on. It doesn't get any easier than that. I'm ordering another one today.
    By Barbara on 12/8/14
  13. Best Wig Ever!
    I have worn a lot of wigs due to Chemo hair loss. I have always gone to a wig salon and tried on wigs until I found one I liked. I saw this one on line and my daughters convinced me to order it...and I am so glad I did! I put it on right out of the box and started wearing it. It didn't need any trimming or thinning. People constantly stop me and tell me they love my hair. They ask me who cuts it? What hair products do you use? No one has any idea it is a wig. I loved it so much that I ordered another one in a different color....a little bit darker for winter.
    Love it!!!!!
    By CJR on 11/29/14
    I am very surprised with all of the great reviews this wig received. I have been wearing wigs for 15 years and this one is terrible. Unfortunately, it looks nothing like the picture, and like the reviewer on 10/24 stated, it is very flat and unbecoming. Very "wiggy" and unrealistic looking at the crown. When you try to give it any kind of a part in an attempt to make it look like the picture, it looks wierd. This is my first and last Christie Brinkley wig purchase.
    By Michelle on 10/31/14
  15. Disappointed
    I have been wearing wigs for over two years. Absolutely love RW's "Boost" and have several, but thought "Uptown" would be a fun change. The hair had no fluff, just laid flat. I returned it.
    By L.B. on 10/24/14
    I am a wig person and have many styles and colors............this one is the BOMB!!!!!! I have a short haircut right now and no one seems to get the cut just right...........I saw this and fell in love. I wore this to a function and got so many compliments......LOVE LOVE LOVE
    By Debbie on 10/2/14
  17. Flirty and Fun
    This is new to me. I am losing my hair on the back of my head due to medications and the way I lean back in my recliner in the evenings. The bald spots are becoming larger and harder to conceal with my natural hair. This seems like a good alternative. I choose this style because it's close to my real hair length but I got the medium brown with blonde highlights. Wow! What a change. Everyone who knows me thought I had my hair professionally done. They had no idea it was a wig until I told them. I am going on 70 and still want to feel young and nice looking. I love this wig and would highly recommend it to anyone. It's easy to wear. Looks great right out of the box - just shake it out and put it on.
    Couldn't ask for anything better. Thanks.
    By Marty on 10/2/14
  18. Update (see also my previous review 7/16/14)
    I have ordered another same style! I have been wearing wigs for 9 years due to surgery - this wig is by far the BEST LOOKING wig I have ever owned! The cut is perfect! I usually have my stylist thin and trim my wigs but not this one! It fits my small head perfectly and hugs the neckline like no other one I have ever owned - there is plenty of hair so the cap will never show! I tease the front hairline just a bit and wear it with bangs off to the side a little - I get stopped daily with women asking where I get my hair cut. I have a personal ministry helping women going through chemo or radiation find a wig that is perfect for them - this is my new "go to" wig for women wanting a short spunky style! I am beyond happy with this wig!!!!
    By Barbara on 9/18/14
  19. Thrilled with it.
    Knew the minute I removed from box I would love it and I do. I am 73 years. Have never worn a wig before but due to a surgery I was having decided to order one. Ordered in light grey and not only do I love it but my husband does also.
    I ordered another style which came today..not becoming in any way so sending back.
    By on 9/13/14
  20. Love the style
    My long-time favorite style was discontinued and I had no choice but to search for a replacement. I am more than satisfied with this one and even though the color was not what I expected I decided to keep it and change things up once in a while. Now I can be a blonde when I feel like it. We'll see if I have more fun.
    By Lois G. on 8/30/14
  21. Don't like the color
    The style of this wig is gorgeous and is exactly what I've been looking for for so long. I ordered the dark golden blonde but out of the package it is anything but dark. Very very light and brassy. Disappointed in the color.
    By Susie on 8/27/14
  22. Super cute cut!
    At age 61 I'm breaking out of my shell. My hair is dark chestnut brown and below shoulder length longer than it's ever been. I've always wanted light blonde highlights but not the damage and expense that goes with it. I don't care if my friends know I'm wearing a wig; I care about the wig looking natural and flattering. That's exactly what this wig is. I love the boy haircut; if I did cut my hair this is the style I would choose.
    I got the medium brown with gold highlights and talk about coming out of my shell. It is radically different than anything I've ever done and I LOVE it! I wish I was daring enough to get the cool pale blonde shade but with my medium complexion it might be a bit too far outside my comfort zone. With my hair tucked up underneath the average size fits my smallish head perfectly. If you don't know me you wouldn't know the hairstyle and color wasn't my natural hair. The amount of hair is totally believable and looks great styled or tousled. A perfect pick. I can keep my longer hair and go short when I want a more polished look.
    I'm starting to gray and luckily the color is silver. Maybe I'll get that light gray shade for a couple years down the line.
    By Sadie on 8/9/14
  23. Awesome
    Everything I wanted and more except would like to see some brighter reds in this style!! Love it!
    By Linda on 8/8/14
    I usually shy away from celeb wigs because they often seem to be a bit much where style is concerned (in my humble opinion). I own about 10 wigs and THIS one is the GO TO! Not a single person EVER even THINKS this is a wig and that includes my own hubby! I have shorter blonde hair so there is not even a question if I'm wearing a wig or any hair piece. It's SO CUTE very flattering and absolutely believable. In fact it's actually better than my own hair in almost every way. NO BAD HAIR DAYS!. It's comfortable does not itch like some wigs do and most of all it stays put and the style falls into place almost immediately looking like the photo and that is something I've always hated; finding a cute "do" then the wig arrives looking like road kill because it had been professionally styled for the photo! AND it stays ON without constantly "checking"; to see if everything is tucked in etc. I would recommend it to ANYONE! BUT again in my humble opinion if you stay close to your actual style and color you are out the door in minutes rather than hours! No more bad hair days no more trying to spray your hair into place until your jewelry face and bathroom vanity are covered in a sticky spray mess! It washes like a dream never loses it's appeal and it's a style that will NEVER become obsolete as did the goofy big hair we had in the 80's. Just stick with colors you are used to be seen in and a cut that is close enough to your own so as not to "give it away" because one day you're hair is long or short and the next day completely opposite then a few days later it happens again! No one can grow shoulder length hair in a day so if you want your wig to look natural I'd suggest you get something close to what people are used to seeing. After that is done you can wear the heck out of your wig and no one will be the wiser! I LOVE IT!!
    By Jeannie Bug on 7/21/14
  25. Love it
    I have been wearing wigs for 9 years after neurosurgery - I started out with Raquel Welch Boost - changed to Noriko Megan - I ordered this wig to try thinking I would return if I didn't like it. I LOVE IT - there Is a lot if hair and thus no chance of seeing into cap even thought it is a short style. I ordered a totally gray color. The synthetic fiber is not at all shiny like most wigs and looks very much like natural gray color - the back hugs the neck at the bottom and no one could tell it's a wig! I have purchased my second because that's just what I do. I never leave the house without my wig on and each time I have worn I have gotten a compliment on my haircut! Twice I was asked who cuts my hair. Give this one a try!
    By Barbara on 7/16/14
  26. Holy Moly!
    I don't have enough room here to say all I am thinking about this adorable cute-as-a-button wig and the color and style! AMAZING? Maybe that's the right word though it does seem to fall short of what I am trying to say. NO ONE ON THIS PLANET would know you are wearing a wig NO ONE! It's not itchy and hot like so many others it's like going to the salon and telling the stylist "Hey you're the pro make me look as good as you can" I swear it took 10-15 years off my appearance! If ANYONE can find a better one I'd like to see it. Short and sassy sleek and sexy or messy and fun it's just fabulous! HECK I can't even tell I'm wearing a wig LOL it's that comfortable! I would recommend this or any of these wigs to anyone and especially someone who is just dipping their toes in the wig pond for the first time! I would not worry that ANYONE would even question that this is my very own hair growing from my head!
    By Kim on 7/10/14
  27. It doesn't get any better than this!
    First it's adorable and darling. Secondly it has just the exact right amount of hair. It is so believable I am betting my daughter who is a master stylist will NOT think "wig" when she sees it for the first time. This is beyond anything I expected. It is so comfortable I forget I have it on until I pass a mirror and wonder who that younger woman is. I swear it's taken 10-15 years off my appearance and I would also bet not a SOUL would question that this isn't my own growing hair cut to perfection by someone who knew what they were doing! I LOVE IT!
    By JJ on 7/10/14

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